2 Israeli scientists solve 200-year-old physics problem – TW

2 Israeli scientists managed to solve the problem called “3-body problem”, which has not been answered for 200 years. Thus, it can be used to understand the gravitational relationship between the Sun, Earth and Moon.

Two scientists working at the Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel, managed to solve the “Three-Body Problem”, which physicists have been looking for a solution for two centuries.

This solution will shed light on the predictions regarding the future positions of the planets in the Solar System.

Scientists have been researching the positions of the planets in the solar system for decades.

POSSIBILITIES OF EVERY OUTCOME COMBINED WITH RANDOM WALK MANAGEMENT Equations for understanding motions due to gravitational force of any two planets could already be solved. However, “Three-Body Problem”2021, which includes calculations regarding the gravity of three or more planets has been waiting to be solved for a long time.

Israeli Hagai Perets and his doctoral student Barry Ginat focused on this problem. The duo calculated the motion probabilities for each interaction between the three planets, and then combined the final probabilities of each possible outcome with the “random walk” method of Mathematics, and reached the conclusion. Thanks to the solution, the gravitational relationship between the Sun, Earth and Moon will be understood in more detail.

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