7 O2 things you should know before hiring -!

7 O2 things you should know before hiring -!: All the details about 7 O2 things you should know before hiring -! are on topwhich.com. I am happy to present you all the developments about 7 things about O2 you should know before hiring -!. Here’s what you need to know about 7 O2 things you should know before hiring -!, Here are the details … O2 is an MVNO that uses Movistar’s coverage throughout the Spanish territory to offer its convergent rates for fiber and mobile, only mobile or fiber. An operator that, little by little, is taking its place in the panorama of low cost operators offering the services most demanded by consumers.

O2 was presented in Spain at the end of 2018 as Telefónica’s option to compete in the low cost operator market. The O2 rate proposal competes directly with that of Digi or Lowi and these are some of the aspects that we have to take into account before hiring any of O2’s services.


If you are one of those who hates ties and runs away from operators that force you to have a permanence of Several months when hiring some of their services, in O2 we will not waste a minute reading a permanence clause, because it does not exist. According to the company’s values, they state that they will not try at any time to retain their customers by offering some type of discount.

It depends on the personal situation of each user, the The fact that O2 does not offer any tie with permanence and penalties may be one of its greatest attractions for all those who want to have the freedom to change operator when they most need it. appropriate.

Unlimited calls

In the case of convergent fiber and mobile rates, both landline and mobile include unlimited calls to national landlines and mobiles . Also, the mobile-only rates, the additional mobile lines and the fiber-only rate have unlimited calls, so with O2 we will not have to worry about the number of calls or minutes that we talk in any of the cases.

Unlimited data

However, Movistar’s MVNO does not have the option of having a mobile rate with unlimited data. In the case of hiring a t mobile cost the maximum is 30 GB to browse. If we use up the megabytes of our rate, we will have to choose to contract bonuses with extra data. With these bonuses you can continue browsing at maximum speed and there are two options: 5 GB for 5 dolars or 30 GB for 10 dolars.

On the other hand, if we contract a convergent rate for fiber and mobile and a maximum of gigas to navigate that we can have are 60 GB . In addition to being able to buy an extra data voucher, O2 also allows you to share data with the additional lines of the same contract.

Additional mobile lines

Regarding the contracting of additional lines, we have two options depending on the convergent fiber and mobile tariff that we have contracted. Additional lines associated with a fiber can share the service of free data sharing through the O2 application. If we activate it, all lines will automatically start sharing data between them.

Additional mobile line of 30 GB

With unlimited calls to national landlines and mobiles with 30 GB to navigate available for the Fiber rate 600 Mb and Mobile 60 GB, Fiber 600 Mb and Mobile 30 GB and Fiber 500 Mb and Mobile 25 GB by 15 dolars per month each additional line up to a maximum of four .

Additional mobile line of 10 GB

With unlimited calls to national landlines and mobiles with 10 GB to browse available for the Fiber rate 300 Mb and Mobile 18 GB and Fiber 100 Mb and Mobile 10 GB per 10 dolars per month each additional line up to a maximum of four.

1 Gbps Fiber

If we are looking at O2 the possibility of contracting 1 Gbps fiber, this operator does not have this possibility. The maximum fiber speed contractable with O2 is 600 Mb if we are interested in contracting a fiber rate and mobile. The most complete option is fiber of 600 Mb and 60 GB to browse 50 dolars per month .


Each operator establishes a billing cycle per so if we contract any of the O2 rates, we should know what the billing cycle of this operator is. In this case begins on 18 of each month and ends on 17 of the following month and is not It is possible to modify these dates being always the same.

On the other hand, the invoice collection is issued on the 1st of each month. If it coincides with a holiday, the payment will be made the next day. In addition, at any time we can view and download the invoices through the O2 application.

It does not have television service

If you carry out a portability from Movistar to O2, you will lose Movistar +, since O2 does not have a television service. Whether you come from Movistar or from any operator, the television alternative offered by O2 is to hire Movistar + Lite to access quality television content.