Activities for children: Our top responsible games for families

Activities for children: Our top responsible games to do with the family

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Activities for children: Our top responsible family games

Activities for children: Our top responsible family games We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Activities for children: Our top responsible family games Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Activities for children: Our top responsible family games

Cracking your brains out for game ideas that make sense? Here are our top coolest games to play with the family, to combine business with fun.

Playing games with the family can be complicated: between those who hate losing, those who don’t like cards, those who don’t pick up their screen, those who want to play outside and those who prefer to stay warm, we don’t Don’t get out of it… Fortunately, we have concocted a small list of ideas for games and activities that will bring the family together, at all ages. After a good meal with the family, let’s have some time together!

First category of games that are easy to organize: cooperative games. Here is an example. For this one, all you need is paper, pen, an even number of players, and a little imagination. Form pairs, who sit back to back. Each has a role: one is the artist, the other is the storyteller. The storyteller should draw a simple picture without showing it to his partner. He will then describe it, proceeding in small pieces to the artist. For example, we must not say “I drew a window” , but “I drew a square with a cross in the middle” . The artist must draw what the storyteller describes to him. He or she is allowed to ask a maximum of three questions during the game to check that he has understood correctly. Once the storyteller has finished his description, the two versions are compared. Laughs in perspective!

Games 100% family, good for the planet option!

Do you find this game a bit complicated? You can turn to games already made. To get everyone to agree, and for the no-brainer option, we have the solution. At the moment, the Quick restaurants are offering family games in the universe of the Loud family, this eccentric family made up of 10 children: 10 girls and a boy! You can find in the Magic Box a goose game, THE family game par excellence, pimped in 3D version; a game of 7 families and a memory to play with the older ones; a nice coloring book and an illustrated activity book for the youngest and a tangram for the more skilled. These games develop skill, memory… and the ability to be more or less a good player! Big plus: all these games are in cardboard, colored and resistant, without plastic packaging. Important when you know the time it takes for a plastic bag to decompose in nature: more than a century, depending on the composition of the plastic! Cardboard, which is more environmentally friendly, is durable in every sense of the word, and therefore resistant to the little ones. These pretty toys have nothing to envy their traditional plastic ancestors and will please the whole family.

Other bonus : the joy of being together without needing to cook. Not negligible, after the holidays.

Discover nature with your smartphone?

How about embarking on a nature scavenger hunt? Super easy, with the free Seek app. This app, developed by the iNaturalist organization, is a kind of Shazam of nature. With your camera, you will be able to identify the plants and animals around you. Most ? You can earn “badges” by making observations of different types of plants, birds, fungi and by participating in challenges.

It’s your turn !


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