ATRESplayer presents its news after sweeping users in 2021 -!

ATRESplayer presents its news after sweeping users in 2021 -!: All the details about ATRESplayer presents its news after sweeping users in 2021 -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about ATRESplayer presents its news after sweeping users in 2021 -!. Here’s what you need to know about ATRESplayer presents its news after sweeping users in 2021 -!, Here are the details … The well-known streaming battle in Spain between ATRESplayer and mitele has a clear winner. Yesterday we learned all the details about the magical year of ATRESplayer PREMIUM and its future plans with new series and original productions. In a sector dominated by large international platforms, Atresmedia is moving towards the 500 . 000 paying subscribers , being leaders of the private television channels.

No need to bet For football, as mitelePLUS did with a terrible result, the ATRESplayer PREMIUM platform continues to grow in Spain. Only in the last year have they released more of their own production than any other platform in Spain, with more than 25. 000 hours of content , including series for Antena 3. This has helped them to multiply the number of subscribers by 6.

In addition to the growth in content or subscribers, the platform has been integrated into the main pay television providers such as Movistar +. This allows its users to be able to enjoy the content whenever and wherever they want. Finally, the platform boasts of always publishing with the highest image and sound quality and without advertising.

The news to come

As if that were not enough, during the ATRESplayer PREMIUM DAY the next productions that will arrive in their catalog were announced. First of all, it is worth remembering that in recent months ‘Cardo’, ‘Drag Race Spain’, ‘By Ana Milan’, ‘Toy Boy’, ‘#Luimelia’ or ‘Let’s talk about’ have been released, in addition to be able to preview ‘Debts’, ‘Castamar’s cook’, ‘Alba’ or ‘Paco’s men’.

The first of the news is his first original Christmas special , next 19, under the name ‘A Christmas with Samantha Hudson. ‘ This will be accompanied by personalities such as Amaia Romero, Anabel Alonso, Manuela Trasobares, Arturo Valls, Victoria Martín, Supremme de Luxe, La Prohibida or Paco Clavel.

After the success of ‘Drag Race Spain’, the protagonists of the original ATRESplayer PREMIUM program are with the show ‘Gran Hotel de las Reinas’ that will be able to be seen on the platform next 26 from December. They are a total of 3 hours with a perfect mix of humor, live music, lip sync, dance, spectacular looks, improvisation and a lot of emotion.

Pajares & CIA will be the new original documentary series that will arrive in 2022 and that relives, with a glance current, the phenomenon of 80 in Spain around the cinema and the figure of the most famous at that time, Andrés Pajares, along with his indefatigable companion, Fernando Esteso.

The Age of Wrath is another original series that will be released early next year . Two years and one day will also arrive, starring Arturo Valls. Don’t tell anyone, new project in the form of docuseries about real crimes. Drag Race Spain (Season 2), The Gypsy Bride, La Ruta, Cardo (Season 2), The Protected: The Return (Season 2), The nights of Tefía, Zorras, UPA Next, Camilo Superstar, Ana &, Tino Casal, Dressed in blue: a continuation of Venom and some exclusive premieres are part of the rest of news .