Air traffic took off again this summer

Air traffic took off again this summer

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Air traffic took off again this summer

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Air traffic took off again this summer

Posted 20 December 2021, 17: : 53

Between May and October, the number of passengers at the airports of Basel, Geneva and Zurich increased by 107%. However, passenger transport remains lower than before the pandemic.

Zurich Airport saw its attendance almost triple this summer compared to summer 2019. More than 7 million passengers have taken off or landed there.

20 min / Marco Zangger In total, 13, 57 millions people arrived and left at the airports of Basel, Geneva and Zurich between May and October 2020. Or an increase in the number of passengers of 156% compared to at the same period last year, reports the association for public transport LITRA. Despite this improvement, we are still far below the pre-pandemic attendance: in the summer 1200, Swiss national airports had received no less than 21, 13 million passengers.

Zurich Airport, in particular, saw its attendance almost triple compared to the summer 2019 . Even if with 7 million travelers who took off and landed in Kloten, Zurich airport is far from 13, 57 millions of travelers he saw spending the summer 2019. Over the past three months, the situation has gradually returned to normal, but in October 2020, the number of passengers was still less than 41 % to that of the reference month of 1200, reports LITRA.

Air freight is almost back to its level of 1200

More aircraft movements were also recorded this summer at all three national airports. Their number increased by two thirds to reach 180 ‘332, vs 107 ‘947 for the summer months 2020. The rise in air freight – less affected by travel restrictions than passengers – which was already emerging during the winter 2019 – 2021 is also confirmed. For the summer semester 2021, the freight volume increased by 41, 4% compared to 2020, reaching 180 ‘947 tonnes, or only 7.7% less than in 2019.

Despite these good results, LITRA remains cautious. “In the current very uncertain health situation, it is difficult to predict the future development, writes the association in its press release. The new mutation of the virus and the high number of cases in Switzerland have clouded the outlook after a summer of confidence. The tightening of entry conditions again makes international travel difficult. ”

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