Apple launches iOS 15.2 and more with these interesting news -!

Apple launches iOS 15. 2 and more with these interesting news -!: All the details about Apple launches iOS 15. 2 and more with these interesting news -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about Apple launches iOS 15. 2 and more with these interesting news -!. Here’s what you need to know about Apple launches iOS 15. 2 and more with these exciting news – !, here are the details … Apple has already made official the launch of new versions of software for all its computers. In this way, we now officially have iOS 15. 2, iPadOS 15. 2, macOS 12. 1, watchOS 8.3 tvOS 15.two. In this post we review its main news so you don’t miss anything.

The first and foremost thing that affects all systems is the arrival of the Apple Music Voice Plan . This is the new modality announced in a September event and through which one can subscribe to a plan of 4, 99 dolars per month to reproduce content by voice, requesting it from Siri, although with limitations compared to the rest of the plans.

What’s new iOS 15. 2 and iPadOS 15. 2?

These new versions of iPhone and iPad are not changed by I complete the experience, but they integrate outstanding features like these:

Notice of non-original parts in the case of the iPhone, being able to detect that a screen or battery is not original by means of a notice in Settings. Digital Legacy is a new function by which you can choose a contact that would inherit all our data (except passwords) in case of death, although we expect to take many years to check if it works well. Privacy report , the function announced in the WWDC 2021 and through which you can know how many times and what applications have accessed (microphone, location, camera, etc.).

Apple TV , the application, now offers an interface more adapted to the navigation of the iPad and also differentiates Clear the content of Apple TV + with that of the rest of the platforms that can be integrated. Apple Music also receives functional news with the possibility, finally, to search within the playlists. Reminders now allows to rename labels, as well as delete all or several simultaneously. Search will now issue a warning if it detects that we carry an AirTag that is not ours, in order to prevent it from being used to track us. Notification summary changes aesthetically, being now much more visual to be able to know at a glance everything we missed when we were in a concentration mode. iCloud Private Relay has changed its description to be much more exact with what this navigation mode does. Hide email is also an iCloud Private Relay functionality that has been added with this new update. Personal requests on the HomePod is already a reality, being able to be the speaker capable of differentiating voices in Spanish. The Automatic Macro Mode on the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max now has an access to its activation and deactivation through the own camera app.

Characteristics of the rest of systems

In the software of the Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV we hardly find any notable news. Regarding macOS 12. 1 Yes we found a long-awaited function such as SharePlay , which allows screen sharing in FaceTime, as well as being able to play content simultaneously with other people on apps like Apple TV, Apple Music, HBO or Twitch. Of course, there is no trace of Universal Control yet.

Regarding watchOS 8.3 , that comes in a strange way after skipping 8.2, we find that several problems that were affecting all types of Apple Watch models were corrected. In tvOS 15. 2 , the news is scarce, since nothing relevant has been found.