5 steelbooks every movie buff should have on their shelf -!

5 steelbooks every movie buff should have on their shelf -!: All the details about 5 steelbooks every movie buff should have on their shelf -! are on topwhich.com. I am happy to present you all the developments about 5 steelbooks that every movie buff should have on their shelf -!. Here’s what you need to know about 5 steelbooks every movie buff should have on their shelf -!, Here are the details … The Steelbook is the best format to preserve the cinematographic jewels of your collection. These special metal editions are, without a doubt, the most premium option with which to enjoy the best films . Therefore, we bring you a small selection of the best Steelbooks that every movie fan should have on their shelf.

The Steelbook format is the cream of the media for movies, video games and series. A Blu-ray with the best possible quality, in a metal box and, many times, with exclusive extras and even some small merchandising of collection.

Therefore, every self-respecting movie fan should choose it for their collection. And for this to have the best jewelry, we recommend some of the best Steelbook of movies.

one. Reservoir Dogs, the Mondo X Steelbook

Reservoir Dogs is Tarantino’s debut feature, an exercise in virtuosity that, together with Pulp Fiction , consolidates itself as the best it has ever done.

This edition in Steelbook does justice to this historic piece. To highlight the exceptional illustration of Tyler Stout that is a true work of art. Essential.

2. Indiana Jones complete collection in 4K UHD and Steelbook

One of the best adventure sagas of all time cannot be missing from the shelves of all good moviegoers.

The 4 Indiana Jones movies have a version in Steelbook format according to the place they occupy in the history of cinema and the hearts of those who grew up with them.

Actually, the last of the Crystal Skull doesn’t, but we can pretend it doesn’t exist.

Remastered in 4K picture and with Dolby sound, it’s not cheap, but you can’t put a price on Indy.

3. Alfred Hitchcock Pack on Steelbook

If you are a true movie buff, you will appreciate this Steelbook with 3 of the best films of the legendary Alfred Hitchcock.

With death on his heels , Perfect Crime and Strangers on a train receive the luxury treatment in a metal box so that they are immortalized forever in the best way.

4. Trilogy of The Lord of the Rings, extended version in 4K and Steelbook

Did you really think that it would not show the paw here? The extended versions, in 4K UHD format , of the El Lord of the Rings, have to be in the collection of all those who love movies.

With a luxury box to have them well ordered and saved, they are ideal to revisit when you have a small gap of 12 free hours.

5. The Avengers, complete pack plus additional disc in Steelbook

We are going to make a small concession to the gallery and put some Marvel and its huge MCU. This pack of the 4 Avengers movies, plus an additional disc of extras dedicated to Stan Lee and a multitude of characters and details from Avengers , sneaks into the list.

You know what it offers, including the lame Ultron that you can ignore in your reviews.

As you can see, whatever type of fan you are, there are always good options for Steelbooks for moviegoers.