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10 vampire series and movies on Netflix that you can’t miss

The heat of summer is getting more and more intense. We are looking for shade, fans, soft drinks, ice cream… Because gather one of each, and turn on Netflix that we are going to propose 10 series and movies of vampires that will leave your blood frozen.

Vampires are always cool, in any format and form. So let’s go with them.:

1. Tokyo ghoul

I mean, vampires as such may not be, but we accept hare. Why why? Because it’s a must-have if you accept a certain level of gore.

Tokyo Ghoul is a Japanese dark fantasy manga series written and illustrated by Sui Ishida. It was serialized in Shueisha’s seinen manga magazine Weekly Young Jump between September 2011 and September 2014, and was collected in fourteen tankōbon volumes.

Tokyo ghoul 10 vampire series and movies on Netflix
Source: Youtube- Screenshoot

There are some beings called Ghoul who no one knows for sure what they are, but who occasionally leave some corpse in their path. These beings feed on human flesh … blood drives them crazy.Ken Kaneki, an 18-year-old boy who is a little off, manages to have a date with a beautiful girl. Everything goes smoothly and when he finishes he accompanies her home … but in a lonely alley, the girl reveals her true identity. She’s a Ghoul called “the glutton” and she’s looking forward to eating it in its entirety. Thanks to chance (or so it seems at first) some beams fall, killing the glutton and thus saving Ken. He arrives very badly wounded at the hospital about to die … but he does not. The doctor transplants several vital organs from the ghoul, transforming him into a hybrid.From here he will survive as half ghoul and half human, which gives him extraordinary powers. Discover the coffee that always will is run by ghouls that will be his new family, and between coffee and coffee (it is the only human who can take) will live first-hand all the horrible ghouls and all of the horrible mankind, that it falls short.

2. Vampire knight

We continue with a bit of anime, that is why a server writes the article. The truth is that the premise is cool but when you see it you say ” WTF!?”although, sorry, it’s too late for you … it hooks you and you have to finish seeing it.

Cross Academy may seem very normal to the naked eye. It is a large complex in the middle of a forest. A boarding school where boys and girls receive their classes but.. Oh My. It wasn’t all going to be normal, was it? Here we have come to see vampiros.La particularity of this academy lies in the fact that there is an entire area intended for nocturnal students. Bingo, they are vampires all of them but only know three people in the academy: the director who is the best character here in Lima, and two of the protas, Yuki Kuran and Zero Kiryuu, who are in charge of maintaining order and no one disturb the night shift.

Vampire knight

The other protagonist is obviously the hottie of the vampire leader, Kaname Kuran, who has a weird little roll with Yuki. Love trio guaranteed, little by little you will discover that not everything is what it seems in this Academy and that what seemed like a school mess becomes a fat drama with one goal: to save the world.

3. The Originals

The Originals Netflix took away the vampire soap opera par excellence: The Vampires Diaries but not panda the only thing that here we have a series derived from this. Something doesn’t smell right for Klaus, so he decides to follow a lead and he and his family move to New Orleans. There he finds that his former protégé has taken over the power of all supernatural society. In addition, the witch clan comes into play, led by a powerful sorceress named Sophie who has kidnapped a vampire.

Tremendous mess that is created with this mess of witches, vampires and other supernatural beings… but yes, always leaving time for romances and affairs. The important thing here is that the Originals regain control of the city. Will they make it? It will hook you from the beginning when you start pulling the thread and discovering certain unsolved mysteries.

4. Shadowhunters

Based on the successful youth literature novels, Shadowhunters, this jump to the small screen hasn’t really gone well.

The critics gave him good hair, although the fans more or less accepted it. And what is it about? Well, it’s not entirely vampires, but we’ll see some of them along with other supernatural beings.

Clary, the prota of this story, decides to go with her best friend to a night club for her birthday. There they both witness a murder at the hands of a group of young people. But nothing is as it seems, since they are shadowhunters. Half-angel half-human beings who hunt demons to protect humanity. When he comes home, a surprise awaits him. Her mother has been kidnapped and she will have to go to a shadowhunter to find her. Little by little she will discover that she is also a hunter and she will have no choice but to get into this supernatural world and stop an evil evil who intends to take over the world.

5. Immortals (Vampire War)

With Turkish flavor comes this series that will not leave anyone indifferent. It comes from a web series and is composed of 8 chapters of about 45 minutes each.

Brief but intense, that’s how we like to define it … because the truth is that it hooks so nicely. At first glance it seems a simple argument. Mia is a Turkish girl who has become a vampire. To regain his humanity, he must take down Dmitry. By that name, you know it’s gonna be nasty nasty, right? Well, yes. He’s the most powerful vampire.But it won’t be all that easy, Mia gets caught up in a moral dilemma when the war between vampires and humans explodes. Which side does she belong to? Whose side are you on?

6. Van Helsing

Yes, we know, it is a story that we have heard a thousand times … but we love to see it again and enjoy it one more time.

The protagonist, Vanessa, spends three years in a coma and when she wakes up, nothing is like she was. Society has become a vampire and she has to survive with friends that she will make during her odyssey … Obviously she will be in charge of leading the resistance against vampires, which is no small feat.

While it is true that critics have given him for hair, this series has confirmed 4 seasons for something… and that is that the fans like an apocalypse more than a fool a pencil.

7. Dark Shadows

Let’s move on to a slightly lighter film with the touch of one of the most acclaimed geniuses in the whole world: Tim Burton. As funny and interesting as dark and bizarre.

There is nothing like the evils of love to lead a person to do bad things. And in this story it is precisely that that serves as a trigger. Barnabas doesn’t even consider Angelique…unfortunately for her. The young heir follows his life, and falls in love with a young woman. Years later, Angelique, who has witch blood, misses this relationship and, victim of his spite, not only kills Barnabas ‘ parents, but also kills the girl and curses him with the immortality of a vampire.

196 years later, someone unwittingly unearths his coffin and returns to what used to be his home. There he will find love again, although he will have to over carry it as he can with his new vampire condition, of course. Of course your archenemy is still alive and will make life impossible for everyone. (Of course, he will not give immortality to his sweetheart and she will die…)

8. The circus of strangers

We continue with another movie, also light and perfect to watch on a Saturday afternoon if there are not many plans in sight.

This time the protagonist is an ordinary teenager named Darren. Chance, as always, makes its own and brings to its city a traveling circus. It should be noted that a traveling circus has NEVER done anything good… they are scary, they are always scary. Well, there goes Darren with his colleagues to the circus. The circus is not made up of antics (thank goodness), but of strange people… very strange. And that’s because the circus is full of monstrous beings. In one of these, zasca! Darren is bitten by a vampire. Look, we warned you, Darren, circuses aren’t cool.

Well, from now on the kid will have to join the circus and try to master his new powers while, obviously, he becomes a key piece in the great war that is raging between vampires and their enemies.

9. Sirius the Jaeger

We’re back with a series, and this time it’s anime. His Japanese name is Shiriusu za Yēgā and tells us the story of Yuliy, a boy who is a werewolf. But don’t put your hands on your heads… there are vampires too! I shoot every time there’s werewolves and vampires in a show!Well, it’s basically a cool story set in 1930s Tokyo where a weird group of people, called Jaeger, wield something like musical instruments to beat the vampires. The prota saw how his village was razed by these beings and wants revenge.The vampires are looking for an instrument called the “Ark of Sirius” and the Jaeger are going to stop them.

10. Castlevania

Inspired by the popular video game series, this anime series is a dark medieval fantasy. It follows the last surviving member of the disgraced Belmont clan, Trevor Belmont, trying to save Eastern Europe from extinction at the hands of Vlad Dracula Tepes. As Dracula and his legion of vampires prepare to rid the world of humanity’s stain, Belmont is no longer alone, and he and his misfit comrades race to find a way to save mankind from the grief-maddened Dracula.

Two spectacular seasons have already given us this series, inspired by the acclaimed video game of our childhood.

Although the animation still causes a bit of rejection like a garlic for the vampires among whom we are fans of the animes, the rest of the story is more than fulfilling.

When they kill the love of your life unjustly, then you kind of get a little angry. We all agree on that, don’t we? Well, this is what happens to Vlad Dracula Tepes. So as revenge he organizes an army of demons and vampires and sweeps away every trace of life he catches while pain and revenge consume him.

But all is not lost, the demon hunter Trevor Belmont, who is a bit lame but forgiven, along with the sorceress Sypha and Dracula’s own son, Adrian Alucard Tepes, will join forces to stop his father.

As someone who has spent most of there Life trying to learn all the things a Belmont would know, Whip combat, other weapons training as well as unarmed combat and Occult knowledge.

As well as being a fan of Castlevania since 1999 I have to say that both season 1 and 2 where amazing, It has brought Cv Back to life, the animation and character design where perfect and full of Life and passion.

10 vampire series and movies on Netflix that you can't miss

And its refreshing to see this, as I feel in terms of animation and character design has over the years have gotten Very sloppy and lazy.
so it nice to see people look like People instead of just blobs with eyes, See things like adventure time and what not.

Also its nice to see the characters have dimension and I feel that it brings the peace to life even more.

Its especially nice to see Trevor and sypha with this as they never really had personalities. And I feel that this gives them that humanization that they have both needed for soo long.

Alucard and Dracula’s relationship is also outstanding as well as heart breaking.

Both the heroes and villains are fantastic And all there reasons for why there doing what there doing Feel real and organic, as opposed to doing it cos the plot needs them to.

And the acting is just amazing everyone does such a great job to bring there role to life. This is the best game to Tv show I have ever seen, everyone who worked on it should be SO proud.

As a long time Castlevania Thank you So much for going that extra mile to Bring this to Life.
Thank you

As you can see vampires are everywhere… you just have to find yours. Have you already seen these recommendations? Which one do you prefer? Have we left any in the inkwell? Leave it in the comments, we’ll read you!

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