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Best Budget Projectors

Best Budget Projectors: The LED floodlight plays a crucial role for lighting both outdoors and indoors, especially large rooms. Due to the immensely wide range of LED floodlights available in the market, users find it difficult to find the products that meet their needs. It’s to make it easier for them that we’ve put together this guide to comparing the best LED projectors with content based on customer reviews and test results retrieved from similar consumer portals.

Best Budget Projectors

How do we proceed ?

Our products are tested according to standards and standard checklists, they are certified by external testers. Customer reviews allow us to offer products of very good quality and at the best price. In case of doubt about a particular product, we take care of launching new test procedures with the support of our partners. We do not work for any organization, our product choices are made independently.

Verratek VividBeam 550

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Vankyo Leisure 3

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Vankyo Leisure 470

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Verratek Lumavision

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✓UK Prices – N/A
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VeiwSonic M1+

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The diagram of the price / performance ratio of LED floodlights

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What is an LED projector?

What is an LED projector?The LED spotlight is a device which is mainly used to illuminate an exterior, but it can also be used in an interior. It is common to find this lighting in warehouses, open-plan offices , television sets, performance halls and theater stages . The main purpose of the projector is to efficiently illuminate a large space regardless of the location.

Its optical system is powerful enough to bring light over large areas, but also in tight spaces.
The projector is appreciated because it is able to beautify a space with its light which is both soft and dazzling. The light projected by this lighting is generally white, but by adding a filter , it can become warmer or cooler.

Information on the 7 main manufacturers / brands

Among the hundreds of LED projector manufacturers on the market, here are the 7 that the reviews consider to be the best:

  • Sunnex
  • Gewiss
  • Viugreum  
  • Maxi LED
  • Meikee
  •   Solla 
  • LEDBOX Company  
Founded in 1971, Sunnex Equipment Sarl is a subsidiary of the Swedish group Sunnex Equipment AB which is based in Sunne, Sweden, and whose range of outdoor LED lighting is widely renowned for its quality. Present in France, Europe and the rest of the world, Sunnex provides professionals and individuals with efficient, reliable and energy-efficient lighting solutions. Many testers and reviews consider this brand to be the best , a view we naturally agree with.

How does an LED spotlight work?

How does an LED spotlight work?

To produce light, the LED projector uses a process called electroluminescence. Unlike the classic light bulb that shines when electricity is passed through the wire, LED uses semiconductor materials that allow energy to pass through.

When the electrical signal goes through materials, it will interact with electrons that are too large to pass through. As the electrons shrink, they emit a particle of light called a photon which acts as a bridge for the electrical signal to go to the other side. As this process generates almost no heat, its energy consumption is reduced compared to a traditional light bulb.

Advantages & fields of application?

Projector testing has shown that these devices are capable of providing the best performance in all weather conditions for many years to come. The best of them can perform very well for 8 hours a day for about 30 years.

These lighting devices are also acclaimed by customer reviews for their decorative potential. An LED spotlight has the ability to magnify a location when placed in the right place.

What types of LED floodlights are there?

Our in-depth analysis of the comparisons that address the theme of the best projectors leads us to deduce that there are 3 categories of products.

The high intensity projector alone:

What types of LED floodlights are there?The high intensity spotlight alone is for people who want to have powerful lighting for their property. This device is designed to effectively illuminate the area to which it is directed. According to customer reviews and benchmarking tests, mounting a high-intensity projector should be above an opening, such as a door, window, or bay window.

It can also be fixed on the eaves or on the structure of a pergola. Generally, this projector is activated by means of a conventional switch or a remote control, which is advantageous. In addition, this projector is delivered with a fixing set which includes a base, screws and plugs .

The quality of the projectors depends on the reputation of the brand. While high-end products enjoy good longevity, entry-level projector lights weaken in intensity after only 3 years .

The LED spotlight mounted on a stake:

This projector is distinguished by its installation method. As its name suggests, this lighting is designed to be positioned on a stake that must be planted in the ground at the foot of an embankment or a shrub. This device has a strictly decorative aspect . It is only used for mood lighting.

Unlike the high-intensity spotlight alone, the stake-mounted spotlight provides diffused light. It is customary to use it to mark aisles .

The motion detector LED floodlight:

The motion detector floodlight is equipped with a sensor that activates the lighting only when it detects a physical presence inside the property. This category of projectors provides autonomous lighting and contributes to reducing energy consumption at the same time .

On projectors of this type, motion is detected by radar, infrared or an automatic start-up surveillance camera. The only drawback encountered by the motion detector projector is that it can constitute a nuisance for the neighborhood.

This is how the LED projector is tested?

To get the best LED projector on the market, here are the selection criteria that deserve special attention if we take into account the opinions of the testers.

The power:

Power is the first element that must be taken into account during the comparison phase. The more powerful an LED projector, the more light it will produce. In general, the power of projectors varies between 10 and 500 W. For domestic use, lighting with a power of between 10 and 150 W should be more than sufficient.

When it comes to light intensity, a model with 1000 to 2100 lumens should be able to illuminate a medium-sized garden like daylight. If the area of ​​your property is larger, you should increase the wattage and the value of the intensity in lumens accordingly.

The waterproofness of the LED projector:

This is how the LED projector is tested?A projector is mostly intended for outdoor use, so it should be designed to resist water and humidity. It must be able to operate rain or snow . This luminaire must therefore have at least an IP65 degree of protection.

Safety standards:

Outdoor LED lights must meet safety standards, this aspect should not be neglected during the comparison phase. The best referenced products on the market are those with CE, IPX3 or IPX4 markings.


As this product is intended to be installed outside in full view of all, make sure to choose a model whose aesthetics do not risk distorting your facade. The design of LED projectors has evolved greatly over the years. The best products presented in the reviews sport a slim format which is very pleasing to the eye.

Energy saving:

The best projector is the one that will allow you to achieve immeasurable energy savings according to reviews and tests carried out on benchmarks.

Product rating

LED floodlight Viugreum 250 W

How do you evaluate an LED projector?The Viugreum 250 W is a 3000 lumen projector that lends itself to multiple uses. It can be used to illuminate a garden, a terrace, a square, a basement and a warehouse. It is even used by some as the main lighting for photoshoots. The warm white light provided by this projector allows photographers to enhance their shots.

This outdoor LED spotlight has a motion detector that activates the lighting when it spots strange movements inside a property.

The minimalist design of the Viugreum 250 W makes it modern lighting . The LEDs are protected by tempered glass which is resistant to impact and humidity. Note that this projector is CE and FCC certified. Its waterproofness complies with the IP65 standard.

Advantages :

  • the Viugreum 250 W appeals for its design and its intense luminosity. According to the reviews of the testers, this product is excellent value for money.

The inconvenients :

  • always according to the opinions of the testers, the Viugreum 250 W is difficult to assemble.

Meikee 50 W Outdoor Wall Lamp

The Meikee 50W wall projector provides powerful beams of light through its SMD beads. Thanks to its power of 50 W, its brightness of 5,000 lumens and its CRI> 75, it delivers natural, homogeneous light without any flickering.

This outdoor projector also has the merit of being very robust. Indeed, it was manufactured with nanomaterials as well as high quality PIR technology. It is beyond this design that this lighting provides better light transmission. Its aluminum case is ultra hermetic. Its waterproofness is certified by an IP66 index.

Advantages :

  • this 50 W Meikee projector is very robust and provides powerful lighting.

The inconvenients :

  • the housing provides good protection, however, the clamping bolts and mounting brackets on this model rust quickly according to test and benchmarking feedback from some users.

60 W Solla floodlight

Evaluation of an LED floodlight, processThe Solla 60W projector sports a simple, yet chic look. In a slim format, it will fit delicately into a high corner of a home.

Wanting to be very discreet, this projector, once started , will dissuade criminals from entering a home by the powerful lighting it provides. This product is made with premium quality materials. It is resistant to shocks, humidity and wind.

Advantages :

  • the Solla projector is economical and ecological. It is a product made to last. Its slim design adapts to all styles of architecture.

The inconvenients :

  • a long adjustment process must be done before commissioning. According to test findings, this projector may cause dazzling if it is oriented incorrectly.

The pros and cons described in customer reviews?

The advantages of the best LED floodlights:

  • The LED projector offers very high brightness. Its performance is better than that of halogen lamps.
  • The best projectors are made with high quality materials.
  • The lighting angle is adjustable to avoid glare.
  • LED spotlights are delivered with a complete fixing kit.
  • It is easy to fix spotlights on a bracket.
  • The consumption / performance ratio is very advantageous.
  • The best LED floodlights are suitable for a variety of uses. It is possible to use them indoors and outdoors.
  • Most projectors are offered at acceptable prices.
  • These are the best lighting solutions for saving energy.
  • The small size of these lights gives them an advantage.

The disadvantages :

  • The electrical connection is permeable.
  • The projector housing is not very strong.
  • Rust easily attacks the connecting bolts.
  • According to comparative tests, the projectors must be able to be fixed in height and on the ground.
  • The power cable is a bit short.
  • The projectors cannot be operated remotely.
  • Mounting on a facade is grueling.
  • The design is too basic.
  • Incorrect orientation may cause glare.
  • Some projectors are too small to be used outdoors.

Frequent Deficiencies and Inadequacies – What Should You Watch Out For When Buying an LED Projector?

What should you watch out for when buying an LED projector?Users complain that their projectors have died after ten years while the announced lifespan is twenty years. The causes of a projector failure can be of various kinds. It can be the result of product failure as well as poor maintenance.

Depending on the brand and the wattage, a projector can operate at the highest efficiency between 50,000 and 80,000 hours . A product can therefore function for 22 years if it is used for 8 to 10 hours per night. However, remember that the projector is exposed to the elements on a daily basis, especially in winter.

This is one of the many reasons why we should always favor products made with quality materials and which meet waterproofing standards.

Alternatives to the LED projector?

If we take into account the opinions of testers and comparisons, the LED floor lamp is the best and above all the only alternative to the LED projector. Intended for outdoor installation, the LED street light provides powerful 360 ° multidirectional lighting .

This is what allows it to outperform the LED projector. This product, which can sport a modern or vintage design, is recommended to all those who wish to offer more elegance and chic to their courtyards, gardens or paths.

Internet or specialized shops: where should I buy my LED projector instead?

Where should I buy my LED projector instead?The LED projector is a product that is found in mass in the shops. Buying this lighting in a specialized store is advantageous in that you can test it and get advice in real time, but it is still possible even if you choose to purchase on the Internet .

Projector dealers provide a detailed description of the products which will be of great help to you for comparative testing. And as if that were not enough, they also offer you a guarantee and the possibility of having your purchase delivered to you as soon as possible.

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What is the lifespan of an LED projector?

The best projector on the market can operate for 50,000 to 80,000 hours.

What are the criteria for choosing a projector?

To obtain the best projector on the market, the criteria to be taken into account are power, tightness and safety standards.

Where should I mount my LED projector?

To get the most out of the LED spotlight, it would be ideal to mount it above an opening in the home.

What power to choose for an outdoor LED floodlight?

To illuminate an area of ​​10 to 15 m², a 10 W spotlight is sufficient. For a larger area, it is better to opt for a model whose power is between 20 W and 50 W.

What is the main advantage offered by the projector with motion detector?

The projector with motion detector will allow you to save huge amounts of energy.

What is the best brand of LED spotlight on the market?

The brands that are present in the market are not equal. To get a product that can last for years, choose the best brands featured in this review.

How to fix an LED projector on a facade?

To fix an LED projector on a facade, you must use the base, the screws and the plugs that are supplied with the product.

How to prevent the LED projector from dazzling?

To prevent the LED projector from dazzling when you pass, you must adjust the angle of diffusion of the light.

How much should I spend on purchasing my LED projector?

The LED projector is offered in a wide range of prices. If the entry-level models are accessible from around twenty euros, it is necessary to provide a hundred for the best products.

Can I use an LED floodlight indoors?

Yes ! This is quite possible, but be careful that the power is adapted to the space.

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