4K movies to watch this Christmas on HBO Max, Netflix, Disney + -!

4K Movies to watch this Christmas on HBO Max, Netflix, Disney + -!: All the details about 4K Movies to watch this Christmas on HBO Max, Netflix, Disney + -! are on topwhich.com. I am happy to present you all the developments about 4K Movies to watch this Christmas on HBO Max, Netflix, Disney + -!. Here’s what you need to know about 4K Movies to watch this Christmas on HBO Max, Netflix, Disney + -!, Here are the details … With the arrival of December, everything that surrounds us acquires a festive and Christmas atmosphere. The catalog of streaming platforms is full of Christmas titles, but also a good time to see those films that we have pending and that we have not had the opportunity to see the rest of the year. These are some of the movies that we can enjoy in 4K on HBO Max, Netflix and Disney +.

Today to enjoy 4K movies we can resort to the TV platforms of operators such as Movistar, Vodafone or Orange, movies in 4K Blue-ray or choose to view them on OTTs. These are some of the movies that we can see this Christmas in 4K.


With the arrival of HBO Max last October to Spain, the long-awaited content in 4K arrived, although it is not the streaming platform that has the most titles in 4K, HBO Max has Christmas movies, some of them in 4K.

8-bit Christmas

A classic Christmas story. Jake takes his teenage daughter to spend the holidays with her grandparents. Upon arriving at his parents’ house, Jake finds the NES console that he played with as a child and decides to tell his daughter how he got it when everyone at that time wanted to get one. A film in which parents will identify with the story and children will have a good time discovering family and Christmas values.


Christmas is always a good time to see some classic movies like The Matrix in which its protagonist leads a double life: during the day he is a programmer for a major software company and at night a computer hacker named Neo . Your life will never be the same again when mysterious characters invite you to discover the answer to the question that keeps you from sleeping: what is the Matrix?


First of all, if we want to watch 4K movies on Netflix, we must bear in mind that it is necessary to be subscribed to the Premium Plan , which is the only subscription model that currently offers 4K content.

Christmas Chronicles

After accidentally starring one of the most famous sleighs in the world, that of Santa Claus, two brothers will spend the whole night with Santa Claus very joking to try to save the Christmas.

Christmas Safari

Its premise is still a Christmas movie , but without the value of Christmas that is supposed to be it. Kate embarks on a second honeymoon on her own after her husband suddenly leaves her. Africa is the destination chosen to find again the direction of his life and perhaps also love.

Disney +

Christmas is the ideal time to do a movie marathon at home. These are some of the must-see Christmas movies from Disney + .

Frozen the ice kingdom

An ideal movie to watch with the family for Christmas. A prophecy condemns the kingdom of Arandelle to live a eternal winter . Anna, along with the reckless mountaineer Kristoff and the reindeer Sven, embark on an epic adventure-filled journey in search of Elsa, Anna’s little sister and the Snow Queen. She is the only one who can end the icy spell to end eternal winter.

Wow Santa Claus!

A classic in Christmas stories. Scott (Tim Allen) is celebrating Christmas with his son when they both hear a noise on the roof. As they leave the house, they meet a sled and its driver, a man dressed in red who has had an accident. Scott will have to become Santa Claus , since after the accident Santa has not been very well stopped. We can also enjoy 4K movies such as “Santa Claus 2” and “Santa Claus 3: for a Christmas without cold.”

This is a small selection of the films that we can enjoy this Christmas in 4K on HBO Max, Netflix and Disney +. What are the movies you like the most to see at Christmas?