40 tricks to master Telegram: learn to use the application like a pro -!

. tricks to master Telegram: learn to use the application like a pro -! are on topwhich.com. I am happy to present you all the developments about 40 tricks to master Telegram: learn to use the application like a pro -! Here’s what you need to know about 39 tricks to master Telegram: learn to use the application like a pro -!, here are the details .. . With these 40 tricks, tips and advanced functions that we have selected for you, you will know how to make the most of Telegram . Add more privacy to your conversations, make the most of groups, create your stickers and much more.

Telegram is a messaging application that is updated so frequently that it has been introducing a huge amount of news throughout its history. So many, that it is often very difficult to get the most out of the application. And that is exactly what we propose: we give you a huge list of tricks with which you will make the most of Telegram .

one. Use the messages saved as an unlimited cloud

Telegram does not limit the space to each user, there are limits on individual files (up to 2 GB). Therefore, you can make your own unlimited storage cloud by uploading the files you want to the “Saved messages”, the private conversation with yourself. As long as you do not delete that conversation, everything you upload will remain within your reach in the chat, regardless of which device you have the Telegram session on.

2. Create again the “Saved messages” if you deleted them

If you made a mistake and the “Saved messages” were deleted, we must give you the bad news: there is no way to recover everything you uploaded to your private chat . Yes, you can retrieve the conversation to continue storing your content:

Click on the icon of the magnifying glass, the one that appears above Telegram (on the cover of the application, where all the chats are). Write “saved messages” (without quotes). Press on the first result, write anything and you will have your private conversation again so that you can save what you want.

3. Set the messages to have them one click away

When you use saved messages to store a lot of files, it is common to waste time looking for something specific. That is why the option to pin messages is so useful: it allows you to find something specific by just clicking on the top of your chat .

Enter your saved messages and find the message you want to fix. Click on the three points that appear to the right of each message and select “Set”. The message will be anchored at the top. You can pin multiple messages.

4. Draft messages

Sometimes we don’t want to send a message but we do want to keep it in mind. These drafts on Telegram are cross-platform. That is, if we start writing it on the mobile, it will appear on the computer or on another mobile even though we have not sent it . A way to send messages without leaving a trace since they are not even sent to the chat.

5. Receive the news before anyone else

Telegram includes its application in Google Play, but also offers the APK so that anyone can install it on their Android . This method is the fastest: developers usually update the download from their page earlier than the one found in the Android store. If you want to try the news as soon as possible, use its APK by downloading it from here.

6. Try what’s new in development with the beta

Is the APK not enough for you? If you want to test the changes in development you can download the beta of Telegram: it is hanging in the App Center. Of course, it is not updated automatically: you must check if there is a new version manually .

7. Use two Telegram accounts (or more) on the same mobile

WhatsApp only allows one account per phone (although there are ways to have more), the opposite of Telegram: the app allows up to three simultaneous accounts as long as they are associated with a telephone number . Therefore, you can start up to three Telegram sessions on your Android.

To add more accounts to the app you must do the following:

Open Telegram on your phone and display the side menu by clicking on the top three menu lines (or scroll the screen from left to right ). Click on the arrow under your avatar and nick, above. Select “Add account” and follow the usual steps to log in.

8. Customize the text size

From the Telegram settings you can customize the text size, from size 12 , where you will see the letters in tiny, up to the size 29 if you prefer large letters . Simple and useful; For example, if you want an older person to use Telegram.

To adjust the size of the text you must do the following:

Enter the Telegram settings (menu with the top three bars). Go to “Chats”. Move the bar above “Message text size” until it fits your needs.

9. How to write in bold, italic, strikethrough …

Telegram allows you to format the text directly and before sending it. You can apply this format in two different ways:

With code . In the Markdown style, write at the beginning and end of the formatted text double asterisk for bold , double bottom bar for italic (__) or triple quote for monospaced (” ‘). With the Telegram menu . Write what you want in the writing box and, without sending the message, mark the text with your finger until it is fully pointed. You will see that a menu appears with “Bold” at the end and about three dots. Click on that bold if you want to highlight the text or on any of the formatting tools that are after the three menu items (italics, monospaced, strikethrough or underline).

10. Change the font type in the messages

The above is valid for the most basic text format, but Telegram also allows to write messages in a multitude of types different letters . Although yes, an app is needed to apply that change.

Chat Styles: Elegant Fonts for WhatsApp

One of the simplest and most complete is Chat Styles: it includes a lot of fonts different Just write the text you want to send, find the desired font and copy the words . Paste what you have copied in Telegram and, after sending it, the other person will see it in that source.

11. Who saw your messages in the group?

Telegram shows a mark when sending the message, two marks when the person receives it and the double blue tick when it has read. This in individual chats, because in group chats it is somewhat more complicated to know who or not read each communication. Although not too much: click on any of your messages and then, in the upper area of ​​the menu that appears, the one with “x read it”. Telegram will show you the group participants who have seen your message.

12. Hide the author of messages when you forward them

Do you want to forward the messages without anyone knowing who the author was? Telegram offers the possibility of ” Hide the sender “, a function that allows forwards to be made more private. It is done like this:

Click on the message and click on “Resend”. Select the chat where you want to send the forwarded message. Before clicking on the send icon, click on the “Resend message” box. More options will appear. Select “Hide sender” and Telegram will hide the name of the author of the message.

13. Reminders

What do you want to remember something at a specific time? Telegram saved messages include the reminder function : write what you want, upload a photo, a video … and, before sending it, click on the arrow icon, the one to send. The “Create a reminder” menu will appear. You just have to choose the date and time: Telegram will notify you when it is due.

This icon gives access to the list of saved reminders

All reminders are saved in the respective section of the app. To access them, go to your saved messages and look at the folder icon with the red dot in the message box. Click there and you will access the list of pending tasks .

14. Schedule the sending of messages

This Telegram trick is super useful for those occasions when you want to send something to someone but should not see it until a specific moment. For example, a birthday greeting or a Christmas postcard . This way you will not have to remember it at the specific moment since you will be able to program it.

Write the message as you would normally send it. Or attach a video, a photo, record a voice note … Then, press and hold the send icon: click on ” Schedule message “, select the time, date and click on the blue button. Telegram will do its part.

15. Do not disturb: the silent message does not make noise

Another option hidden in the send button: in any private or group chat you can send messages and content that can be delivery without the recipient’s mobile phone making noise . That is, your mobile will not ring, nor will it vibrate. And the notification will not skip: you will only see the sent message when you access the conversation.

Write or attach what you want and hold down the blue send arrow. Select ” Send without sound ” and Telegram will deliver that message like a ninja.

16. Protect your Telegram against other people’s glances

The application allows you to apply a security lock so that no one can access your messages even if they have the phone. You can apply a lock code and, in addition, use your fingerprint to unlock the application .

Go to your Telegram settings and enter in the privacy and security options. Scroll down to “Lock code”, establish a PIN (you must remember it) and, if you wish, leave the ” Unlock with fingerprint ” box checked. Your Telegram will be much more secure.

17. Secure your account with two-step verification

Like many other services and applications, Telegram allows you to apply the startup of double factor in order to impose a second barrier on whoever wants to enter your account. In this way you will need to enter the chosen password every time you start your Telegram on a new device .

To activate two-step verification, go to your app settings from Telegram and go to “Privacy and security”. Enter “Verification in two steps” and follow the process to establish a password in your account: you will need to type the password twice, add a hint to remember it and write down an email for recovery. These last two steps are optional .

18. Delete the session on other devices and remotely

Since Telegram is multi-device, and that it works independently both on a mobile phone and in any browser, it is common to forget the sessions you did on other phones, tablets or computers. Therefore, it is advisable to review the list of sessions and eliminate the old ones :

Access your Telegram settings. Go to “Privacy and security “. Scroll down to” Active sessions “: there you will see all the devices that have access to your Telegram account. Click on the ones you no longer use and click on “Close” to remove access on devices that are already foreign to you.

19. Avoid leaving a trace with secret chats

Telegram allows you to automate the deletion of messages with a secret conversations that are encrypted end-to-end without leaving a trace on the server and cannot be forwarded . These secret chats are perfect for those situations where you need to talk leaving as little trace as possible.

You can’t turn a normal chat into a secret one, so if you want to start a conversation 100% private with anyone, you must start a new secret chat :

Go to the list of your chats and start a new one by clicking on the lower right icon, the pencil icon. Select “New secret chat” and choose the person you want to talk to. These conversations are one to one, they cannot be done in a group. When the other person is in line you can talk to him. In the meantime it will not be possible for you (this is how Telegram makes sure that the conversation takes place in the moment).

Activate the automatic deletion of messages by entering the chat options, in the “Self-destruction” menu. You can choose from a second to a week . You can write, send photos, videos and other documents: once the other person opens or reads the messages, they will disappear from Telegram. An added advantage is the impossibility of taking screenshots: Telegram will show a black screen in case of doing so.

20. Schedule the self-destruction of your Telegram account

Do you want to make sure that your Telegram account, and everything you have uploaded or spoken, disappears automatically if you do not access the application ? Well, there is a way to achieve it: this way you make sure to disappear without a trace.

You must bear in mind that, if you program self-destruction and it occurs, you will lose everything your Telegram, including username . Configure this setting only if you are going to use the platform regularly:

Access Telegram settings Enter “Privacy and security”. Scroll down to “Delete my account” and select the time that Telegram will allow to pass before making you disappear from the map. You have the option to choose a month, three months, six or a year.

20. How to create your own stickers

Telegram allows you to build your own pack of stickers , known as stickers. You can upload both static and moving images (to create animated stickers), although the latter are much more complicated to do . In both cases you need to talk to an application bot.

Edit your images with transparent background and save them in PNG format with 512 x 512 pixel size. The weight of each photo must not exceed 512 KB. Look for the stickers bot or click on this link. Click on “Start” to start it. Type “https://www.xatakandroid.com/newpack “(without quotes) and give your sticker pack a name. Attach the image you saved in PNG, upload it and assign an Emoji. This will make it easier for you to send the sticker. You can add more stickers to the pack with the instruction “https: //www.xatakandroid.com/addsticker “. Repeat the process with all the stickers in your pack. Once you have all the stickers you want, you must publish it : write “https://www.xatakandroid.com/publish” (always without the quotes) so that the pack remains online. You must give your pack a short name to generate a URL. Telegram will give you the link to your pack of stickers: click on that link to add the stickers to your account. All bot instructions are in the menu, the button that appears to the left of the message box. You can click on each option to build your pack of Telegram stickers.

22. How much does your Telegram occupy?

Since Telegram allows you to save an infinite amount of files, surely you have downloaded the majority to your mobile; With the problem that this supposes: you can run out of storage .

To know everything that Telegram occupies on your Android do the following:

Go to Telegram settings (top three bars). Enter “Data and storage”. Go to “Storage use”: in “Device storage” you will see how much your Telegram occupies If you want to empty said occupied space, click on “Clear Telegram cache”. Everything you have downloaded will be deleted.

23. Automate file deletion

All photos, videos and rest of files you download will accumulate in the storage of your Telegram. If this content is temporary (the typical thing they send you to see once), you can make Telegram delete it automatically so that it does not take up space :

Go to the Telegram settings (top three bars). Enter “Data and storage”. Go to “Storage usage”. Look at the “Preserve multimedia” bar “. Set the limit you want: three days, a week or a month. After the chosen time the content will be removed from your device, not from the Telegram cloud . You can download it again if you wish.

24. Choose who can see your last connection

From Settings> Privacy and Security> Last time and online you can set who will see your last connection: everyone, your contacts or nobody. In addition, you can add exceptions to these rules: configuring these options will show the connection to everyone except who you do not want. Or vice versa.

25. Use Telegram as your music player

Telegram can become a music player (even video). Simply send them to mp3 files you want and you can play them directly; with pause, forward and reverse functions. If you have several songs, Telegram will detect it as a list and allow you to play them in a loop or randomly .

26 . Create your own anonymous blog

Telegraph, is a small platform integrated into Telegram to compete with Medium . You can also create a feed of articles and send them directly through a channel. In addition, Telegram adds the option of Quick view so that those articles are loaded immediately. For Telegraph, just go to the web from your mobile, add a title and the name you want to use and you can start writing. As long as your browser session is open, your posts can be edited. Of course, they are anonymous.

24. Play Youtube in floating window

Thanks to the mode Picture in Picture that arrived with Android 8.0 Oreo you can have floating windows and see, for example, three apps at the same time .. And with Telegram you don’t need to have a specific version of Android, at least not to play the Youtube videos in floating window : just click “play” on the video and press the upper icon, the floating window. YouTube will continue to play as long as you are on Telegram.

25. Send your location in real time

From Telegram 4.4 You can share the location in real time and set for how long you want the other person to know that precise location . Sean 15 minutes for something occasional or eight hours if, for example, you don’t trust where they will be or you don’t want to lose their trail during the day.

26. Find out what groups you have in common with someone

A small function under the profile of each user allows to know the groups that you have in common and what they are. When we are in so many chats, channels and groups, sometimes it is good to know what connections we have with each person .

27. Prevent others from seeing your phone number

Telegram associates a mobile number with each account, you can also create an alias so you don’t have to give that number to speak on Telegram. And you can decide what that number sees:

Enter the application settings ( three upper bars). Go to “Privacy and security”. Go to “Phone number”. Decide who can see your phone number (everyone, your contacts or no one) and if others can find you by that number. Also, you can add restrictions to these rules.

28. Personalized notifications for each contact

If you click on the profile of your friends, and access the “Notifications” section, you can silence that contact (always, one hour or two days), deactivate their notifications or customize them. From the “Customize” button you can set a unique sound for that contact, select a different priority or choose a LED color for the notifications of that contact or group . Maximum customization for an app that takes great care of these details.

29. Deletion of messages by date

Telegram allows you to delete messages from a specific date, also from a range that you can choose . This way you make sure to erase what you said during a bad day, which anyone has. It is only valid for individual chats.

32. Change the subject of your Telegram

Telegram includes the option to completely change the appearance of the Android application. It even offers eight complete themes for our operating system that include from animations adapted to bubbles with gradients . Your app will look impressive.

To test the Telegram themes, go to the application settings, enter “Chats” and go to the themes section. You can even create your own theme.

31. Find bots to get more out of Telegram

Bots are small programs that, after being invited to a Telegram conversation (private or in a group) add different functionalities . Contests, raffles, answering questions … And you can also talk directly with the bots to create your sticker packs, play games and many other tasks. They even integrate with other applications, such as gmail or YouTube,

Bots appear as an option whenever you do a Telegram search. Although there is a better way to find most of them, at least the most popular ones: access this list of Telegram bots. They are ordered by categories to make it easier for you to find the bot that suits your needs.

32. Automate Telegram with IFTTT

IFTTT is a tool with support for all kinds of applications. Fortunately, Telegram is also among them: you have recipes of all kinds to automate Telegram . Share a location if you mark it on Foursquare, send photos by Telegram if you upload a photo to a social network or receive an email when someone publishes a new message on a channel to which you are subscribed. The possibilities are huge and easy to implement via the bot @ ifttt .

33. Find the most popular channels

One of the most interesting Telegram tools are channels, they are an excellent way to find out about all kinds of topics. And from the search section, Telegram itself will recommend the most popular channels : just write your interests to discover related channels.

33. Minigames

Thanks to its excellent bot platform, Telegram is also an application with a huge number of minigames, some of them of quite good quality. In part it reminds us of the mythical MSN Messenger that many used to play. With Telegram, thanks to the bots of @gamebot and @gamee , you have a multitude of mini-games developed in HTML5.

35. Send voice notes and video messages

If in WhatsApp we have the popular voice notes, in Telegram we can send all kinds of sound and multimedia files. Holding down the mic button will send a voice memo. And if you press once on the microphone you will change to video message : then hold down and Telegram will record audio and video in the shape of a bubble. In addition to these video messages , you can activate from Settings the option of Raise to speak to send voice notes only when lifting the mobile.

36. Delete the sticker packs you don’t want

Surely you accumulate more stickers than you use, they are a vice: it is enough for someone to send you one that you do not have so that you can automatically add it . And of course, in the end the collection is so long that it is difficult to find the sticker you need.

So you can remove the sticker packs that you no longer need:

Access the Telegram settings Enter “Chats”. Scroll down to “Stickeres y mascaras”. Click on the pack of stickers you want to get rid of and click on “Delete “.

37. Move your chats from WhatsApp to Telegram

Telegram allows you to add the chats you already have to Telegram keeping all the messages and also the files . In this way you can continue talking to a WhatsApp contact without both of you losing any of your conversation history.

To move the chats you must go one by one doing the following:

Open WhatsApp and enter the chat you want to export to Telegram. Click on the top three menu points, then on “More” and finally on ” Export chat “. Click on” Include files “to add photos and videos. Select Telegram as application. Choose the chat you want to import the conversation to and Telegram will add all the WhatsApp content.

38. Block the message of “Such person joined Telegram”

Surely your Telegram constantly warns you that one of your contacts has joined the application. Above, a new chat opens with that person , something that can be very annoying. Although there is a way to avoid it forever:

Open your Telegram settings and enter “Notifications and sounds”. Go down to the “Events” section. You will see that the option of “A contact joined Telegram” appears. Disconnect it.

39. Activate the debug menu

As with the Android development options, Telegram’s debugging settings are not settings intended for users who use the application only to chat . Even so, it does not hurt to know how they are unlocked in order to take a look at that hidden menu in Telegram.

Go to Telegram settings. Scroll down to the bottom and long press on the version number. You will see a ¯_ (ツ) _ / ¯ appear. Click there. You will have the debugging options active: as long as you press and hold on the Telegram version number will open.

40. Share your mobile screen in a call

This trick is great if you want to teach someone how to fix something on your phone and you are not by their side : You can send him your mobile screen explaining what to do. And you only need Telegram for it:

Start a video call with the contact you want ( enter the chat and click on the top phone icon). Click on the video icon to turn it on and look at the lower options. Click on “Phone screen”. Accept the screen recording and you will share it with the other person.