After the fires in Algeria, the Kabyle community of Beauvais is mobilizing -!


In one of the rooms of the town hall of Beauvais (Oise), the first boxes of drugs are piling up this Friday. On the move, Hocine Rahmani welcomes these first donations, while the collection does not officially begin until this Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 15 hours.

“It just keeps ringing,” he confirms. Very marked by the dramatic fires which have affected northern Algeria in recent weeks, the former president and current treasurer of the UBB (Union des Berbères de Beauvais) very quickly launched the idea of ​​collecting medicines.

“Hospitals are overwhelmed, pharmacies robbed and we cannot count on anyone, deplores Hocine Rahmani. We need basic medicines, painkillers, disinfectants, something to treat burns, that is to say dressings, Biafine, Doliprane… It is not much individually for donors, but on arrival, that can change everything. “” We could not stand idly by, adds Mohand Aghanim, current president of the UBB. When you see the situation there, you have no other choice. To see the diaspora mobilize across Europe is heartwarming. ”

” Some of them lost everything ” The Berber community established in Beauvais for more than half a century is the largest in the Oise. “We can estimate it at 3 people, there are 2 000 on Creillois and around 300 in Compiègne, specifies Hocine Rahmani. Our region of origin, located around Makouda, was less impacted than the surroundings of Tizi Ouzou, where most of the fires were concentrated, but we all have links with those who remained in the country. Some of them have lost everything. »

The balance sheet, provisional, is indeed very heavy. “There are nearly 100 dead, more than 750 houses destroyed with villages destroyed, thousands of fruit trees set on fire, more than 60 000 chickens, tens of thousands of sheep, hundreds of dead cattle, ”summarizes Hocine Rahmani, deploring the fact that Kabyles “have to fend for themselves”. “The Algerian state has been below everything and it has shown itself to be completely absent,” he laments. They have an over-equipped army but don’t even have a canadair to fight fires that recur every summer. “The Beauvaisien also mentioned on this subject the advice that a firefighter from the department gave to young Kabyle people in a video on Facebook became viral.

To avoid any misappropriation, donations will be sent to the various village committees . “We have no confidence in the state organization,” recognizes Hocine Rahmani. We will return the collected products directly to make sure they get to the right place. »

For this collection, the association received the support of the city. “We made a room in the town hall available to them and relayed the information,” said Franck Pia, first deputy. It was the least of things. After the storm of 20 June , the UBB obtained food donations from an Algerian company. We are also going to solicit businesses from Beauvaisis, such as Brosse et Dupont, Duopole or Evolupharm. »A cultural event should be organized in October in Beauvais with a new appeal for donations« in favor of the victims of the fires in the south of France and Kabylia ».

Beauvais is not the only one to mobilize. In Compiègne, a similar collection is organized this weekend, from 11 hours to 20 hours, on the forecourt of UTC. In Creil, a permanence will also be made available from this Saturday, at 3, rue Jean-Jaurès. “The purpose of this permanence is to collect medicines and first aid kits”, specifies the city.

Source : LeNewsParis


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