Baby has pimples: what is it, how to react?

Baby has pimples: what is it, how to react?

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Baby has pimples: what is it, how to react?

Baby has pimples: what is it, how to react? We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Baby has pimples: what is it, how to react? Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Baby has pimples: what is it, how to react?

You may not know it, but a baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and can be prone to various inflammations and pimples appearances. To help you differentiate the types of buttons, let’s take a look. And above all, we reveal the good reflexes to have in case of a rash.

Skin problems in young children are common. So there is no reason to panic. However, in order to react as quickly as possible, it is important to be able to differentiate between types of skin diseases and to know how to treat them.

1 / Infant acne

Among the most common rash diseases, we find infant acne. It is manifested by the appearance of small buttons during the first four months of the child. Usually, these little pimples are on the child’s face, forehead, chin or neck. The reasons for this disease? Too high a sebum level and inflammation. But rest assured, it does not matter. Approximately 20% of children have infant acne . To treat it, there is no treatment but it is advisable to go to the doctor. This will tell you the right hygiene products to use to take care of baby’s skin.

2 / Measles

Measles is a mild illness in children. However, it must be monitored. In 2021, vaccination against this disease is recommended. Measles is a viral disease. It declares itself at the end of days after incubation with fever, skin inflammation, diarrhea and cough. Among the first telltale signs of a measles infection, we note the appearance of small pimples or white spots on baby’s skin. It is important to see a doctor quickly so that he can prescribe the right medications, such as antibiotics.

3 / Heat rash

These buttons are easily recognizable, they usually appear during the summer, when the outside temperatures are high. These little pimples appear on the face, neck, stomach, groin, chest. This means that your baby’s skin is sensitive. Note that although these pimples are not dangerous, they can be itchy. To treat it, it is enough to limit the exposure to the sun or walks in periods of strong heat, to apply a moisturizing and refreshing cream on the body of your child. If in doubt, consult a doctor.

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4 / Chickenpox

Ah the joys of chickenpox! Chickenpox is a disease that is transmitted to children. Good news: once you have it, you can never catch it again. These little red pimples appear all over your baby’s body, including her private parts, and are itchy. A bad time to spend for baby. To treat it, it is enough to have an irreproachable hygiene, to hydrate the skin of your child, to apply a calming ointment. The doctor may also prescribe an antihistamine to relieve the baby’s itchiness. Be careful, however, to check the condition of your child’s buttons, your baby should not scratch them too much and tear the skin. So be sure to regularly apply a calming cream.

5 / Rubella

Like chickenpox or measles, rubella shows up as little red spots all over the body. It is a viral and contagious disease. Vaccination has been compulsory for this disease since January 1 100. The first injection is given to the child at the age of 10 month. The second dose occurs between the 15 th and the 18 th month of the baby. It is a mild disease but must be watched. A doctor will prescribe the correct treatment and provide the necessary advice. Vigilance, however. Rubella can be risky if a pregnant woman gets it during pregnancy. If the mother is not vaccinated, it can cause complications for the baby and the mother.

6 / Milium grains

Your baby can also be affected by milium seeds. You know those little white pimples that usually appear on the face? These pimples appear a few days / weeks after birth and are mild. It is advisable to apply an ultra moisturizing cream. If it does not go away after a few days, see a doctor.

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    7 / Diaper rash

    By using diapers, it can irritate your child’s bottom and cause what is called a diaper rash. No panic, nothing serious. It occurs when your child has sensitive skin or when the urine or stool in the diaper stays in contact with the skin for too long. And may show a few light pimples. To remedy this, simply change the diaper regularly and gently clean your child’s bottom.

    As you will have understood, a baby’s skin can be as soft as it is sensitive, which is why it is essential to take care of it with suitable hygiene products. But not only. It is also advisable to use detergents 50% natural, without chemical product, which will limit the risk of skin inflammation.

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