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75+ Best bluetooth headphones for working out

75+ Best bluetooth headphones for working out, Hello friends, in this article I have reviewed the best headphone models that you can use even when playing sports, 75 of them. Bluetooth headphones are extremely popular at the moment, and new models are constantly coming onto the market. We tested a total of 35 wireless headphones, 29 of which are currently still available.

Headphones with active noise cancellation (ANC) are not included in this test, because with them, what matters most to us is the quality of the noise reduction, which is always at the expense of the sound quality.

The things that I have studied and that people are most interested in are exactly as follows; Best over ear headphones for working out, Workout headphones wireless, Best workout headphones 2021, Best wireless earbuds, Best headphones for working out, Best wireless earbuds with ear hooks, Best sweat proof headphones, Best cheap wireless headphones for running Let’s return to our reviews without further ado.

Brief overview: Our recommendations

Test winner

Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT

Test of Bluetooth headphones: Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT

Bluetooth variant of a studio classic. The headphones combine excellent sound with an extremely comfortable fit.

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT  has famous siblings – the M-Range was originally designed for monitoring in the sound or film studio. The sound is very balanced and as a work tool they have to be robust but at the same time comfortable. With the ATH-M50xBT, the first representative without a cable comes onto the market and immediately wins the test.

When money doesn’t matter

Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless Copper

Test of Bluetooth headphones: Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless Copper

The Amiron is the high-end device among the Bluetooth headphones. The copper inlays are real, which is what makes it so expensive and individual.

 Beyerdynamic really made a difference with the Amiron Wireless Copper . Based on the Amiron Wireless, there is now a design treasure that can be individualized in several ways. The copper applications are actually real, so each Amiron Wireless Copper gets an individual patina after a while. Thanks to the MIY app, the sound can also be adapted to the owner’s hearing curve. More individuality is hardly possible, that of course has its price.

Best on-ear

Devil Supreme On

Test of Bluetooth headphones: Teufel Supreme On

With the Supreme ON, Teufel has a real treat that is fun and looks good.

The Supreme On from Teufel comes on the market in five different color variants. Nevertheless, the great design does not hide the fact that the Supreme On also has a lot to offer in terms of sound. The handset is made of high quality throughout, sits very comfortably on the ears and, in addition to the buttons, can also be conveniently controlled from the smartphone with the new Teufel Headphone app.

For athletes

AfterShokz Aeropex

Test of Bluetooth headphones: Aftershokz Aeropex

Aftershokz’s Aeropex is perfect when you need to be aware of your surroundings.

The AfterShokz Aeropex are very special headphones. Since they do not direct the sound directly into the ears, but rather as so-called bone conduction headphones over the skull, you can still fully participate in the outside world while listening to music. There are many situations in which this is not only desirable but also of great safety relevance, for example during activities such as hiking, cycling, jogging or other outdoor activities. You don’t have to rely on technical gadgets such as extra external microphones, you always get to know your environment.

Good & cheap

JBL Live 500BT

Test of Bluetooth headphones: JBL Live 500BT

The Live 500BT delivers good sound and has some practical features.

With the JBL Live 500BT you get affordable Bluetooth headphones that shine with a wide range of features. It is compatible with the usual Google Assistant and Siri voice assistants and even has two modes that pass on outside noises if necessary. Either the outside world can be heard completely, or only conversations in the area. The capsules completely enclose the ears and sit very comfortably thanks to the soft padding. The sound also leaves little to be desired and can even be individually adjusted via the app.

Wireless freedom

Headphones with wireless music transmission are becoming increasingly popular. No more unmanageable cables that are always in the way, regardless of whether you are listening to music or want to stow the good piece as compactly as possible. With prolonged use, cable breaks or bent plugs are inevitable – you can save yourself all of this with Bluetooth headphones.

If in-ears, which are already available without cables, are out of the question for reasons of convenience or comfort, nowadays you don’t commit a fashionable faux pas even with full-blown headphone headphones – on the contrary, they are now considered to be a presentable accessory.

 Bluetooth headphones test: Bluetooth headphones

In addition, Bluetooth headphones are also recommended as convenient luxury items in your own four walls. Especially when you want to listen to music to sweeten work such as vacuuming, ironing or the like, a cable is a nuisance and restricts freedom of movement.

Wireless listening to music: thanks to aptX without major loss of sound

The range of our test devices was always more than one floor, since normal walls are not a major obstacle for the radio waves. It only becomes critical when reinforced concrete ceilings come in between, then the radio path of most Bluetooth devices reaches its limits.

Although the Bluetooth transmission generally results in a loss of sound quality, many listeners and players are now compatible with the aptX codec, which can transmit music in CD quality. It is even possible to enjoy high-resolution data formats (better than CD quality), which are offered by almost all streaming services, also via Bluetooth. The aptX HD codec drills up the aptX specifications again.

Recently, Android 8 Oreo even includes the LDAC codec, which allows even higher resolutions via Bluetooth, but not all headphones are compatible with it yet, strictly speaking mainly Sony headphones, as Sony developed the codec.

 Bluetooth headphone test: Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT

Test winner: Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT  is based on the well-known M50 series, which has been on the market for years and was actually developed for the studio. Now the developers have integrated Bluetooth receivers as well as batteries and charging electronics and, as it were  , mobilized the ATH-M50xBT .

Test winner

Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT

Test of Bluetooth headphones: Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT

Bluetooth variant of a studio classic. The headphones combine excellent sound with an extremely comfortable fit.

It was certainly not an easy undertaking – literally. After all, the ATH-M50xBT is a receiver that is supposed to enclose the ears and therefore inevitably has larger capsules than the colleagues that are placed directly on the ears. To make matters worse, the fact that the usual 40 millimeter transducers were not used, but slightly larger ones with a 45 millimeter diameter, after all, the developers wanted to change as little as possible of the sound characteristics of the M series.

Full battery life guaranteed

Last but not least, the earphones were equipped with a generously sized battery, after all , the ATH-M50xBT  should last as long as possible, especially in wireless operation. And that is what it does: In our test, it managed 40 hours at full volume, with a radio link of one meter between the headphones and the smartphone (the smartphone had to be connected to the network for most of the time).

All measures together ensure a fighting weight of just over 300 grams, which is distributed so well on the temple and the ear pads that you don’t get any pressure points even when listening to music for a long time. Despite the not exactly compact design, the M50xBT can be folded up quite small, at least so small that it can be conveniently stored in the synthetic leather transport bag that is included in the scope of delivery.

There is also an audio cable in case the battery runs out prematurely, as well as the obligatory USB charging cable. The audio cable is equipped with a microphone and a button, so you can still use the headphones as a headset even without a Bluetooth connection.


No touch – the Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT  is simply operated using buttons, a total of four and rather unusual on the left ear capsule. The fact that the audio and charging sockets are also located here may seem confusing at first glance, but you quickly get used to the intuitive operating structure. The most important functions, such as switching on and off, volume adjustment, zapping through the pieces and finally pausing the music to make a phone call, can be done without looking at the Audio-Technica.

The on / off switch is designed as a slide switch; Switch on and hold it briefly in this position activates pairing mode, a voice provides information about the current operating status and, immediately after switching on, also about the charge status of the battery. The combination of three buttons for volume and Co. can also be easily felt at a reasonable distance and operated without visual contact.

Brackets and capsules can be easily adapted to head shapes and sizes. The soft cushions sit comfortably over the ears and seal very well, so that they can unfold their soundscapes undisturbed by the outside world and that is indeed worthwhile.

The ATH-M50xBT can now also be controlled via an app. Not much is possible, however, apart from the usual firmware update and the selection of the desired codec, only the volume can be adjusted. But software is known to be expandable, there may be tone control via smartphone app soon.

Listening test

Right from the start, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT made no secret of its sophisticated origins – no trace of bass-heavy tuning in line with the current zeitgeist, yet it climbs mercilessly deep and dust-dry into the bass cellar when the music demands it. But only then will there be enough potential to do justice to the mid and mid-high range that is so important for vocals with impressive naturalness.

As a result, the Audio-Technica does not specialize in one genre: When it is supposed to crash, it lets it crash when fine dynamics are required – here you go, the ATH-M50xBT delivers immediately. He benefits from the fact that he knows how to transmit via aptX codec, otherwise the potential could hardly be used, at least not in wireless operation.


In terms of the range of the Audio-Technica, there is nothing to complain about, although there are Bluetooth headphones that keep the connection a few meters further, but we are talking about ranges over one or two floors and the Audio-Technica is in the good middle area.

Listeners without aptX keep the connection longer

It is noteworthy, however, that most listeners without aptX codec try much longer to at least maintain the connection, no matter how bad it may be. With aptX, the quality of the transmission has clear priority, in the event of signal interference, the system is rigorously switched off. In the app, you now have the option of selecting the transmission codec, either sound-optimized or for stable transmission, depending on your preference.

Now there are some digital audio players that switch on a kind of fallback for such cases. If the signal strength is no longer sufficient for aptX transmission, at least the normal Bluetooth codec is still used. However, we have not yet come across a smartphone with such capabilities.


The comparatively high weight of the Audio-Technica has already been mentioned here, but we believe that it offers a good compromise – between sound quality (large converters), battery life (a lot of battery capacity) as well as good weight distribution and decent padding. Another drawback concerns the charging socket, where the outdated micro-USB socket is still used. It is neither twist-proof nor does the handset have a quick-charging function as is only possible with type-C jacks.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT in the test mirror

The origin of the Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT  from the M50 series is well known in the industry, accordingly he also clears, here is just an excerpt of the German-language tests:

In the audio issue 5/2019, which appeared in April, the Audio-Technica received 80 points in the sound judgment, and thus a recommendation in the “Sound” category. Christian Möller also certified it as having an “outstanding” price-performance ratio:

»If you can do without active noise suppression and simultaneous coupling to multiple sources, the Audio-Technica M50xBT is the right choice. The sound counts, and this is where the Japanese deliver! Tonally neutrally tuned with a slight bass boost, it offers a well-rounded overall package. The price is right. “

In the Audio Test issue 1/2019, which appeared in December 2018, it received a “very good” result (85 percent) paired with a “good” price-performance ratio (8 out of 10 points).

The result is composed as follows: In terms of reproduction quality, it achieved 63 out of 70 points, in terms of equipment and workmanship 6 out of 10 points, and in terms of user friendliness 8 out of 10 points.

In March 2019, the Audio-Technica also achieved 8 out of 10 points on  MODERN HIFI , and here too it was able to convince with its natural reproduction:

“If there is one discipline in which the Audio Technica ATH-M50xBT really scores, it is its sound tuning. Mobile headphones are often oversubscribed in certain frequency ranges so that they can better assert themselves in the noisy urban jungle. Not so with the ATH-M50xBT, which sounds almost balanced.

It collects plus points with its clear highs, which particularly emphasize language and voices without tending to hiss. The bass range is in no way inferior. This is where the over-ear headphones come in with clear structures that precisely depict the low frequencies. A mild emphasis provides a tonal warmth that is particularly suitable for rock, pop and electronic music tracks.

The mids are also convincing with their good abstraction of individual instruments, which ensures a transparent sound image. A wide acoustic stage rounds off the positive overall picture. In terms of sound, there is a lot here for high-quality music enjoyment on the go […] «

Stereoplay (1/2020) awards only 68 out of 100 points in the overall grade, but also the rating »outstanding« in relation to the price-performance ratio:

»The Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT is the ideal companion for rock and metal fans: It plays warm and powerful, its high frequency is fine and neither analytical nor intrusive. With jazz the bass can be a bit too thick, with classical music there is a little lack of resolution. The haptic headphone is great, it sits comfortably and firmly, its features are reasonably priced. “


The variety of headphones is great and which one you like best is largely a matter of taste. If for whatever reason you don’t like Audio-Technica, we have the best alternatives for you here.

Special model: Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless Copper

The Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless Copper  , like the Amiron Wireless, is derived directly from the Amiron Home – with the major difference that the two wireless earphones are closed systems, while the Amiron Home is equipped with cables and open systems.

When money doesn’t matter

Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless Copper

Test of Bluetooth headphones: Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless Copper

The Amiron is the high-end device among the Bluetooth headphones. The copper inlays are real, which is what makes it so expensive and individual.

However, what all listeners in the Amiron family have in common is that they use the Tesla drivers developed by Beyerdynamic, which are designed to combine high impulse fidelity with high efficiency. This makes them ideally suited for playing high-resolution music, as offered by most streaming portals.

The Amiron is not a lightweight, but its mass is distributed so well over the temple and pad that it can be comfortably carried over a long period of time. The controls in the form of an on / off switch and a touchpad are all located on the right capsule and, similar to the Aventho, the sensitivity of the touchpad can be adjusted to your own needs with the MIY app. No question about it: The sound can also be personalized with this, but this is quite controversial, because after all, years of listening to music have made you used to the common sound – so it’s good that you can switch to normal operation within the app.

Much more interesting, on the other hand, is the option of being able to set the response behavior of the touch control panel via the MIY app. Statistics also provide information on listening habits in terms of duration and volume, here called the sound dose. Then there are also tips such as: »Safe: You are absolutely in the green area. Turn it up. ”Or appropriate warnings.

Even without a measurement, the Amiron Wireless Copper sounds like wired headphones – and like an excellent one. Instead of raising the level in the bass range, as is usually the case, to simulate the lack of punch, he mercilessly descends deep into the bass cellar, gives out bass runs just as easily as they seem to go out of the bass man’s hand and holds even with the loud tutti always in control. With the right food, it creates a wonderfully spatial music experience with its wide and deep stage. The Amiron Wireless Copper is one of the most audiophile Bluetooth headphones.

Alternatively, you can also use the Amiron Wireless  , which comes without copper applications, but is in no way inferior to Copper in terms of technology and above all in terms of sound. But it is a little cheaper to have.

Sits on your ears: Teufel Supreme On

As the name suggests, the Teufel Supreme On is to be worn on the ears, unlike the Supreme In, for example. The Supreme On is beautifully solid – metal was used for the brackets, hinges and forks to which the capsules are attached. The upholstery is covered with synthetic leather, while the handle on top with a fabric cover is quite homely.

Best on-ear

Devil Supreme On

Test of Bluetooth headphones: Teufel Supreme On

With the Supreme ON, Teufel has a real treat that is fun and looks good.

All parts are painted in the same color as the car – as far as the material allows it. The metal has a matt sheen, which also includes the one control button on the right capsule. The On / Off button is located on the left capsule of the Supreme On , which simultaneously initiates the Bluetooth pairing. There is also the USB-C charging socket and the socket for the audio cable.

Charging and audio cables are also included in the scope of delivery, as is the transport bag, in which everything can be stored. The audio cable even has a remote control and a microphone, so that the Supreme On can also be used to make calls when the battery is empty.

1 of 4

Bluetooth headphone test: Teufel Supreme On
The Teufel Supreme is available in the colors Night Black, Sand White, Moon Gray, Space Blue, Ivy Green and Pale Gold. On the photo is the sand white finish.
Bluetooth headphone test: Teufel Supreme On right
On the right is only the mini jog dial for setting the volume and zapping through the tracks.
Bluetooth headphone test: Teufel Supreme On Links
The on / off button, the charging socket and the connection for the audio cable are located on the left, and the NFC chip is built into the left capsule.
Bluetooth headphone test: Teufel Supreme On Complete
In addition to the headphones, the scope of delivery includes the USB-C charging cable and an audio cable with microphone for emergencies, as well as a transport bag.

What you cannot see is the NFC chip, which is integrated in the left capsule and makes the connection with the smartphone as convenient as possible. The Supreme On uses the aptX codec to transmit the music in CD quality. The pin on the right capsule controls the volume, zaps through the tracks and stops the music when you answer a call.

The sound of the Supreme On can be adjusted via the Teufel Headphone App, there are plenty of presets available – and an equalizer that is unusual but very intuitive to use.

The app also includes the FeatureShareMe, which allows you to connect a second Bluetooth headset to the same smartphone, so listening to music through headphones is no longer a lonely pleasure: a perfect solution not only for couples.

The Teufel Supreme On is tuned like a real fun device: It delivers a pronounced, deep bass. This gives the music a fresh impulsiveness without appearing artificially thickened. With classical music this can still be a bit too much of a good thing, so you should try the classical preset.

In general, the app offers many customization options to suit individual tastes. The Supreme On cannot offer the enormous spatiality that the Audio-Technica or Beyerdynamik provide, but they are also designed for this and are also significantly more expensive.

With the Supreme On , Teufel has once again achieved a great success in terms of headphones: it is superbly manufactured, sits comfortably on the ears even with glasses wearers and is great fun when listening to music!

For jogging, hiking and cycling: AfterShokz Aeropex

With the AfterShokz Aeropex , we tested a very special type of Bluetooth headphones this time. While most competing products attach great importance to excluding the outside world as much as possible, and at most if necessary, allowing it to penetrate to the ears, at AfterShokz they go a completely different way.

For athletes

AfterShokz Aeropex

Test of Bluetooth headphones: Aftershokz Aeropex

Aftershokz’s Aeropex is perfect when you need to be aware of your surroundings.

Here the ears are neither covered, nor are the transducers inserted into the ear canal as with in-ears. The Aeropex belong to the so-called bone conduction headphones, they lie on the back cheek above the temple and thus in front of the ear instead of in it. The tones are transmitted directly to the inner ear by vibrations via the skull bones, the hearing itself remains free and you get all ambient noises, whether in traffic or during a conversation, unfiltered.

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Bluetooth headphones test: Aftershokz Aeropex
With the Aeropex from AfterShokz, the neckband holds the receiver, the two transducers are each guided over the ear and are in front of the sound emission and not in the ears.
Bluetooth headphones test: Aftershokz Aeropex detail
The control buttons are easily accessible, the charging cable is magnetic.
Bluetooth headphones test: Aftershokz Aeropex complete
The scope of delivery includes a water-resistant case in which there is space for the receiver and the charging cable.

Like other neckband receivers and similar constructions, the Aeropex are placed around the neck and the brackets over the ears so that the transducers themselves come to rest above the temples. Operation is very simple: there are two buttons on the right bar, where the charging socket is. One is used to switch on / off and pairing as well as to increase the volume, the other turns the listener down.

In order to test the AfterShokz Aeropex under ideal conditions, we used it on a bike tour for navigation via Komoot. First things first: Neither the bicycle helmet nor the glasses collide with the listeners, so that everything can be comfortably carried together. During the tour, the navigation instructions come right to your ear, at the same time you can concentrate on the traffic or talk to the companions. Listening to music is of course also possible; this is interrupted during the announcements.

The sound that the Aeropex deliver is lacking for nothing, except maybe the punch in the deep bass range. Due to the lack of volume, they cannot keep up with closed or closed-ear systems in this regard. But that hardly detracts from musical abilities. They are always suitable for sprinkling on the side, precisely because you can still participate in the outside world.

Therefore, in our opinion , the Aftershokz Aeropex are the best Bluetooth headphones for sports and other outdoor activities.

Good & cheap: JBL Live 500BT

The JBL Live 500BT is not only available in black, like our test model, but also in red, white and dark blue. The soft cushions are over the ears, the JBL is one of the over-ear models. As a result, it is not as compact as on-ear constructions, but it is extremely comfortable.

Good & cheap

JBL Live 500BT

Test of Bluetooth headphones: JBL Live 500BT

The Live 500BT delivers good sound and has some practical features.

In addition to the on / off button and the volume rocker, there are a few other buttons. One activates the voice assistant, another allows two modes for the passage of outside noises. These are either let through completely, or the talk-thru only allows voices, be it from announcements or from normal conversations.

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Bluetooth headphones test: Jbl Live500bt
In addition to black, the JBL Live 500BT is also available in various other fashionable colors.
Bluetooth headphones test: Jbl Live500bt controls
All control buttons and the socket for the audio cable are on the right capsule, the charging socket on the left.
Bluetooth headphones test: Jbl Live500bt complete
In addition to the charging cable, the scope of delivery also includes an audio cable that can be used instead of the Bluetooth connection.

Unfortunately, all the control buttons and the socket for the audio cable are on the right-hand capsule, which is not exactly conducive to ease of use. Fortunately, the JBL Live 500BT is also recognized by the JBL app, so that it can be conveniently operated using a smartphone. The app even has an equalizer for setting the sound.

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Bluetooth headphones test: Screenshot Jbl Live500bt main menu
The JBL app recognizes the Live 500BT immediately and offers all of the handset’s controls in the app and more.
Bluetooth headphones test: Screenshot Jbl Live500bt equalizer
An equalizer plus various sound presets are available. You can also create and save your own sound profiles here.
Bluetooth headphones test: Screenshot Jbl Live500bt Sprachassi
To save power, the automatic switch-off can be activated, the desired voice assistant can be selected and firmware updates can be installed for the handset.

The JBL Live 500BT is tonally more modern, with a healthy but not excessive punch in the low frequency range. The mid-high range follows it almost seamlessly, so that there is no lack of detail or spatial representation. The Live 500BT offers a lot of potential for the money and is therefore our current price tip.

Also tested

Jabra Elite 45h

Test of Bluetooth headphones: Jabra Elite 45h

The Jabra Elite 45hcomes in a simple, Scandinavian design, the cushions sit on the ears and do not enclose them like our favorite. Nevertheless, it is quite comfortable to wear because of the soft padding. The Elite 45h can be operated extensively with the usual few buttons, but is also compatible with the Jabra app. In addition to firmware updates, it is also responsible for adjusting the sound. You are not limited to an equalizer and presets, Jabra also allows individual adjustment to your hearing. A comprehensive hearing test in the quietest possible environment enables the app to create an individual hearing profile to which the headphones adapt. Somehow this is reminiscent of the MIY adaptation at Beyerdynamic, it may be the same software manufacturer behind it.

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Bluetooth headphones test: Jabra Elite45h
Jabra is known for its sleek design with clean lines, and the 45h is no exception.
Bluetooth headphone test: Jabra Elite45h microphone
The microphone for occasional phone calls can be clearly seen.
Bluetooth headphones test: Jabra Elite45h complete
A carrying bag and the obligatory charging cable are included, an audio cable cannot be connected.

The Elite 45h does not even need such complex adjustments. It delivers a very natural sound that can hardly deny a trend towards loudness characteristics, but that doesn’t harm it either. The Elite 45h is suitable for long-term use and allows fine dynamic accents of the music to come into its own.

Audio-Technica ATHDSR9BT

Test of Bluetooth headphones: Audio-Technica ATHDSR9BT

The Audio-Technica ATHDSR9BT  is a technology carrier . According to the statement, there is no conversion of the digital signal into analog oscillations, right down to the drivers. The digital Bluetooth signal is passed on to the drivers, so to speak, in order to be converted into mechanical vibrations by them. The engineers at Audio-Technica are silent on exactly how this works. The advantage is obvious if you heed the old rule that every change costs quality. With this and the ATHDSR7BT there is only one conversion, and that only at the end.

Be that as it may, what is really only interesting is what comes out at the end – and that is to be taken literally here. The ATHDSR9BT plays on the  same  level as the Amiron Wireless, even if it is a bit brighter. This gives it a touch more resolution in the upper mids.

The workmanship also plays in the same league, although the operation is more conventional, which is not a disadvantage. In terms of equipment, neither do anything, only there is no cable for emergencies with the Audio-Technica. It only allows digital source signals.

Audio-Technica ATHDSR7BT

Test of Bluetooth headphones: Audio-Technica ATHDSR7BT

The ATHDSR7BT is the small, affordable brother of the ATHDSR9BT. A bag is included here instead of the hard case, and the surface finish is also less complex. However, we stumbled upon a particular shortcoming with the operation: The switch for the volume and for skipping reacted extremely sensitively in our test model and therefore not always as we wanted. This can of course be an isolated case, but we will keep an eye on it. In terms of sound, the ATHDSR7BT is similar to its big brother, but it does not get that deep into the bass cellar and does not have a very fine resolution. The sound is very similar to that of the ATH-AR5BT – but it has conventional drivers, comes with an audio cable and is also cheaper and therefore the better choice for many.

Beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless

Test of Bluetooth headphones: Beyerdynamic Aventho wireless

The  Aventho Wireless from Beyerdynamic produces sounds that are similar in quality to the Amiron headphones from the same company: the finest materials, superb workmanship and an excellent sound experience make it a stable investment. It is designed with supra-aural and therefore smaller capsules, can be folded up compactly and is the perfect travel companion. In addition to the noble, excellently processed materials, the Aventho Wireless shines with a sophisticated, if not entirely new, operating concept. On the right earpiece there is a touchpad that jumps back and forth through the tracks with simple gestures (vertical swiping) and adjusts the volume with another gesture (horizontal swiping).

 Test: Beyerdynamic Aventho
The Aventho is the compact on-ear version of the luxury headphones from Beyerdynamic.

As I said, this is nothing new. What is new, however, is that the sensitivity of the touchpad can be individually adjusted with the help of an app. We also know this MIY app (Make It Yours) from the Amiron Wireless, here and there, the headphones can be used to measure the individual hearing curve. In addition, the handset is equipped with a very good microphone, which ensures very good speech intelligibility when making calls.

In terms of sound, the Aventho is a real Beyerdynamic. The capsules seal well and thus create the best conditions for deep and precise bass reproduction. The mid-high range is also very present and differentiated, only the spatial representation of an Amiron Wireless is missing  from the Aventho , but it is more compact and also a little cheaper.

Audio-Technica ATH-AR5BT

Test of Bluetooth headphones: Audio-Technica ATH-AR5BT

The Audio-Technica  ATH-AR5BTis based on the successful MSR7 series. Design and manufacturing quality are at a high level, the ATH-AR5BT has also been equipped with Bluetooth electronics. The result is beautiful over-ear headphones with excellent sound and the convenience of Bluetooth transmission. You can’t complain about the features of the Audio-Technica either: the integrated NFC chip makes Bluetooth pairing easier and, in addition to the obligatory USB charging cable, there is also an audio cable so that you can at least listen to music even when the battery is empty. A carrying bag made of synthetic leather rounds off the equipment. Despite its circumaural padding, the ATH-AR5BT can be folded up quite compactly, so that it can be stowed away in the bag. There is obviously plenty of space in the earpiece for batteries,

Thus, the Audio-Technica offers a delicacy for friends of good sound and high processing quality alike. The long battery life is certainly not an obstacle, because the Audio-Technica sits very comfortably over your head and ears. The price is absolutely reasonable in view of the high sound and manufacturing quality.


JLab Studio Pro Wireless

Test [Duplicated] Bluetooth headphones: JLab Studio Pro wireless


The JLab Studio Pro Wireless is the Bluetooth version of the Studio Pro with a cable – one reason why the Wireless , unlike many competitors, neither has an audio cable for emergencies nor a corresponding socket. Only a charging cable is included, but with a contemporary USB-C connector.

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Bluetooth headphone test: Jlab studioprowireless
The JLab Studio Pro Wireless costs only a little more than the cable-based colleague.
Bluetooth headphone test: Jlab studio wireless buttons
All controls and the USB-C socket are located on the right capsule.
Bluetooth headset test: Jlab studio wireless complete
The handset only comes with a charging cable, there is no audio cable for emergencies.

This does not happen that often in this price range and distinguishes the JLab Studio Pro Wireless from most of its competitors in the same price range.

The capsules have soft pads that close completely around the ears. At around 140 grams, it is extremely light, which also ensures a high level of comfort even over a longer period of time.

In terms of sound, the JLab Studio Pro Wireless is  on a comparatively high level, whereby higher levels should be avoided, especially in low frequencies, otherwise discoloration can easily occur. For the price called, you ca n’t go wrong with the Studio Pro Wireless , but the extreme lightweight construction also has disadvantages in terms of durability.

Marshall Major IV

Test [Duplicated] Bluetooth headphones: Marshall Major IV

The Marshall Major IV is already a design classic. Not only does it successfully imitate the design language of classic guitar amplifiers, the operation via just one striking, brass-colored control button was also groundbreaking in the first version.

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Bluetooth headphone test: Marshall Majoriv
Externally, the 4th generation Marshall Major also remains stylish.
Bluetooth headphones test: Marshall Majoriv controls
The only control button and the two sockets can be found on the right capsule.
Bluetooth headphones test: Marshall Majoriv logo
That it is now the 4th generation can only be discovered from the Roman numeral on the bracket joint.
Bluetooth headphones test: Marshall Majoriv Complete1
In addition to the charging cable, the scope of delivery also includes an audio cable for emergency operation without Bluetooth.

The Major IV is one of the on-ear headphones, so the capsules stay nice and small and the headphones can be folded up very small. Since there is unfortunately no suitable case from the manufacturer, you have to rely on alternatives that cost extra, but are certainly a worthwhile investment.

The soft upholstery makes it extremely comfortable to wear, and the control pin is very easy to operate. In addition to the USB-C charging cable, the scope of delivery includes a high-quality audio cable for emergency operation in case the battery is empty. However, this should not happen that often, after all, the battery easily lasts three days or more.

Appropriately, the Marshall Major IV acknowledges the successful pairing with a rich guitar riff. This already allows conclusions to be drawn about the rich sound that the 4th generation major brings to the ears.

Rich bass, even if not ultra-deep, merges into warm, detailed mids, which in turn lead to a brilliant treble reproduction, which, however, never comes across as exaggerated.

AfterShokz OpenComm

Test of Bluetooth headphones: Aftershokz Opencomm

The Aftershokz OpenComm works on the same principle of bone conduction as its sibling, the Aeropex . A major difference is the microphone, which is brought directly into the vicinity of the mouth with a thin bracket. Disturbing noises such as wind or other background noises hardly need to be suppressed here because the sound takes the shortest route to the microphone. The speech intelligibility on the other side is correspondingly high.

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Bluetooth headphones test: Aftershokz Opencomm
Unlike the Aeropex, the OpenComm has a highly sensitive microphone, which is placed directly in front of the mouth after it is put on.
Bluetooth headphones test: Aftershokz Opencomm Nfc
The connection is optionally made with NFC support.
Bluetooth headphones test: Aftershokz Opencomm Detail
The charging cable is held magnetically on the handset.
Bluetooth headphones test: Aftershokz Opencomm Complete
A hard case ensures carefree travel comfort.

Therefore, the OpenComm is suitable for phone calls and other communication like hardly any other headphones. When making a phone call, you can still hear everything from the outside world thanks to the sound transmission via the skull bones. Wherever this undivided attention is desired or even required, the OpenComm are the perfect solution.

They can be conveniently connected to the smartphone via NFC, have a long battery life and hardly bother even those who wear glasses. The sound is clearly optimized for speech. You can also listen to music, but the Aeropex are better suited for pure entertainment .

Adidas RPT-01

Test of bluetooth headphones: Adidas RPT-01

The Adidas RPT-01 is produced by Zound Industries; the headphones from Marshall and UrbanEars come from the same manufacturer. On closer inspection, the RPT-01 can hardly deny its origin. For Adidas, however, the headphones have been optimized from a sporting perspective. It is protected against splash water such as rain in accordance with protection class IPX4, and the fabric cover is not just a design element, it can be removed and washed. In addition, the RPT-01 sounds extremely good and sits firmly on the ears even during a workout.

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Bluetooth headphones test: Adidas Rpt01
The RPT-01 from Adidas is not only available in bright orange but also in night gray, which is also cheaper.
Bluetooth headphones test: Adidas Rpt01 connector
On the right the practical one-button operation and on the left the button for the voice assistant. The upholstery and the fabric cover can be removed and washed.
Bluetooth headphones test: Adidas Rpt01 complete
Apart from the charging cable, there is unfortunately nothing included.

The multifunction button is located on the right capsule as a large jog dial. This construction method has already proven itself with Marshall headphones. There is also a button on the other side that activates voice control.

The RPT 01 sits tight on the ears, but for some heads it might be too tight. On the other hand, it remains exactly and immovably in position even when jogging. Since the upholstery is covered by the fabric, it is not particularly comfortable in the long run because it is still a bit scratchy, at least with the new headphones.

In terms of sound, the RPT 01 is sporty in a positive sense. It provides a loudness characteristic that is not only popular in sports. The sound is pleasantly full even at low levels and the rhythm drives well forward.

Creative SXFI AIR

Test of Bluetooth headphones: Creative SXFI AIR

The Creative SXFI Air plays a very special role. In addition to Bluetooth and the plug-in audio cable, it can also be connected to some sources via USB and on top of that has a slot for a microSD card. He can also play music from it, and a very extensive app helps organize the various sources. In addition to the touch control, the SXFI Air also reacts to the few real buttons. The on / off, Bluetooth and Super X-Fi buttons are clearly arranged and clearly labeled.

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Bluetooth headphones test: Creative Sxfi Air
The Creative SXFI AIR is a real all-rounder and actually comes from the gaming corner.
Bluetooth headphones test: Creative Sxfi Air microphone
The little stub is the microphone, which works very well, but is exceptionally well placed.
Bluetooth headphones test: Creative Sxfi Air complete
The obligatory charging cable is included, as is the audio cable, so you can listen to music without Bluetooth in an emergency.

The Super X-Fi button activates the surround sound, which also benefits if you have personalized the SXFI Air beforehand using the app and the smartphone. To do this, however, you have to register and take and upload three simple photos with your mobile phone: one of your face and one of your two ears. The headphones then use these photos or the measurement data generated from them to adapt the simulated surround sound. The app also has an equalizer that also allows different presets – this can also be used to optimize the sound.

The SXFI Air sounds unspectacular at first, but not unpleasant. The edges of the audible frequency spectrum, i.e. the highs and the deep bass, are somewhat more reserved than, for example, with our favorite. By activating the Super X-Fi, quite acceptable surround sound is simulated. However, it is actually more suitable for gaming than for an adequate film sound, as the frequencies are strongly bent and the phases are shifted, which makes the sound appear rather unnaturally reverberant. The NanoBoom microphone stub is also well prepared for gaming, and it can also show its advantages when making calls.

Nevertheless, the SXFI Air leaves a mixed impression, because the USB connection is mandatory for gaming via PS4 and Nintendo Switch, because the Bluetooth connection is not latency-free – i.e. it works with time delays. That can quickly cost you your gaming score.


Sennheiser HD 350BT

Test of Bluetooth headphones: Sennheiser HD 350BT


The Sennheiser HD 350BT is clearly one of the cheaper headphones in the specialist range. The manufacturing quality of the over-ear headphones is at least appropriate for the low price. The controls, of which the HD 350BT has plenty, are eye-catching. The various buttons and switches are neither labeled nor are they arranged in an ergonomically sensible way. Turning it on turns into a lottery game – and even more so, pairing it with the smartphone. The equipment is limited to the USB charging cable, which is okay considering the price. However, there is no way to connect the handset directly to the smartphone via cable when the battery is empty.

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Bluetooth headphones test: Sennheiser Hd350bt
If the white surface is too susceptible to you, you can also get the HD 350BT in black.
Bluetooth headphones test: Sennheiser Hd350bt control buttons
Searching for a key – the Sennheiser is rather inconvenient to use with its many generously spaced keys.
Bluetooth headphones test: Sennheiser Hd350bt complete
An audio cable for emergency operation is not provided, the charging cable is included.

On the plus side, it says that the HD 350BT is compatible with the Sennheiser app, here the equalizer can be used to influence the sound and of course you can update the firmware for the headphones.

The bandwidth of the HD 350BT is neither as low nor as high as that of our favorite, among others. The mids are present and give the Sennheiser a fresh sound, but the fundamental tone lacks volume and the highs are cut early. Even for the price, there are headphones that sound better and, most importantly, are easier to use.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H4

Test of Bluetooth headphones: Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H4

The  Beoplay H4 by Bang & Olufsen was designed in a discreetly elegant manner and with selected materials . Despite the unobtrusive design, the fourth generation of Beoplay is technically up to date. It has a separate button for the Google Assistant and is certified accordingly. There is no question that it also has a high level of sound.

The H4 relies on classic control buttons; they are located on the right earpiece together with the two connection sockets for the audio and charging cables. That’s why it’s already quite tight here and you need a few tries before you can blindly feel the right key for skipping through the tracks or adjusting the volume, i.e. with the headphones on.

The battery used is a bit smaller than that of some other Bluetooth headphones – a necessary concession to the slim design of the capsules. Nevertheless, the battery life at normal volume is just under 20 hours. As usual, the current capacity is displayed next to the smartphone’s Bluetooth logo, so there are no nasty surprises.

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Bluetooth headphones test: Beoplayh4
You can see the fine Scandinavian design directly on the Beoplay H4 by Bang & Olufsen, the best materials are used here.
Bluetooth headphones test: Beoplayh4 complete
The only accessories available are the audio and charging cables. We miss a transport bag for trips.
Bluetooth headphones test: Beoplayh4 connection control panel
The operation runs classically via buttons and does not pose any puzzles.
Bluetooth headphones test: Beoplayh4 Assistant button
The button for the voice assistant is new, the Google Assistant is preferred here.

The H4 is also compatible with the Bang & Olufsen app. It’s free, but requires an email address to register. However, this also works with the Google or Facebook account.

In terms of sound, you quickly notice a slight loudness character: the bass and treble are slightly raised compared to the mid frequencies. This means that the Beoplay H4 is trendy , although fortunately it is not exaggerating at this point. Even at lower levels, you get a voluminous sound impression without any details being swallowed up. All in all, the Beoplay H4 is ideal for longer listening sessions.

Urbanears Pampas

Test of bluetooth headphones: Urbanears Pampas

The Urbanears Pampas come, like the Marshall listeners from Zound Industries, from Sweden. The design cannot hide its Scandinavian touch, nor does it have to. In contrast to other design-oriented headphones, neither the sound, the workmanship nor the wearing comfort are neglected here. The Pampas are available in three color variants, all of which are more suitable for the long term of the muted variety and not brightly colored, so that there are no compatibility problems with other fashion accessories. Unlike many allegedly fashionable headphones, Urbanears always attaches great importance to good workmanship and appealing sound quality – this is also the case with the current Pampas.

 Bluetooth headphones test: Urbanears Pampas
The Urbanears Pampas comes in a classic Scandinavian design, with a lot of fabric.

The tonal coordination corresponds to the zeitgeist, so it has a solid bass foundation, but also plays very finely differentiated in the high frequency range. However, this clear loudness characteristic is sometimes at the expense of the mids, which is a disadvantage, especially with voice-heavy music.

Devil Airy (2018)

Test of Bluetooth headphones: Teufel Airy (2018)

The  Teufel Airy (2018) is a worthy successor to the original Airy, which has long been our favorite as on-ear headphones with Bluetooth. The bracket has been completely redesigned, the transducers and thus also the sound have largely been left as they were – for good reason, because there is nothing to complain about about the sound of the new Airy.

What is new is that the  Airy has got  two hinges. When folded, it now fits easily into the transport bag, which is also included in the scope of delivery. Therefore, the hanger could now also be made of stronger plastic and not, as with the old one, from plastic that is as flexible as possible, somewhat rough-looking, which quickly looks unsightly, especially on the white model.

In terms of sound, it is again close to its predecessor: pleasantly round, businesslike and yet with plenty of joy in playing and dynamism. The Airy reaches astonishingly deep into the bass cellar – and it does this without raising the bass level excessively, a trick that is often used to cover up the lack of deep bass by increasing the upper bass level. As I said: the  devil Airy  doesn’t need that. On top of that, it creates a beautifully differentiated reproduction of the middle frequencies.

If it has to be light, compact and pretty colorful, the Airy is still a very good choice, especially if the sound shouldn’t be left behind.

Marshall Major III Bluetooth

Test of Bluetooth headphones: Marshall Major III

The Marshall Major III Bluetooth has an on-ear design, the ear capsules are correspondingly small, and it can also be folded up quite compactly. However, a suitable transport case is not included in the scope of delivery. Despite its eye-catching exterior, the Major III Bluetooth does not allow itself any extravagance in terms of sound: like most listeners in this price range, it is contemporary, let’s call it bass-friendly. This predestines it mainly for modern music, which should not be too bass-heavy, otherwise it can quickly become too much of a good thing.

The Major III is  the perfect playing partner for modern styles of music, it is always an eye-catcher, and the pleasantly soft posters ensure comfortable long-term music enjoyment.

Koss Porta Pro Wireless

Test of Bluetooth headphones: Koss Porta Pro Wireless

The wired brother of the Koss Porta Pro Wireless  has been produced largely unchanged since 1984. In the current wireless version, all you have to do is integrate a cable with a microphone and a battery box, just like with some in-ears, and lead it into the modern world of Bluetooth. The light design and the surprisingly mature sound have remained. However, the rather simple Bluetooth upgrade also has its pitfalls, because the battery in the small box is only enough for a good 12 hours of music. Then it’s over, completely, because an emergency cable cannot be connected.

Firstly, thanks to its lightness, it never becomes a nuisance and, secondly, it sits securely on your ears, even with strong movements. There are no crowds here to fling around when you nod or shake your head. People who wear glasses enjoy the comfortable, undisturbed seat with glasses. In terms of radio technology, it can also score with a solid range (over 1.5 floors), even with aptX. Overall, the Porta Pro Wireless is the successful evolution of a classic.

Devil Real Blue

Test of Bluetooth headphones: Teufel Real blue

Teufel has created competition in-house with the new Real Blue . In contrast to the Airy, it belongs to the circumaural group and can therefore not be stowed as flatly. The Real Blue scores with great comfort, high-quality workmanship – and great sound. The Real Blue from Teufel is designed around the ear, which many users find more comfortable than the supra-aural design. There is also nothing to complain about in terms of the materials used and the quality of workmanship.

In short: if you can do without convenience such as NFC and do not notice the difference when transmitting via aptX codec (because you connect an iPhone, for example), the Teufel Real Blue is an excellent choice.


SoundMagic P22BT

Test of Bluetooth headphones: SoundMagic P22BT


The SoundMagic P22BT is heavier than the Porta Pro, but it doesn’t look any more solid. Outwardly, it is similar to the BT30 and is almost as well equipped. However, you have to do without a hard case in favor of a simple bag and neither can aptX – the due license fees were apparently no longer in the budget, after all, the RRP is already well below 50 euros. In terms of sound, it plays a little more tense than the Koss and especially with the bass you can feel that pressure takes precedence over control, because it does a little too much of a good thing. The mids are also raised a bit to compensate for this, but they also tend to get annoying quickly. The SoundMagic P22BT is an absolute hit if you are willing to make the appropriate compromises – otherwise the BT30 is the better choice.


Koss BT539iK

Test of Bluetooth headphones: Koss BT539iK


The Koss BT539iK  sounds surprisingly loose and relaxed, and it sits comfortably over the ears. Even if it doesn’t support aptX, at least the obligatory USB charging cable is included – and the emergency cable is also included. It is used when the battery is empty – at least that way you can still listen to music. However, you have to do without a storage bag, which is okay given the street price, but is questionable in view of the manufacturer’s RRP.

The control panels on the right-hand capsule are clearly palpable and do not cause any difficulties in operation. We only had it the first time we tried to connect the Koss to our smartphone, the second it worked without any problems.

As I said, the Koss is rather unpretentiously tuned, which is by no means a disadvantage if you want to enjoy music for a long time. The bass foundation is solid and nowhere near as powerful as, for example, in the Magnat models. The Koss is therefore a relaxed alternative for long-term listening.



test: The best bluetooth headphones - JVC HA S70BT e1497969775415


JVC is taking a slightly different approach with the  HA-S70BT : As with the much more expensive Bose, they use circumaural, i.e. around-ear, ear capsules. Nevertheless, the JVC has also remained nice and compact. Thanks to the somewhat larger capsules, JVC was able to install a battery that has a lot more capacity than most of its competitors – a game time of well over 20 hours is no longer an exception, but the rule. In addition to the integrated NFC chip for fast pairing, the HA-S70BT also uses the aptX codec for high-quality music transmission.

The sound of the JVC is a bit warmer and makes a big stage. Of the sound characteristics, I like the “Normal” setting best. The bass boost should only be used sparingly and the setting “Clear” puts a bit too cheeky bass in its place in order to easily emphasize mids and highs.

If you can’t handle the on-ear headphones, you should definitely consider the circumaural JVC.


Bose Soundlink Around-Ear II

Test of Bluetooth headphones: Bose Soundlink Around-Ear II


The Bose Soundlink Around-Ear II also has high-fidelity genes. With its predecessor, a Bluetooth receiver was simply plugged into hi-fi headphones and thus promoted to the wireless class. That didn’t look particularly fancy, because the said recipient was actually inserted a little awkwardly, but it sounded very good due to the good presentation. In the second generation, Bose has revised the Bluetooth electronics and hidden them nicely in the housing. Not only does it look better, it also works a lot better than its predecessor.

The sound of the Bose is a bit more balanced and pleasing than that of the Philips. It creates less pressure from below and is extremely comfortable to wear.

In terms of price, the Bose does not offer much in comparison to the Philips Fidelio. Which one you prefer is primarily a matter of taste – in terms of design as well as hearing impression.


Pioneer SE-MJ771-BT

Test of Bluetooth headphones: Pioneer SE-MJ771-BT


The inexpensive Pioneer SE-MJ771-BT  can convince with easy handling and a downright lavish equipment in the price range. The uncomplicated and fast connection with the help of NFC technology is just the beginning. Thanks to the support of the aptX codec, wireless transmission in CD quality is possible, so it is hardly surprising that it also makes it easy to hear what is presented. It goes deep into the bass cellar and, with the appropriate source, produces pitch-black but very contoured electric bass runs. Fortunately, this is not at the expense of the rest of the frequency band.

In terms of sound, however, it does not come close to the Teufel Airy. If you want to give your smartphone sound a little bit thin, the Pioneer is good and, above all, inexpensive.


Urbanears Plattan 2 Bluetooth

test: The best Bluetooth headphones - urbanears plattan2bt 2000x1500 hero black 1 800 e1512026235459


The Plattan Bluetooth 2 by Urbanears is completely committed to the design style of its origins in Sweden: different materials, including fabric, are all kept in one color, without applications, logos and other breaks. As a fashion accessory, the Plattans are available in the five classic Urbanears colors: black, dark gray, indigo, tomato and white. In terms of sound, the Plattans are almost monotonous, similar to their external appearance, which has the positive side effect that you listen to music on the side, whatever. The socket on the left capsule is not intended for the emergency cable if the battery is empty: Rather, a companion can plug in here with their cable headphones so that two people can listen to a source.

The Plattan Bluetooth 2 definitely has its charm for fashion-conscious mobile listeners, especially since you can listen to music in a relatively uncomplicated togetherness on the go.


Motorola Pulse Escape +

Bluetooth headphones test: Motorola Pulse Escape +


The  Motorola Pulse Escape + , which is distributed under the direction of Binatone, is IP54 certified and therefore protected against splash water, so that it can be worn safely even in the rain. The variant without the corresponding certification is again significantly cheaper. However, looking at the price had a direct influence on the wearing comfort: The ear capsules cannot be swiveled, which makes it difficult to adapt to some head-ear combinations. In addition, the pads are more likely to rest on slightly larger ears than to enclose them.

In terms of sound, the Pulse Escape can convince, as long as it fits well: With a good bass foundation and an otherwise quite neutral tuning, it follows long-term listening and contemporary tastes, but quickly loses control as soon as you hear a bit louder and more complex music.

That’s how we tested

We have now tested 35 different Bluetooth headphones in several test runs, 29 are currently still available. These include on-ear devices, great design models and headphones that stand out with their great sound.

We have listened to and tested all test candidates in detail. We not only tried out a wide variety of music styles, but also checked the handling and wireless range, and measured the running time of the built-in battery.

The most important questions

Which transmission is better – cable or bluetooth?

The differences in sound quality are now very small. Many of the Bluetooth headphones that we tested also have an audio cable – in case the battery is empty or the Bluetooth connection cannot be established for other reasons. We have listed in the table whether the headphones of your choice have such a cable for emergencies.

Is it allowed to wear headphones while jogging and cycling?

The legal situation here is not entirely clear: In principle, wearing headphones is not expressly prohibited as long as it does not restrict attention to traffic. Many headphones therefore have a so-called transparency or awareness mode. We also included bone conduction headphones in the test, they don’t even seal the ear. In any case, you should get enough of the outside world to avoid unpleasant collisions.

What is the range of Bluetooth headphones?

The range differs depending on the model and depends, among other things, on the Bluetooth class of the device. A range of ten meters is usually easily possible. If there is an obstacle, such as a wall, between the signal source and the receiver, the range is significantly reduced.