A new Korean bombshell (now science fiction) arrives on Netflix: this series could be the last hit of the year -!

A new Korean bombshell comes to Netflix (now science fiction): this series could be the last hit of the year -!: All the details about A new Korean bombshell (now science fiction) arrives on Netflix: this series could be the last hit of the year -! are on topwhich.com. I am happy to present you all the developments about A new Korean bombshell (now science fiction) arrives on Netflix: this series could be the last hit of the year -!. Here’s what you need to know about A new Korean bombshell (now science fiction) arrives on Netflix: this series could be the last hit of the year -!, Here are the details … A new Korean bombshell (now science fiction) comes to Netflix: this series could be the last hit of the year

By Alicia P. Ferreirós – 20 Dec. 2021 at 13: 26

The streaming platform ‘seeks new success:’ Sea of ​​tranquility ‘is among the most anticipated fictions in what remains of 2021 and stars one of the actors from ‘The Squid Game’.

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The squid game had many ingredients to please the audience, for its frenetic pace, its peculiar aesthetics and for that undeniable attraction that stories about games of survival. However, no one could imagine that it would become a phenomenon of such stature, that it would dethrone the very La Casa de Papel as the most viewed series on the non-English speaking platform and that would be the most viewed new series in the history of the streaming service with more than 1600 million hours of viewing – almost a thousand more than The Bridgertons , now second on the list -.

Now, Netflix is ​​looking for a new bombshell. And who knows, maybe I could find it before the end of the year.

Specifically this week, since the new series ‘made in’ South Korea, Sea of ​​Tranquility , premieres this week on the streaming platform, specifically on 24 December, and there are already many who await her with open arms for various reasons.


There are no reviews yet, but Sea of ​​tranquility is in the Top 1 of the most anticipated series among readers of SensaCine , as in its day was Heading to hell .

Did the reason? There are several, but about a month ago the streaming platform released the official trailer for its new series and comparisons with The Squid Game . She does not share much more than her country of origin, one of her protagonists and now also great expectations, since the plot of the series has nothing to do with the serial phenomenon of 2021.

Developed by P ark Eun-kyo, screenwriter for Mother by Bong Joon Ho, for Netflix, Sea of ​​tranquility is set in a post-apocalyptic future in which the Earth has been the victim of desertification. In this scenario we will meet its protagonists, the members of a very important scientific mission that consists of a visit to the lunar research base in which they have 24 hours to recover some mysterious samples . Abandoned and top-secret, the Balhae Base was the scene of an accident that killed everyone there, including the sister of one of the members of the new expedition. But there also lies all hope of being able to save humanity.

The series -at least the first season which is the only confirmed to date- consists of eight episodes and part from a short film by 2014 written and directed by Choi Hang-yong, who is also part of the series’ creative team. Likewise, among its ranks we cannot fail to identify two members of the cast of The Squid Game : Gong Yoo, who played the show’s recruiter for the infamous survival game; and Heo Sung-tae, the evil number 101.


From the successor of The Squid Game has not stopped being spoken since the fiction developed by Hwang Dong-hyuk took the platform by storm. The condition has already been attributed to several South Korean fictions that have come later, but the reality is that at the moment there has been no new ‘milestone’ of original Netflix in South Korea. To date, the one that has performed the best has been the horror series Road to Hell that led the Top 10 in several countries -not in Spain, although it was part of the ranking for several weeks-, while recently the ‘thriller’ was welcomed Inspector Koo , compared to House and Killing Eve .

Also suspenseful and unconventional, the series was released on Netflix in Spain just a week ago and will be seen weekly after being a success in its country originally. However, there is no trace of her in the Top 10 of the most popular.

After The Witcher at 2019 and The Bridgertons in 2020, what new series will sweep Netflix before it ends 2021?

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