Best Internet radios

Best Internet radios

Best Internet radios Is internet radio better than DAB?

So internet radio provides better quality audio than DAB? Yes. Internet radio has the big advantage that the streams can use modern audio codecs, such as WMA and AAC/AAC+, whereas DAB is stuck using the prehistoric MP2 codec that dates all the way back to the 1980s.

The best Internet radios: Since the 1930s it has been hard to imagine most households without it – the radio. If you want to see the newspaper as hardware, it was the first software-based information medium. Whether in the living room, in the kitchen, as a radio alarm clock or as a portable portable radio for a long time, this direct and immediate mix of information and entertainment has long since become part of our culture.

Whether you want music in the kitchen, bedroom or even the garden, an internet radio is an inspired choice.

Despite all prophecies of doom, the video did not kill the radio star, the radio is livelier and more present than ever, has even increased in diversity and is still far from being beaten by the moving image. In doing so, the radio succeeds in what few other media have done so far: In addition to the wide world, a large variety of regional entertainment and information is also accessible via radio.

5.SiriusXM Sound Station – GDI-SXTTR2: (Amazon)
4.Ocean Digital WR26: (Amazon)
3.LEMEGA M3+: (Amazon)
2.Naki Radio Home: (Amazon)
1.LBell Wake Up Light: (Amazon)

Evolution of a classic

Hardly anyone can remember the rather modest sound quality of the first radio broadcasts. The VHF transmitters in Germany started operating as early as the late 1940s and, thanks to FM technology, were able to  offer a leap in quality. In addition, it was now technically possible to broadcast the radio program in stereo.

DAB + is the radio of the future

For a long time, the state of the art was until, after a difficult start in the first 2000s with DAB or DAB +, digital gradually found its way into radio – another leap in quality with a simultaneous reduction in noise. In the medium term, all existing transmission systems are to be converted to the digital standard, which is why, according to a Federal Council initiative, every radio receiver device had to be suitable for receiving digital signals since January 2019. Radio sets that can only receive analogue stations in the VHF, KW, MW and LW frequency bands have not been allowed to be sold since then.

 Internet radio test: Sub Dir

However, this not only promotes the DAB + initiative, but also internet radio, which also receives digital reception, but in a different way: Instead of radio waves, audio files are sent over the internet, usually as an MP3 stream. The advantage: there is a huge range of streaming radio stations available on the Internet. Many also forego advertising. But most of the well-known radio stations can now also be received as streams over the Internet.

This is why Internet radios make more sense for many than pure DAB + radios – at least if you have a stable Internet connection with a data flat rate. Because when the radio plays all day long, there is a considerable amount of data: per hour – depending on the transmission quality – usually around 50 megabytes. If you listen to ten hours of music every day, you use around 15 gigabytes of data a month. For everyone who has an LTE contract with a fixed data volume, a DAB + radio is therefore the better option.

However, many Internet radios have already integrated DAB + and also support FM. Others, on the other hand, rely entirely on streaming from the Internet and cannot receive either DAB + or FM.

How to Find Internet Radio Stations

In addition to the classic radio stations, you can find thousands and thousands of special interest stations on every imaginable topic and all kinds of music styles on the Internet. Using a largely standardized menu on the device display, you can search for the type of radio station or music genre and save your favorite stations on station buttons.

Most of the Internet radios we tested also have the Spotify music streaming service preinstalled. A time-limited free subscription is usually included with the devices so that you can get started right away. If the Spotify Premium subscription of 10 euros per month is too expensive, you can use the free, advertising-financed variant, which is no less diverse, only that you cannot search for specific pieces here.

 Internet radio test: Sub Multiroom

Many internet radios support the UNDOK app  from Frontier Silicon, which is available free of charge for Android and iOS , and which also provides the software for most radios. It opens up access to other music subscriptions such as Deezer, Amazon Music, Tidal, Napster and more. All you have to do is enter the appropriate access data and there is endless music, of course for a corresponding fee.

Frontier Silicon and Reciva

Frontier Silicon not only supplies the  UNDOK app , basically the main chipset of almost all internet radios comes from the same supplier. Frontier Silicon also manages the database that Internet radios use when we search for stations. With Reciva , this quasi-monopoly is only faced by another database operator, which is now only preinstalled on very few Internet radios. Incidentally, even the Internet radio portal operated by Medion until 2018 was ultimately nothing more than a special access to the Frontier Silicon database.

However, since many users do not like to be tamed and an even larger part is very satisfied with the range of products from Reciva, there has been the option for some time to implement Reciva as an additional streaming service in an Internet radio that is otherwise dominated by Frontier Silicon. So if you are a little keen to experiment: You can find instructions for individual radios on the Calm Radio website .

A difference between the two portals lies in the number of channels and podcasts made available, Reciva speaks of over 50,000 channels, while Frontier Silicon currently “only” states between 30,000 and 40,000, but Reciva has many duplicate entries as well as a few files , i.e. channels that are still listed but have long since ceased operations.


In principle, every internet radio connected to the WLAN can be integrated into a so-called multiroom system: then several speakers – even in different rooms – play the same music synchronously.

Some manufacturers, for example Sonos or Bose, whose SoundTouch we also tested, rely on their own infrastructure for this. However, this usually means that you are bound to the products from the same company, which sometimes entails significant restrictions.

Cross-brand apps for multiroom audio

It is better if the radio or the WLAN loudspeaker is compatible with an open standard. With the aforementioned  UNDOK APP , most of the Internet radios we tested can be integrated relatively easily into a multiroom system – across all brands.

TechniSat goes both ways. Their internet radios are also compatible with UNDOK, but there is also the in-house Connect app , which will soon be supplemented by a Multiroom module. This closes the circle to the SmartHome, at least for TechniSat devices.

Internet radio test: Six Internet radios Hama Xoro Technisat

The best internet radios for 100 euros

With prices between 55 and 160 euros, there is a whole range of easy-to-use, well-equipped internet radios on the market that can also convince in terms of sound. We tested a good dozen radios in this price range, including three very special candidates: The Auna Digi Plug  is, as the name suggests, a socket device. A loudspeaker has been integrated into the compact housing, but only mono. That’s smart, but the sound is mediocre, so we don’t recommend it.

The other two special features have one: Inspired by WLAN speakers à la Bose SoundTouch, Hama has launched  a network- compatible speaker with the  IR80MBT . It can be combined with a twin to form a stereo setup. And TechniSat shows a heart for owners of a hi-fi system: With the help of the  Digitradio 110IR it  can be upgraded – Internet radio, DAB + and Bluetooth are then possible. In addition, the radio looks good too.

Brief overview: Our recommendations

Test winner

Imperial Dabman i205

Test of the best internet radio: Imperial Dabman i205

The Dabman i205 is a real insider tip with its practical features and the very good sound.

The Imperial Dabman i205 is available in a classic cuboid design with wood decor, optionally in dark brown or black. It looks quite unspectacular, but is well equipped for its price. The USB socket for external sources is easily accessible on the front, and there is even a “real” power switch on the back. Since the sound leaves little to be desired, the i205 is currently on the winner’s podium in the 100 euro class.

The best compact one

Blaupunkt IRD 300 WH

Test of the best internet radio: Blaupunkt IRD 300 WH

Lots of equipment in a small space, with WiFi and Bluetooth in stereo.

The IRD 300 WH  puts like most Blaupunkt device in a white wooden cabinet is not only suitable for the kitchen. Although the IRD 300 only takes up a small footprint, it has decent stereo sound thanks to the side radiating speakers. The color display provides information about the source at any time, some of which are available to the Blaupunkt.

Price-performance tip

Xoro DAB 700 IR

Test of the best internet radio: Xoro DAB 700 IR

The DAB 700 IR offers a lot of radio and doesn’t cost the world.

In addition to the Internet transmitters, the Xoro DAB 700 IR not only receives FM and DAB +, Spotify Connect is also firmly integrated. In addition, the radio can read and play music data from the USB stick itself. The solid wooden housing offers enough volume so that the stereo sound can unfold well. Although the RRP is well over 100 euros, the DAB 700 IR is offered for well below 100 euros right from the start, which is why it is our new price tip.

The best kitchen radio

Technisat DigitRadio 21 IR

Test of the best internet radio: Technisat DigitRadio 21 IR

The DigitRadio 21 IR can be set up on end or mounted under the kitchen wall unit.

Technisat takes the design of the good old kitchen radio as a model for the DigitRadio 21 IR . It can be set up upright as usual without any problems, but an integrated bracket plus the associated screws also allow it to be attached under a kitchen wall unit. The display and the controls are attached in such a way that they can still be easily reached and read. The loudspeaker then radiates downwards and the fastening material is included in the scope of delivery.


Xoro DAB 150 IR

Internet radio test: Radio Xoro

A long-lasting battery and Spotify Connect are already integrated into the Xoro DAB 150 IR.

Small, light, with strong reception are the most important attributes of the new Xoro DAB 150 IR . The small internet radio is ideal for on the go, as it is equipped with a built-in battery. In addition to Internet radio, which can be received via WLAN, DAB + and FM, depending on the reception situation, also serve as sources.

Internet radio test: Dabman I205

Test winner: Imperial Dabman i205

The  Imperial Dabman i205 is priced at the upper limit, but the device also has a lot to offer. You have the choice between dark brown or black wood decor, which is initially pretty easy to care for and gives the device a rather subtle appearance. These are, however, nasty outward appearances, in terms of equipment the i205 leaves nothing to be desired, especially since the device is available as a Dabman i205 CD with an integrated CD drive.

Test winner

Imperial Dabman i205

Test of the best internet radio: Imperial Dabman i205

The Dabman i205 is a real insider tip with its practical features and the very good sound.

Operation and equipment

The design and structure of the Dabman i205 follow the tried and tested principle: display and controls in the middle, right and left flanked by a loudspeaker each. Like the control panel itself, the buttons are black and only the white lettering provides information about their functions.

With the large rotary knob with button function in the middle, you can scroll through the menu, unless you use the control pad on the remote control. The remote control is larger than the usual credit card format, but the buttons on it are plentiful and therefore correspondingly small.

Integration into the WLAN is quick and safe using the WPS button

The menu on the color display, on the other hand, is clearly structured and there is even a step-by-step installation when you switch it on for the first time. This means that the Dabman i205 can be quickly integrated into the WLAN, with the appropriate router even via WPS, i.e. with the push of a button. Then you don’t have to enter passwords, which otherwise quickly becomes a puzzle with the remote control.

If you have no or no stable WLAN, you can quickly integrate the i205 into the network with a LAN cable, the corresponding socket is on the back. The power switch, which completely disconnects the device from the mains, is then also there, different from the standby function. The headphone jack has also been moved to the rear, which is rather impractical.

Whether connected to the network wirelessly via WLAN or via LAN cable, many streaming services are available in addition to various Internet radio stations. There is even a button in the menu for Spotify. But Napster, Qubuz, Tidal, Deezer, Palco MP3, and many others can also be set up with just a few clicks.

The lists of radio stations – whether from the Internet, via DAB + or VHF – are clearly laid out in the menu and divided into sensible categories. You can click through the genres or regional channels to find your favorite channels. With a longer press on the corresponding button on the remote control you can then assign the transmitter to one of the memory locations, nine of which can be reached with just one press of a button on the remote control, from ten and upwards with three.

The USB socket on the front can also be used to play music from memory sticks, and the tracks are conveniently selected on the display. The Dabman i205 is also  accessible for analog players , a corresponding cable with cinch connections is included with the radio.

Imperial Dabman i205 sound test

In terms of sound, the Imperial Dabman i205 only reaches  its limits at very high volume levels. Nevertheless, it is astonishing what the two full-range loudspeakers can do, especially since apart from a single bass reflex opening on the back there is no support for the bass range.

Great sound for smaller rooms

The stereo width is of course limited by the arrangement of the two speakers, but is sufficient in most cases if the room is not too large. In addition to various presets such as rock, pop, classical, etc., you can also use your own tone controls for bass and treble to influence the sound. All of them can be called up comfortably with the »EQ« button on the remote control.


The Dabman i205 is quite slim and only has to get by with one loudspeaker per channel, so fans of crisp deep bass thunderstorms will not get their money’s worth. We would also like to connect the headphones to the front instead of the back if necessary. However, the i205 has other advantages and is also quite cheap.

Imperial Dabman i205 in the test mirror

When DABMAN i205 we are still the first with a test, but we shall supply later other reviews, as they become available.


It can also be smaller, nicer or cheaper and not everyone needs the variety of playback sources that our favorite offers. Sometimes a slimmed-down model is enough to fill smaller rooms with sound. A WLAN loudspeaker and a player for the hi-fi system are also among our favorites.

Compact: Blaupunkt IRD 300 WH

The Blaupunkt IRD 300 WH  replaces our previous compact recommendation from the same company, the  IR 20 . The IRD 300 requires a little more floor space than the IR 20, but is also equipped with stereo speakers. In terms of sound, it still can’t keep up with our favorites, but it offers a bit more features.

The best compact one

Blaupunkt IRD 300 WH

Test of the best internet radio: Blaupunkt IRD 300 WH

Lots of equipment in a small space, with WiFi and Bluetooth in stereo.

In addition to the WLAN module, there is also a Bluetooth module in the solid wooden housing, which our favorite is missing. In return, the IRD 300 does not have   a headphone or USB socket, and the analog inputs and outputs are on the rear. The integration into the WLAN is almost as quick as the pairing with a Bluetooth player, the latter is supported by NFC and is a bit faster and more convenient with a compatible smartphone.

The manufacturer uses the usual software for the user interface; it is only slightly modified so that the Blaupunkt logo appears when it is switched on – that has to be enough for individuality. The surface reacts fluently: both the remote control and the control panel on the device itself.

In terms of sound, it is more in the midfield, which is no wonder, since the IRD 300, unlike our favorite, does not have a subwoofer and has to cover the entire audible frequency band with two broadband speakers.

The Blaupunkt radio is still our recommendation if there is only little space available, but you do not want to do without good stereo sound.

Price tip: Xoro DAB 700 IR

Actually, the Xoro DAB 700 IR is supposed to cost far more than 100 euros , but since the price slipped below 100 euros right after the market launch , it was able to win our price-performance recommendation. That was close, however, because the Albrecht DR 884 is right on his heels and that with an EIA that is below that of the Xoro from the start.

Price-performance tip

Xoro DAB 700 IR

Test of the best internet radio: Xoro DAB 700 IR

The DAB 700 IR offers a lot of radio and doesn’t cost the world.

The Xoro DAB 700 IR has the fixed integration of Spotify Connect ahead of many other internet radios in the price range under 100 euros . This streaming service has managed like no other to be present in almost every piece of hardware that has anything to do with music.

1 of 4

Internet radio test: Xoro Dab700ir
The Xoro DAB 700 IR comes in the usual, anthracite-colored housing, there are no other versions.
Internet radio test: Xoro Dab700ir display
With the color display, the station logos or covers are shown particularly well.
Internet radio test: Xoro Dab700ir remote control
The remote control is very small, and the buttons are correspondingly tiny and are also very close together.
Internet radio test: Xoro Dab700ir Back
There is additional input via USB or AUX socket, unfortunately both on the back. A power switch disables the radio, but the plug-in power supply continues to suckle at the socket, even if only a little.

However, the DAB 700 IR also offers DAB and FM reception, the many available Internet radio stations are already an integral part of the reception performance. A USB socket on the back also addresses an integrated media player, so that the Xoro can also play music from a stick or other external data storage device. The AUX input, which can also be found on the back, then accepts an analog source.

Streaming services other than Spotify can be streamed from the smartphone via Bluetooth to the Xoro, so that even cheap internet radio has plenty of reception sources available.

You have to accept some compromises because of the low price: The design is quite homely, a plug-in power supply is not the last word, because in our opinion there are already too many of these power guzzlers in every household. Although the radio can be completely switched off with a switch on the back, the small plug-in power supply is still busy sucking at the socket.

Even with the new remote control, Xoro has not had a good hand. It’s just too small, badly shaped and the keys are too close together.

When it comes to sound, however, Xoro has done a lot right. Above all, a stable and not too light housing is one of the prerequisites for good sound. The two built-in speakers do their part to ensure that the overall result is good. The DAB 700 IR sounds accordingly grown-up and, thanks to the bass reflex opening, provides a good bass foundation. It then only drones at very high volumes, otherwise the radio offers a balanced sound image with a clear stereo image.

Can be built under: TechniSat DigitRadio 21 IR

The Technisat DigitRadio 21 IR is also available as DigitRadio 21 without internet radio – only with DAB + and FM, and as DigitRadio 20 CD with CD drive. All versions are available in black as well as in white. They can also all be built under and because they only differ in terms of the type of reception and the playback media, there are also no sound differences.

The best kitchen radio

Technisat DigitRadio 21 IR

Test of the best internet radio: Technisat DigitRadio 21 IR

The DigitRadio 21 IR can be set up on end or mounted under the kitchen wall unit.

The DigitRadio 21 IR is operated without a remote control, but as usual it is simple. According to our test, this explicitly includes the installation under the cabinet. To do this, the mounting plate is simply removed from the device, it is simply pushed on and fastened under the kitchen wall unit with the help of the four screws supplied. The mounting plate serves as a drilling template so that you get a clean attachment. The radio is then simply pushed back onto the mounting plate – that’s it.

On the back of the radio there are two sockets, one for the power supply and one for headphones, the wire antenna for DAB + and FM reception is permanently connected. The connection to the WLAN is fast thanks to WPS (secure connection at the push of a button), so that the connection to the countless Internet radio stations is established. In addition, the DAB search can also be started, so that even if the WLAN fails, you will not be without a radio.

1 of 4

Internet radio test: Technisat Digitradio21 Ir
The Technisat DigitRadio 21 IR can be used in a variety of ways, it can be set up as normal …
Internet radio test: Technisat Digitradio21 Ir lying
… but it can also be installed under the wall cabinet in the kitchen, the display and control elements are equally easy to reach in both positions.
Internet radio test: Technisat Digitradio21 Ir Montagemat
The mounting plate is simply screwed under the cabinet, then the radio simply pushed in. All assembly material is included.
Internet radio test: Technisat Digitradio21 Ir connections
On the back it looks spartan, there is only one headphone socket and one for the power supply unit, a so-called wire antenna for DAB and FM reception is permanently connected.

Up to 30 stations can be saved in the presets. This list is called up using the preset button and then scrolled through. There are no fixed preset buttons, as is the case with some larger devices, and neither is a remote control.

Although this reduces the ease of use, it keeps the control panel clear and a remote control cannot get lost or dirty, which can happen in the kitchen.

In terms of sound, we hadn’t made any great demands on the DigitRadio 21 IR , but we were positively surprised. In view of the fact that only one loudspeaker is installed and that it usually emits close to the bottom, the 21 IR can definitely be heard. Although it is not a bass monster, it does not produce much discoloration and does not tend to distort even at high volumes. Certainly there is more sound and possibly more comfort for a normal setup, but as soon as the radio is to be fixed under a cupboard in the kitchen style, the DigitRadio 21 IR or one of its siblings is the first choice.

Mobile: Xoro DAB 150 IR

Small, light, with strong reception are the most important attributes of the new Xoro DAB 150 IR . The small internet radio is ideal for on the go, as it is equipped with a built-in battery. In addition to Internet radio, which can be received via WLAN, DAB + and FM, depending on the reception situation, also serve as sources.


Xoro DAB 150 IR

Internet radio test: Radio Xoro

A long-lasting battery and Spotify Connect are already integrated into the Xoro DAB 150 IR.

With the Dab 150 IR, Xoro has succeeded in bringing a mobile internet radio with some clever detailed solutions onto the market. It was not enough to make it small and light – after all, others can do that too. The small Xoro also offers a large part of the features that can also be found in the large stationary colleagues.

1 of 3

Internet radio test: Xoro Dab150ir
The compact Xoro DAB 150 IR gets by with just a few control elements, the large rotary knob takes on several functions at the same time.
Internet radio test: Xoro Dab150ir connections
The small USB socket is intended for charging the internal battery; a stick can be plugged into the large one, which the radio can then read out.
Internet radio test: Xoro Dab150ir Back
On the back there is only the antenna, there is no battery compartment; the well-dimensioned battery is permanently installed.

In addition to Internet radio DAB + and FM, Spotify is also firmly integrated, and there is also a media player that can read music from a stick, for which the Dab 150 IR has an extra USB socket. The USB socket on the side of the device also has a second in micro-USB format, where the internal battery can be charged. However, there is no suitable charger included, at least a USB charging cable is included so that you can safely use the same charger as for your mobile phone.

In order for the battery to last as long as possible, the device can be switched off completely with a switch so that, unlike in standby, the clock is no longer displayed. In terms of sound, you can’t expect too much from the small mono device, but there is a headphone jack that delivers perfect stereo sound even on the go.

The Dab 150 IR can be anytime, anywhere thanks to its low weight and compact dimensions, the library. The built-in battery can neither be lost nor forgotten, it should only be charged in good time, then nothing stands in the way of enjoying music on the go.

Also tested

Xoro DAB 250IR

Internet radio test: Xoro

The Xoro DAB 250IR is larger than, for example, the DAB 150 IR from the same company, but there is also a permanently attached handle and a speaker set in stereo. If necessary, there is space for four R14 size batteries or rechargeable batteries (also size C or baby cells) under a flap on the back. Otherwise, the DAB 250IR is fed from the plug-in power supply supplied.

Despite the wooden housing, the DAB 250IR is quite light at just under a kilo, it gets more when the batteries are inserted. As always, it is quite easy to operate, up to 40 stations can be listed in the favorites list, through which you can then scroll using the favorites button and the right control button to call up the desired station at the push of a button. In addition to FM and DAB +, Spotify is already integrated and only needs to be connected to the corresponding account. You can even stream from your smartphone via Bluetooth, which covers almost all possible sources.

The sound is quite balanced, Xoro also avoids excessive volume levels with the DAB 250IR, so that you cannot hear any distortion even at maximum volume. On the back there is also a headphone jack, which ensures individual music enjoyment. Basically, a mobile device doesn’t need any more features.

Albrecht DR 884

Test of the best internet radio: Albrecht DR 884

The Albrecht DR 884 wants to please with its design, in fact it looks good with the black housing and the offset, copper design elements. The display is not really round, but the border makes it appear almost like a porthole. Since Albrecht understands its business, wood is used as always for the beautiful housing. This is not only solid, it also protects the sound from unsightly droning attacks with the appropriate construction.

The integrated power supply also ensures that a plug-in power supply does not have to be forced into the socket strip to connect the DR 884 . In addition to Internet radio stations, the Albrecht can of course also handle DAB, FM and even streaming from a USB stick. Only the direct line to Spotify Connect is missing, so you have to resort to streaming via Bluetooth from your smartphone, which you have to do with almost every Internet radio if you use another streaming service, which is not available from the competition either firmly integrated. The lack of integration of Spotify unfortunately robs the Albrecht of the place as a price tip.

Anyone who does not value Spotify anyway, uses another streaming provider or is not afraid of the detour via smartphone, is very well served with the DR 884 for currently less than 100 euros .

Xoro DAB 600 IR V3

Test of the best internet radios: Xoro DAB 600 IR V3

With the DAB 600 IR V3 , Xoro already has the third generation of the uncomplicated long-running hit on the market. The remote control is the most obvious innovation; there are fewer colorful keys and the layout has been modified slightly, but this has little effect on handling.

A new addition to the DAB 600 IR V3 is the Bluetooth interface, now the music can also be streamed from the smartphone to the radio, for example. In addition, Spotify Connect is now preinstalled and stored as an icon in the home menu, so that only the access data have to be entered.

There are no changes to the housing, at least none that would be visible, the same applies to the speaker equipment, but there wasn’t much to change here, because the DAB 600 IR V3 still spoils with a remarkable, balanced sound image, despite that quite compact case has enough bass support. No wonder, there is still the bass reflex opening on the back, which was partly responsible for the good sound of the predecessor. If you still want to adjust the sound to your own preferences, you will find the equalizer in the menu, which, in addition to individual setting of bass and treble, even has a loudness switch.

Our price tip DAB 700 IR currently costs just as much, but has the advantage of a more solid and heavier housing, which means that the sound is even more voluminous. On the other hand, there are hardly any differences in terms of equipment.

Hama DIR 3200SBT

Internet radio test: Hama Dir3200sbt black

With the DIR 3200SBT , Hama is once again deviating from the otherwise ubiquitous rectangular design and, with its cylindrical housing, brings a breath of fresh air to the living area. In addition to dark anthracite, the DIR 3200SBT is also available in white, and the compact housing hides the fact that Hama has accommodated stereo speakers in it. These radiate from the side, with the deep tones being supported by a bass reflex opening on the back.

The back is lush anyway, all the many interfaces that are lined up next to each other at the bottom of the base make the heart of many a feature friend beat faster. In addition to Internet radio, the Hama DIR 3200SBT also supports DAB + and analogue FM reception, the antenna on the back is provided for both. WLAN and Bluetooth are integrated, if the WLAN is not sufficient, the DIR 3200SBT can alternatively be wired to the LAN, a corresponding socket is available on the back.

There is also a USB socket on the side, which is not used for data transfer but for charging the smartphone, for example. Operation is very easy – a total of 30 of the receivable stations can be stored in the favorites list, the first two can be called up directly via a button.

In terms of sound, the DIR 3200SBT certainly has potential, the tuning seemed a bit too bright to us, so that sibilants are sometimes even a bit annoying overrepresented. The various sound presets did not really help either, the manufacturer should do this again.

Peaq PDR 270 BT-B

Internet radio test: Peaq Pdr270bt Low Quality (1)

PEAQ is one of the Media-Saturn Group’s own brands. The PDR 270 BT-B is one of three new Internet radios and, with an RRP of just over 100 euros, is in a particularly attractive, but also highly competitive market segment. In order to keep up with the competition, compromises have to be made here and there, which at best are hardly noticeable.

In addition to the ubiquitous hardware from Frontier Silicon, the PEAQ PDR 270 BT-B also uses a remote control that has already been tried and tested by other manufacturers. The control buttons on the device and on the remote control follow tried and tested patterns, so that set-up and everyday use are quick and intuitive.

Sound adjustment via presets or individually set equalizers is just a push of a button away. The word equalizer actually seems a bit daring in this context, after all, only the bass and treble can be set in the corresponding menu.

However, these rudimentary controls are also sufficient to elicit a decent sound from the PEAQ PDR 270 BT-B . Basically, the sound lacks the mid-high tones, so that it sounds slightly discolored and mid-weighted without appropriate intervention. In terms of bass, too, the PEAQ can hardly keep up with some devices in the same price range.

Pure Elan Connect +

Internet radio test: 71zdz F + 6ml. Ac Sl1500

The Pure Elan Connect + is the stereo version of the Pure Elan Connect without + with a second loudspeaker , the price difference between the stereo and mono version is around 20 euros. The Connect + is still just under 100 euros. The usual high-quality workmanship is offered for this, together with the sound that is good for a mobile device. The Pure is operated with four rechargeable batteries or AA size batteries or a USB power supply unit can be connected. The corresponding cable is included, but unfortunately there is no suitable power supply unit.

Operation is kept simple, although the Pure can cope with Internet radio, DAB FM and even Bluetooth streaming from mobile phones. In addition to the USB charging socket, there is also a headphone connection on the back. If you like the special pure design and are looking for the most mobile Internet radio possible, the Connect + is definitely on the right side, although the price seems a bit high to us in view of the missing power supply.

Xoro DAB 600 IR

Internet radio test: Xoro DAB 600 IR

With the  DAB 600 IR  , Xoro has a lavishly equipped internet radio on offer at a bargain price . With a walnut housing, the DAB 600 IR is a versatile Internet radio that can receive DAB + as well as FM and does not even ignore analog sources.

Here, too, the housing is made of wood, neatly finished and offers a good basis for rich sound, even in stereo. The Xoro has one broadband loudspeaker per channel, both radiate forward and ensure an acceptable stereo width.

The only slightly modified standard user interface is installed here, but it reacts smoothly to all inputs. The necessary savings to keep this price with the specified equipment are more in the details. The Xoro radio does without a pre-installed streaming service and the convenient RDS functions for FM reception.

With the DAB 600 IR V3 , however, there is now another successor that offers more features at the same price.

TechniSat Digitradio 306 IR

Test of the best internet radio: TechniSat digital radio 306 IR

The TechniSat Digitradio 306 IR has only one loudspeaker and therefore runs in mono mode, but it delivers a very good sound. This is due to the fairly large and solidly built case. In addition, a large number of sources are supported: in addition to Internet radio, DAB +, FM and external USB storage devices as well as the analog AUX input. There is also a LAN socket on the back in case the WLAN is weak or not available.

The  Digitradio 306 IR  is now so cheap that you can overlook and hear the monochrome display as well as the mono sound.

Xoro HMT 300 V2

Test of the best internet radio: Xoro HMT 300 V2

The Xoro HMT 300 V2 is the successor to the HMT 300, and like that it is actually more of a clock radio with nice additional functions such as a weather app and stock market information. If desired, these appear in standby mode in alternation with the clock on the display. The device requires little floor space, is in a light, thin housing and therefore fits well on the night console. The small housing is also responsible for the fact that the sound is not quite as voluminous as with the heavy competition – however, they usually do not show the local weather either.

Anyone who needs a radio that provides more information than the time even when switched off has come to the right place with the Xoro HMT 300 V2 . In addition to receiving Internet radio stations, Spotify is also preinstalled. DAB + and FM, on the other hand, do not exist.

Blaupunkt IR 20

Internet radio test: Blaupunkt IR 20

The Blaupunkt IR 20  requires little floor space, DAB + is dispensed with and it also has to get by with a mono loudspeaker. On the other hand, the Blaupunkt radio sounds very good, which is not least due to the solid, neatly finished wooden housing. The Blaupunkt radio is our recommendation when there is little space but you don’t want to forego good sound.

Imperial Dabman i200

Internet radio test: Imperial Dabman i200

The  Imperial Dabman I200  from Telestar is available in three color variants, we had the device in walnut-natural to test. Despite the stereo speakers, it doesn’t sound much better than the Blaupunkt IR20. The volume setting makes quite large jumps so that fine adjustment is hardly possible. The five preset buttons on the front are user-friendly, so you can switch on the desired transmitter at the touch of a button even without a remote control.


Internet radio test: TechniSat DIGITRADIO 301 IR

The TechniSat Digitradio 301 IR is actually a nice device, unfortunately the menu interface doesn’t really match the tiny monochrome display. We could see directly on the 110IR that this is better, the display is larger and in color, so that the station and other information do not look like the MS-DOS interface. On the other hand, the surface reacts smoothly and the sound can also be heard, which is also due to the solid case and the well-chosen loudspeaker.

Xoro HMT 420 IR

Test of the best internet radio: Xoro HMT 420 IR

With the HMT 420 IR , Xoro has launched another Internet radio. Like the  DAB 700 IR, it is designed as a classic kitchen radio in landscape format, so that the two loudspeakers installed on the right and left at least have the option of emitting a reasonably plausible stereo image. This also works pretty well with the HMT 420, unfortunately it sounds quite discolored. For this, Xoro has moved the USB socket for the use of external music sources to the front, so that you no longer have to fiddle around with the device at the back.

The HMT 420 IR is smaller and cheaper than the 700 IR, but if you have space for the larger model, you are better served in terms of sound.

Pearl IRS-650

Internet radio test: Pearl IRS-650

The IRS-650  from Pearl is lavishly equipped, but has to admit defeat to the Xoro in terms of price-performance. After all, it’s a bit more expensive, but doesn’t have any more features. On the contrary: There are clear flaws in the workmanship and despite the stereo it doesn’t sound better than the Blaupunkt, but rather discolored.

Imperial i110

Internet radio test: Imperial i110

The Imperial I110  is very cheap, but also sparingly equipped, without DAB and FM, even the USB socket only serves as a power source. The setup is not a big challenge, and the standard menu also reacts smoothly. In terms of sound, it does not come close to the Blaupunkt IR20, but it would be a cheaper alternative to the Blaupunkt IRK1620.

Blaupunkt IRK 1620

Test of the best internet radio: Blaupunkt IRK 1620

In  contrast to our recommendation IR20, the Blaupunkt IRK 1620 is not very convincing. It is sparsely equipped, as neither DAB nor FM can be received, the loudspeaker radiates upwards, which in our opinion can lead to soiling and, in the worst case, to failure of the loudspeaker in daily use in living rooms or even kitchens. A remote control is not included, but it is currently a bit more expensive than the IR20. But if you absolutely need an upward radiating loudspeaker, you can live with the limitations.

Pure Elan IR5

Test of the best internet radios: Pure Elan IR5

The Elan IR5 from Pure is compact, light and can be operated with batteries or rechargeable batteries in addition to the supplied power supply unit. Apart from internet radio via WLAN or streaming via Bluetooth from the mobile phone, there is no radio reception, which means: no network – no music. There is no FM or DAB tuner on board.

The Elan IR5 has a lot more to offer in terms of sound than most smartphones, but the compact size takes its toll. Only one loudspeaker fits into the housing, which is enough for mono operation with an appropriate sound. It can also be optimized very well with the presets or the tone controls in the menu.

Technisat SternRadio IR1

Test of the best internet radio: Technisat SternRadio IR1

The Technisat SternRadio IR1 would be the ideal mobile radio, it is compact and light, but there is neither a built-in rechargeable battery nor a battery compartment for external rechargeable batteries or batteries. The SternRadio IR 2 is available for just under 15 euros more with exactly the same features, only with the small but subtle difference that it has a built-in battery, albeit with a very low capacity.

The condition is catchy as usual, especially the favorite buttons are not a matter of course, especially with a compact, mobile device, but the smart rotary knob of the SternRadio IR1 in particular proves to be hypersensitive. Only particularly sensitive users will even feel the difference between turning (selection) and clicking (confirmation) and thus get through the menu relatively stumbling-free.

The idea of ​​a compact and therefore mobile Internet radio is certainly not bad, but the lack of a battery in the IR1 and the far too sensitive operation speak against it.

Internet radio test: Loewe Hama Pure

The best internet radios for 200 euros

In this price range, the processing is often little better equipping richer and the sound of the devices put at 200 euros for the most part – but not always – still a small shovel on it. There are also some products that act as problem solvers or occupy a niche.

Brief overview: Our recommendations

Test winner

Devil 3Sixty (2020)

Test of the best internet radio stations: Teufel 3Sixty (2020)

The Teufel 3sixty has significantly increased its price in the new 2020 generation, but the price is still stable.

The Teufel 3Sixty 2020 is going into the second round, hence the addition »2020«. In contrast to the predecessor, there is now a color display. The reaction to inputs from the control buttons has also become smoother. The original 3Sixty also didn’t have a remote control – and the new one is now also available in a white housing.

When money doesn’t matter

Loewe sounded s1

Test of the best internet radio stations: Loewe sound s1

The finest materials are processed in an exemplary manner in the Loeweklang s1, and it also sets standards in terms of streaming capabilities and sound.

The traditional, design-oriented manufacturer is also back in the audio sector with the Loeweklang s1 . The Klang s1 consists of a solid aluminum housing with a discreet, mottled fabric covering in front of the speakers. The special feature is the arrangement of the display and the control buttons on the housing, as well as the already implemented, broad support of various streaming services. The sound is beyond any doubt anyway.

Design tip

Roberts Revival iStream3

Test of the best internet radio: Roberts Revival iStream3

The design comes from the 50s, the technology and the streaming experience are absolutely contemporary.

The Roberts Revival iStream3 brings the 1950s back to life . However, the modern technology of today is hidden beneath the synthetic leather surface, which is currently available in nine colors. In addition to normal Internet radio, all important streaming services are preinstalled and are therefore just a push of a button away. FM and DAB + are also on board. The sound is very good, even if it is only output in mono.

In portrait format

Pure Evoke Spot

Digital radio test: Pure Evoke spot

The Evoke Spot from Pure has a small footprint, design, workmanship and sound are of the finest quality.

With the Pure Evoke Spot , the name seems to be the program, because the English »spot« means nothing more than place, point or place. The Evoke Spot needs very little of this because of its small footprint. Nevertheless, it is well equipped for any type of radio reception. A special feature is the fold-out display, but the Evoke Spot also plays when the display is closed.

Mobility winner

Nordmende Transita 120IR

Test of the best internet radio: Nordmende Transita 120IR

Compact, well-made and state-of-the-art technology in a classic housing.

An old brand is back. The Nordmende Transita 120IR has only recently been on the market, but is produced by a leader in the scene. TechniSat uses the brand name and has transported the Transita 120IR into the digital age not only with modern technology but also with a classic design and excellent workmanship. You too can take the Transita with you wherever you go – thanks to the large built-in rechargeable battery, it can be played for hours without having to be close to an electrical outlet.

 Internet radio test: Teufelsixty

Test winner: Teufel 3Sixty (2020)

The 3Sixty 2020 is not cheap and, like its predecessor, is in the extravagant, cube-shaped housing.

These cases are not only available in black, like our test model, but also in white. However, it would not be a Teufel product if it had nothing to offer beyond its striking exterior. This applies in particular to the current 2020 version, which has improved its equipment compared to its predecessor.

Test winner

Devil 3Sixty (2020)

Test of the best internet radio stations: Teufel 3Sixty (2020)

The Teufel 3sixty has significantly increased its price in the new 2020 generation, but the price is still stable.

Operation and equipment

Unlike many other manufacturers, Teufel does not rely on wood, but on solid ABS plastic as the base for the housing. The front is determined by the two control buttons that are attached to the left and right of the mirror surface. In between is the display, which has now become colorful at 3Sixty 2020 , so that the station logos and the covers come into their own. The control buttons are lined up underneath, four of which function as memory or preset buttons.

The operation of the 3Sixty is easy, and the remote control in credit card format offers some convenience. If you value more options and even more convenience, you can also operate the device from your smartphone using the Teufel Remote App. The menu is clear and reacts immediately.

Both Amazon Music and Spotify Connect are available as streaming sources; both are preinstalled and can be accessed directly via the respective icon. All services installed on the smartphone can also be transferred to the 3Sixty via Bluetooth. The Teufel radio can also record WAV, FLAC, MP3, AAC and WMA audio files via the USB interface.

The Teufel 3Sixty (2020) in the sound test

The loudspeaker chassis are housed in the fabric-covered upper part and radiate 360 ​​degrees all around, hence the name and the special housing design. Thanks to the special speaker arrangement, the 3Sixty can even fill larger rooms with rich sound. Only the woofer radiates downwards according to the downfire principle, whereby the feet ensure the necessary distance to the standing surface. The bass chassis is the size of a radio, by the way.

Room-filling sound

The room-filling all-round sound is supported by the in-house Dynamore Surround circuit, a variant of the Dynamore Ultra circuit, as used, for example, in the Teufel Musicstation . Individual sound settings are also possible, and they can also be saved.

The 3Sixty 2020 is much better equipped than its predecessor and can offer a room-filling, balanced sound image that is unparalleled in the competition.


After the many improvements that have been made to the current model, there is not much to complain about about the 3Sixty. At most, not everyone will like the design; to be honest, it does not fit into every living environment, regardless of whether the radio is in a white or black housing.

Teufel 3Sixty (2020) in the test mirror

Like most Teufel products, the 3Sixty 2020 has also been subjected to extensive tests. We have a small excerpt here:

On there was a “good” grade of 1.9 in September 2020. Among other things, the lack of a headphone jack and the sometimes too vehement bass were criticized:

» The current Teufel Radio 3sixty is a good revision of its predecessor. It sounds better, comes with a remote control and, thanks to the color display, shows more information than its predecessor. On top of that, Teufel is expanding the variety of playback options with Amazon Music. Teufel has made two mistakes in the new model: The buttons in the bottom row are too close together, and there is no headphone jack. Teufel Radio 3sixty still expects a “good” grade. With a 1.9 it is currently the best radio under 300 euros. “

On there was also a whopping 9.1 out of 10 possible points at the end of 2020, the testers particularly liked the great all-round sound:

“In addition, the loudspeaker is not only aimed at a specific seat, but distributes the sound evenly in all directions. Perfect if you move around the room more often while listening to music. […] Take on the positive and expand it further, correct weaknesses and turn them into strengths. The Teufel 3sixty radio will impress you in 2021 with intuitive operation on the device, via smartphone app, remote control and voice control. The sound is wide and clean. In white and thanks to the color display, a real eye-catcher. “


Not everyone is a fan of the striking design of the Teufel 3Sixty 2020 . Fortunately, there are very different design variants to choose from, so that everyone can find the radio that suits their facility and budget.

Extravagant: Loewe sound s1

A good year ago, Loewe presented the Klang s1 and other audio products. Now the first products are finally available. With the Klang s1, however, the wait was definitely worth it, as the design deviates from what is otherwise offered. However, it’s not cheap either.

When money doesn’t matter

Loewe sounded s1

Test of the best internet radio stations: Loewe sound s1

The finest materials are processed in an exemplary manner in the Loeweklang s1, and it also sets standards in terms of streaming capabilities and sound.

The price of the Loeweklang s1 could well be based on the weight, not only the housing made of aluminum, which is several millimeters thick in some places, takes its toll here, also the speaker chassis, which ensure the good sound, are certainly not quite easy.

1 of 4

Internet radio test: Loewe Klang S1
The Loeweklang s1 has a solid frame made of aluminum, except like our light gray model, the piece of jewelery is also available in darker basalt gray.
Internet radio test: Loewe Klang S1 control panel
The control buttons are all located next to the display on top of the device, the labeling takes a bit of getting used to.
Internet radio test: Loewe Klang S1 Back
The back is pretty blank; There is a coax socket for the antenna, the USB socket for external sources and the power supply unit is built in directly, which creates an overview at the socket.
Internet radio test: Loewe Klang S1 Fb
The arrow keys on the elegant remote control are just as stylish as on the device.

The color display is almost lying on the top of the Klang s1 , to the right of it the oblong buttons are lined up as rockers. Particularly noticeable are the two arrow keys, which are initially hardly recognized as such because the symbol, as the arrow, is milled in at right angles. However, after a while you get used to it. Finally, the rotary wheel on the far right is multifunctional, it switches the device on and off and also adjusts the volume.

Incidentally, the power supply unit is built in so that another plug-in power supply unit does not block the power strip with the Klang s1.

In addition to Internet radio, DAB + and FM, Spotify Connect, Deezer and Amazon Music are available as icons for calling up in the menu. Of course, all of this is also possible with the included remote control, which thanks to its size fits perfectly in the hand and also has a generous button layout.

After setting up, the sound test is due. As expected, Loewe does not spoil the sound of the Klang s1 : The massive construction is very noticeable here, the housing remains stoically quiet even at the highest volume, so there is no reason to roar. On the contrary, even at high volume, the sound remains natural, clear and yet space-filling.

The Loeweklang s1 is convincing all round, and you can add a few euros for the excellent workmanship of the high-quality materials used.

Striking retro design: Roberts Revival iStream3

The Roberts Revival iStream3 is perfectly kept in the retro design of the 1950s. There is a reason for this, according to the company legend, one of the first Roberts radios was modeled on the handbag of the company founder. To date, the iStream3 has been available in a total of nine surfaces.

Design tip

Roberts Revival iStream3

Test of the best internet radio: Roberts Revival iStream3

The design comes from the 50s, the technology and the streaming experience are absolutely contemporary.

Be that as it may, the synthetic leather surface, no matter what color, goes wonderfully with the golden applications and the ivory-colored offset control elements. However, this includes the most modern technology, which is ideal for streaming music in addition to listening to the radio via the Internet and antenna.

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Internet radio test: Roberts Revival Istream3
The artificial leather cover of the Revival iStream3 enables a variety of attractive color combinations, currently there are nine.
Internet radio test: Roberts Revival Istream3 display
The display, buttons and even the inputs are easily accessible from above.
Internet radio test: Roberts Revival Istream3 Below1
Also because it looks better, the connection socket for the power supply unit and the line output have been sunk deep into the floor.
Internet radio test: Roberts Revival Istream3 Below2
In addition to the connections, the battery compartment can be opened. A total of six batteries or rechargeable batteries provide enough juice on the go. A switch in the compartment must be switched to the batteries or rechargeable batteries used.

True to its design language, the operating elements of the Revival iStream3 are located on the top of the device. In addition to the color display, almost all of the connection sockets are also located there. This is not only practical for the inputs, such as the USB and AUX sockets, but also makes it easier to connect headphones.

Incidentally, the Revival iStream3 is equipped with a handle, so there is also a battery compartment in the bottom. Six batteries or rechargeable batteries in Mignon format (AA or LR6) can be used there. Depending on whether batteries or rechargeable batteries are used, a switch in the battery compartment must be operated. Batteries can then simply remain in the device for charging.

The Revival has to get along without a remote control, but it can be operated on the device without any problems. All sources, which also include the most important streaming services, are stored as icons on the display and can be selected directly. However, there was no more space on the device for station buttons or buttons for favorites. Here you have to scroll through the menu again. There is also no direct access to the existing tone controls.

But you will rarely need it, because the Revival iStream3 sounds very good despite mono playback. This is partly due to the fact that Roberts built in two speakers: one for the low and mid-range notes and one that is only responsible for the highs. In the menu you will also find several presets for the sound characteristics, but you can also save your own settings for bass and treble.

Those who like the striking design of the Revival iStream3 are happy to add a few euros on top. In view of the high quality of workmanship and modern technology, they are well invested.

In a small space: Pure Evoke Spot

Pure has long stood for extraordinary design solutions, and the Evoke Spot is no exception. The device is always suitable when there is little space available, or you simply want to accommodate a more compact device in your living space. The Evoke Spot hardly compromises in terms of sound and features. Incidentally, the fabric above the loudspeaker is an integral part of the extraordinary design, and it consists of 90 percent eco-certified wool.

In portrait format

Pure Evoke Spot

Digital radio test: Pure Evoke spot

The Evoke Spot from Pure has a small footprint, design, workmanship and sound are of the finest quality.

A special feature of the Pure Evoke Spot , in addition to the upright shape, is the display. In the rest position, it is virtually closed on top of the device. If it is folded up, further control elements become accessible, namely the source switch and the control pad for scrolling through the menu.

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Internet radio test: Pure Evokespot
The Evoke Spot from Pure requires very little floor space, except in white it is also available in black.
Internet radio test: Pure Evokespot display open
The display can be opened and there are further control elements below it.
Internet radio test: Pure Evokespot display closed
The radio also plays with the display closed.
Internet radio test: Pure Evokespot Back
The USB socket is only used for service purposes, external sources can only be connected via Bluetooth.

Once the Pure Evoke Spot has been set up, the WLAN connection established and all searches completed, it can simply be closed again. The music continues to play, the most important control elements, such as the combined button for switching on / off and for the volume, as well as the four directly accessible favorites are now also available.

A glowing ring around the button shows that the radio is on. Press once to mute the music, with the ring flashing slowly. If you press it again briefly, the music and the light ring are switched on again. A longer press on the ring switches the radio off.

Unfortunately there is no remote control. In addition to Internet radio, DAB + and FM, Spotify Connect is preinstalled for streaming. The Evoke Spot can also stream from a smartphone via Bluetooth .

Although the Evoke Spot only sounds mono due to lack of space, it sounds astonishingly grown-up. Naturally sound, with a bass foundation that is not too tight. This is supported by a well camouflaged bass reflex opening in the bottom of the device. That is real understatement.

Mobile: Nordmende Transita 120IR

Nordmende is back, even if “only” as a brand name. The Transita 120IR is one of the first TechniSat products to feature the traditional brand name. However, there are even more references: The Transita 120IR, like most TechniSat products, is produced in Germany. In addition, the typical Mende design has been used. Aluminum and wood are the preferred materials used in the Transita.

Mobility winner

Nordmende Transita 120IR

Test of the best internet radio: Nordmende Transita 120IR

Compact, well-made and state-of-the-art technology in a classic housing.

So it is hardly surprising that the rather compact Internet radio, weighing just under 1.5 kilos, weighs just as much as the larger  Stream 218 from Roberts. However, part of the weight also falls on the internal battery, which with 5000 mAh has enough capacity for several hours of operation. The operating time depends on various factors: In addition to the volume, it is also relevant whether the radio uses WLAN, DAB + or FM as a source, with WLAN still consuming the most energy.

1 of 3

Internet radio test: Nordmende
The Nordmende TRansita 120IR in retro design is our new mobile favorite.
Internet radio test: Nordmende display
The display is only one color, the operation with the two rotary knobs is intuitive.
Internet radio test: Nordmende Back
A real power switch helps save electricity, the USB socket is only there for service purposes.

The operation with the two rotary knobs is absolutely intuitive, so it doesn’t matter that the display is not colored. A total of ten favorites can be stored on the station buttons – or rather, favorites buttons, regardless of whether they are FM, DAB + or Internet radio.

In terms of sound, it lags slightly behind the mobile devices from Sangean and Roberts, but they also have two loudspeakers each for stereo operation and thus have an advantage. The fat internal battery, the excellent workmanship and, last but not least, the extraordinary design as well as the low price ultimately decide the race for the  Transita 120IR , albeit narrowly.

Also tested

Pure Evoke Play

Internet radio test: Internet radio

The Pure Evoke Play is practically the stereo version of the compact Evoke Spot , which is why it is also held in landscape format so that two speakers can be placed next to each other. In addition, Pure has given the Play a handle and a battery compartment. The latter, however, has to be unscrewed so that the proprietary battery pack can be used. However, it also costs extra and is currently not available.

The operating concept of the Evoke Play corresponds exactly to that of its smaller brother, the Play also has to get by without a remote control. The most important buttons, such as the combined button for switching on / off and for the volume, as well as the four directly accessible presets can also be reached with the display closed. In order to be able to access the source selection, the Bluetooth button and the control pad for the menu, the display must first be opened.

The sound is a whole lot better, which is no wonder, because after all, we have real stereo sound here. Here, too, an almost invisible bass reflex opening in the floor ensures an assertive bass, and the speaker cover is also made of 90 percent eco-certified wool. Only the battery pack that is not (yet) available spoils our impression, because the Evoke Play would be the ideal companion for on the go. Let’s hope that there will soon be an affordable energy package.

Hama DIT2006BT

Test of the best internet radio: Hama DIT2006BT

With the DIT2006BT , Hama has the owners of a hi-fi system with the usual device width of 43 centimeters in view. All those who want to retrofit their good old stereo system with internet radio without the additional component falling too far out of the ordinary.

In addition to Internet radio, the DIT2006BT also supports DAB + and even a simple FM tuner is built in. Unlike its predecessor, the DIT2006BT, as the type designation suggests, has the option of streaming music from the smartphone via Bluetooth. A feature that we sorely missed in the predecessor.

The DIT2006BT has a built-in power supply so that no other plug-in power supply populates the socket strip. A cinch cable is also included as standard so that it can be connected directly. Operation is very convenient using the clear remote control.

With the DIT2006BT you expand your proven stereo system with the most modern radio reception. There is also the option of streaming from a smartphone via Bluetooth.

Roberts Stream 94i Plus

Test of the best internet radio: Roberts Stream 94i Plus

The Roberts Stream 94i Plus , stands out as most devices of the manufacturer, direct through its unique design from the competition. The front of the high-gloss black housing is only contrasted by the color display and the silver band of the control buttons.

1 of 4

Internet radio test: Roberts Stream94iplus
With the Stream 94i Plus, all important streaming services are already pre-installed and can therefore be called up at the touch of a button.
Internet radio test: Roberts Stream94iplus display
You have to take a closer look at the control buttons below the display, they can hardly be distinguished.
Internet radio test: Roberts Stream94iplus Back
A nice service – the Roberts Stream 94i Plus can be connected with a LAN cable if necessary.
Internet radio test: Roberts Stream94iplus Fb
The remote control in the flat credit card format is not particularly well labeled, and the pressure points of the buttons could be more clearly defined.

To the right and left of the display there are the usual rotary controls for the volume and for scrolling through the menu. The Stream 94i Plus can also be operated by remote control, although the flat credit card format transmitter doesn’t really match the high-quality finish of the radio.

You can scroll through all the menus with the remote control, but there are no practical, direct buttons for some settings, such as the tone control. Here you have to click through the settings, which is quite cumbersome.

The handle clearly identifies the Stream 94i Plus as a mobile device, but you have to buy the appropriate battery pack separately . On the plus side, however, is the LAN socket – although this does not help much in mobile use, it guarantees reliable internet access with weak or even no WLAN.

In terms of sound, there is nothing wrong with the Roberts , after all, a total of four speakers are responsible for the stereo sound. If you like the design of the Stream 94i Plus , you won’t be particularly bothered by the comparatively high price.

Kenwood CR-ST100S

Internet radio test: Cr St100s B Left Side View Without Antenna

The Kenwood CR ST100S is available in white and anthracite, in both versions the radio looks quite unpretentious from the front. It is operated completely from above, or using the remote control supplied. Either way, both options are based on the usual standards and therefore do not pose any puzzles. The CR ST100S is then quickly connected and integrated into the network and thus into the Internet via WLAN. In the sound test, the Kenwood CR ST100S can convince up to moderate volume levels. If it gets too loud, however, the electronics can easily lose control of the built-in loudspeakers. This is not surprising, because the Kenwood has neither the volume nor the solid construction of other devices.

On the other hand, it is quite compact and also not too heavy. The reception services for both DAB and FM are excellent, so that it can be used as an all-purpose music system throughout the house. Conveniently, the CR ST100S can then also be used as a Bluetooth speaker for a smartphone. The AUX input is also available for direct connection to analog sources; a suitable cable is included in the scope of delivery.

Sangean WFR-29C

Internet radio test: Sangean WFR-29C

The Sangean WFR-29C  is quite compact, weighs significantly less than the other two mobile Internet radios, and can still keep up in terms of sound. However, compromises have to be made with regard to the interfaces: the Sangean cannot do Bluetooth. It’s a shame, because you want to be able to play music from your smartphone quickly and easily when you’re on the move, and that’s best done with Bluetooth.

3sixty devil

Best internet radio test: Teufel 3sixty

The  first generation Teufel 3sixty has long been our favorite when it can cost a little more. However, we had a few complaints about the device, most of which have now been fixed and corrected in the successor. Nevertheless, the old 3sixty is still worth the money, at least if you can still get it.

Teufel himself has already taken the good piece out of the shop in favor of the successor 3sixty 2020 , and you should only buy when the price of the predecessor is close to the 200 euro threshold.

The sound of the Teufel 3sixty is still convincing: You don’t expect such a room-filling, balanced sound image from a rather compact housing. Although the sound leaves little to be desired, the bass and treble can be individually adjusted in the menu.

If you value excellent sound, paired with modern design, you can buy it at appropriate prices. The missing remote control is then replaced with a smartphone.

Hama DIR3300SBT

Test of the best internet radio: Hama DIR 3300

The Hama DIR3300SBT focuses on design with its design language and fabric covering. Incidentally, it also has a small footprint, but should not be placed directly in a niche. After all, there are two speakers that radiate to the side, so the DIR3300SBT should stand free for optimal sound. Even then it quickly reaches its limits in terms of sound, the housing is not only small, it is also mainly made of light plastic, so that the sound is slightly discolored.

If you want an eye-catcher as an internet radio and  want to operate the DIR3300SBT in a small room at moderate volume, you will get a device with a beautiful design, good workmanship and decent equipment.

Sangean WFS-58

Test of the best internet radio: Sangean WFS-58

The  Sangean WFS 58 is also provided with a handle, a look at the bottom reveals that there is a battery compartment there. Six AA size batteries or rechargeable batteries (a corresponding switch is in the compartment) can be used and provide a few hours of music even without a power socket. The WFS 58 communicates via WLAN, Bluetooth and, if necessary, also via LAN cable, only a remote control was dispensed with, probably to avoid it being lost in mobile operation. Be that as it may, you can scroll through the clear menu even without it, so that the facility is not rocket science either.

In terms of sound, this Sangean also delivers good results, as expected, even if it is only a mono device.

Sangean WFR-70

Test of the best internet radio: Sangean WFR-70

The Sangean WFR 70 initially  requires little floor space, but still delivers a very good sound. The device is operated exclusively via the buttons on the device itself, a remote control is unfortunately not included in the scope of delivery and only Spotify Connect is preinstalled as a streaming service. But you can receive both DAB + and FM.

The control buttons on the aluminum front panel are clearly labeled and after a while you have the menu fully under control with the buttons, but even more so with the jog dial on the right. Communication runs either via LAN or WLAN, the WFR 70 cannot use Bluetooth. At first this is meager and difficult to argue for the price called.

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Internet radio test: Sangean
The Sangean WFR 70 only plays in mono quality due to the narrow portrait format, but it can be heard very well.
Internet radio test: Sangean Display
The buttons and the jog dial are used for operation, there is no remote control.
Internet radio test: Sangean connections
Two sockets that are rather unusual – one for the second speaker and one for a subwoofer.

However, if you look at the connections on the back you will be compensated: There are two connection sockets here, which are not so common on Internet radios. An external loudspeaker can be connected once, either it corresponds to the printed specifications or you can treat yourself to the optically matching Sangean SP 40 additional loudspeaker  . It is designed to be passive, as the corresponding amplifier stage is already built into the WFR 70.

But that’s not all, if you want to have the WFR 70 and SP 40 play with enough deep bass volume in the large living room, you can also dock an active subwoofer, a connection is already available for this.

However, the Sangean WFR 70 plays   very well even without support, provided the room in which it is playing is not too large. The built-in loudspeaker works on the bass reflex principle, and the solid housing construction prevents the powerful bass from booming.

Imperial Dabman i450

Internet radio test: Imperial Dabman i450

The Imperial Dabman I450  is a real hybrid, because thanks to the included brackets and the appropriate fastening material, it can be built under the wall cabinet like a classic kitchen radio. In contrast to the Auna Connect Soundchef, for example, the Dabman I450 does not necessarily have to hang under the cupboard, a powerful, downward-radiating subwoofer always ensures voluminous sound.

The Dabman can be fed from as many sources as our favorite, digital as well as analog is possible. A cable was even included for the latter. There is no question that, in addition to the obligatory WLAN, Bluetooth is also one of the wireless transmission options and should the WLAN cause insufficient data flow, a LAN cable can be used.

The Imperial Dabman I450 is therefore ideal for anyone looking for a good-sounding built-in radio for the kitchen.

Blaupunkt IRD 30C

Test of the best internet radio: Blaupunkt IRD 30C

The Blaupunkt IRD 30C  is a little better equipped than the IRK 1620, after all there is DAB + and FM. In addition, the stereo speakers radiate from the side, so it is still quite compact and also sounds decent. It’s a good choice when space is limited but you don’t want to miss out on stereo sound.

Sonoro Stream

Internet radio test: Sonoro Stream

The Sonoro Stream is a true design piece , which is reflected on the one hand in the variety of available surfaces and on the other hand in the price. Because of the portrait format, the device is limited to mono sound with only one loudspeaker. The sound is then very good, as is the handling – all functions are accessible with just a few buttons, both on the device itself and on the remote control.


Hama DIR3115MS

test: The best internet radios - hama DIR3115 e1517816051770


The Hama DIR3115MS was our favorite for a long time, but it is getting a bit old and therefore unfortunately not available everywhere, especially not in the different color versions.

As seemingly old-fashioned as the DIR3115MS is, it contains everything a modern internet radio needs – and even more: the radio can be integrated into a multiroom system using the UNDOK app. All devices compatible with the app connect to the Hama radio.

Thanks to the integration of DAB + and FM, classic radio listening is just as possible as wireless streaming from a smartphone via Bluetooth or simple connection to the analog AUX socket.

The control panel consists of the usual two rotary controls for volume and menu between which the display lights up, as well as six station buttons below. As a rule, however, you will control the device using a remote control, which is not too small and therefore nicely arranged.

The side radiating broadband loudspeakers provide a broad stereo sound image, even without an additional woofer there is a clean fundamental range and sufficient bass. The basic tuning of the DIR3115MS is overall slightly brighter than that of the Numan, which contributes to better speech intelligibility. Even at higher volumes, it hardly tends to drone, unless you force the two speakers to their bass limit using the equalizer.

As long as the DIR3115MS is still available without fancy prices being called, it is a worthwhile purchase.

Internet radio test: CD Internet radio Technisat Hama

The best internet radios with CD

If you still have a few CDs at home that you would like to play on your radio from time to time, then an Internet radio with an integrated CD compartment is useful. Since you have one more function available, you unfortunately have to pay for it.

Brief overview: Our recommendations

Test winner

Technisat DigitRadio 3 IR

Test of the best internet radio: Technisat DigitRadio 3 IR

The DigitRadio 3 IR sounds excellent, is very well equipped and has a great workmanship.

The Technisat DigitRadio 3 IR comes in a clearly divided TechniSat housing: Control unit with a light aluminum front and display in the middle, the stereo speakers on the right and left behind the black cover. Clear lines, clear operating structure and clear sound. However, the world has not stood still behind it, but TechniSat comes up here and there with details that significantly simplify handling. The sound is again the responsibility of the specialist Elac and, as expected, is flawless.

When money doesn’t matter

Teufel Musicstation

Internet radio test: Teufel Musicstation

The Teufel Musicstation is a design icon and can also convince with its inner values.

The Teufel Musicstation is already being used in the second generation. While the old one still had to be satisfied with a CD drive, MP3 player and FM radio, the current Musicstation has added DAB reception and Internet radio. The streaming services Amazon Music and Spotify are also integrated. All of this is packaged in a great design and an excellent sound is a matter of honor at Teufel anyway.

Price tip

Albrecht DR 690 CD

Test of the best internet radio: Albrecht DR 690 CD

The DR 690 CD has everything you need, sounds good and is very cheap.

The Albrecht DR 690 CD is very well made, delivers good sound from the Internet, from CD and DAB stations. In order to keep the front section nicely flush and flush, the control panel was simply relocated to the top of the housing. With this and the clear remote control, the radio experience is child’s play.

Design tip


Test of the best internet radio: Hama DIR3510SCBTX

Nice design with very good equipment and very good sound.

With the Hama DIR3510SCBTX , the manufacturer is continuing its very own, unmistakable design savings . Despite the slightly arched shape, the housing is presumably made of wood (MDF) and is therefore solid and heavy. In addition to the optical effect, the shape of the housing also has an acoustic background; Since there are no parallel walls, there are hardly any standing waves inside, which tend to roar faster if one does not counteract constructively. The Hama sounds correspondingly good, quite apart from the variety of connections.

Can be built under

Imperial DABMAN i450 CD

Test of the best internet radio: Imperial DABMAN i450 CD

The Dabman i450 CD comes with a complete assembly set so that it can be installed under the wall cabinet in the kitchen.

With the Dabman i450 CD , manufacturer Telestar has given the classic kitchen radio a CD drive. The color scheme alone is multifaceted – the i450 CD is available with a white or black housing, each with a silver or black aluminum front panel. The scope of delivery includes, among other things, a solid U-plate including mounting screws so that the Dabman can be mounted under a wall cabinet in the kitchen.

Internet radio test: Technisat Digitradioir Aufm

Test winner: TechniSat DigitRadio 3 IR

The DigitRadio 3 IR from TechniSat is only available in black, with a control panel in brushed aluminum. The relationship to the other DigitRadio 3 variants is unmistakable, such as the Digitradio 3 Voice , which we have tested elsewhere . The Voice works with an in-house voice control that does not access a database on the network because the radio simply has no internet access. Then there is the Digitradio 3 , which also works without internet radio and only offers DAB + and FM reception. With the DigitRadio 3 IR, on the other hand, you have free access to all available Internet radio stations, thanks to the integrated WLAN, in addition to radio reception.

Test winner

Technisat DigitRadio 3 IR

Test of the best internet radio: Technisat DigitRadio 3 IR

The DigitRadio 3 IR sounds excellent, is very well equipped and has a great workmanship.

The display in the DigitRadio 3 IR is colored and shows both station logos and covers in color and in high resolution. The housing is held in the usual cuboid shape and consists mainly of wood, more precisely MDF (medium-density fibreboard). The distribution corresponds to that of countless other Internet radios, not only from TechniSat. The front section is divided into three parts – the aluminum-colored control panel is in the middle, and the color display above it. In between, the slot-in drive for the CD can easily be overlooked. To the right and left of it, a broadband loudspeaker tinkers behind black fabric. For the sound department, support was obtained from the audio specialist Elac, not for the first time, as evidenced by a corresponding logo on the back.

Operation and equipment

It can be operated directly on the device as well as with the remote control. In our opinion, the controls on the radio are much more ergonomic than the rather small buttons on the remote control.

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Internet radio test: Technisat Digitradioir
The DigitRadio IR 3 comes in the well-known, classic design with speakers radiating to the front.
Internet radio test: Technisat Digitradioir Display
The display is colored and the headphone jack is easily accessible from the front.
Internet radio test: Technisat Digitradioir Back
According to the logo, Technisat receives sound support from Elac, the antenna is only used for FM and DAB reception.
Internet radio test: Technisat Digitradioir Fb
The buttons on the remote control are quite small, which is not always convenient with large fingers.

Four more for basic operation of the radio are lined up above the drive buttons for CD mode, among other things the favorites list can be called up or the station search can be started. There is also a dedicated button for changing the source. Above the buttons, barely visible against the black background, is the slot-in drive for the CD, and above it the informative display lights up. In addition to the display, you will find useful control elements such as three direct selection buttons for the three most popular stations and opposite the easily accessible headphone socket.

The headphone jack in particular is often relegated to the rear of some devices, which makes it unnecessarily difficult to connect a receiver. The DigitRadio 3 IR only has a USB socket and an analog audio input on the back, which are also required less often than the headphone socket.

Almost nothing to be desired

Setting up the DigitRadio is very easy, the connection to the network and the Internet is done with the help of a compatible router via WPS within a few seconds and without entering a password or similar pitfalls. The station search is also quick in DAB + and FM operation and the stations found can be saved in the favorites list as desired. That can be a total of 30 pieces, three of which can be conveniently called up directly with the three buttons next to the display, but the rest are only two clicks more.

As streaming services, Amazon Music and Spotify are already stored as icons, there only the corresponding accounts have to be entered. A number of podcasts are also listed after selecting the corresponding icon. The most important thing in this test, however, is the integrated CD drive. Regardless of which source is currently playing, the slot-in drive is offered a CD, which is completely withdrawn halfway and plays the first track directly. Just a reminder; There were and still are devices that first have to be switched over to CD playback, which is quite uncomfortable.

The DigitRadio 3 IR , on the other hand, plays the music immediately, and only the music. Mechanical noises of any kind cannot be heard from the high-quality drive. Only the quiet hum when the pane is drawn in or finally pushed out at the push of a button.

TechniSat DigitRadio 3 IR in the sound test

Unlike the much larger DigitRadio 600, which was previously in this place, the housing of the DigitRadio 3 IR is a little smaller, there is also no extra subwoofer, but two very well-tuned broadband speakers, which, however, also work in the low frequencies each supported by a bass reflex port.

Great, natural sound

The sound of the DigitRadio 3 IR is very natural and offers a solid bass foundation – even without a subwoofer. As mentioned at the beginning, the coordination is the responsibility of the audio specialists at Elac. It quickly becomes clear that the collaboration between TechniSat’s Eifel residents and the specialists in Kiel is extremely fruitful.

The loudspeakers not only create a solid bass foundation, they also offer very good speech intelligibility with the news broadcasts in between. The EQ button (for equalizer) on the remote control can also be used to correct bass and treble to suit your own taste. With this radio, too, it is possible to turn the volume up to the limit without distortion being audible. So it is enough even for a spontaneous party, provided the room is not too big.


We did not notice any disadvantages with the DigitRadio 3 IR . Sure, the Bluetooth connection would be more convenient with NFC support, one or the other may also want the USB input to the front. In view of the low price, that would be complaining at a high level, because both the workmanship and the sound easily make up for this supposed lack of comfort.

TechniSat DigitRadio 3 IR in the test mirror

There is still no test of the DigitRadio 3 IR itself, but there is of the siblings, who only differ in terms of the sources offered or some features:

On , the DigitRadio 3 (without IR) achieved, for example, 4.5 out of 5 possible stars in the top class, here it was also able to collect plenty of sound points.

»The TechniSat Digitradio 3 offers radio reception in noise-free quality and stereo sound. The chic DAB + digital radio impresses with its very balanced sound and offers numerous functions. It can also play your own music from CD, a USB storage device or via Bluetooth. «

The DigitRadio 3 Voice also achieved almost the full number of points with 93 percent on in October 2021 :

»The accessibility is a big plus point of the Technisat Digitradio 3 Voice, which makes it much easier to use, especially for visually impaired people. The device is much more than “just” a radio for the blind. It is a comfortable and versatile digital radio that is completely convincing and is fully justified even among sighted people. Perhaps it will even be the beginning of a revolution, at the end of which voice control will have replaced traditional remote control. «


There is always something cheaper and definitely more expensive. With the cheaper devices you have to accept compromises, and with the only more expensive device the question arises whether you need the additional equipment. Even if you are struggling with space problems, one of the alternatives can be interesting or you can do without the CD drive.

When money doesn’t matter: Teufel Musicstation

The Teufel Musicstation is a real eye-catcher – and that is certainly not only due to its impressive width of 53 centimeters, which means that the Musicstation should surely outperform most other devices in our test.

When money doesn’t matter

Teufel Musicstation

Internet radio test: Teufel Musicstation

The Teufel Musicstation is a design icon and can also convince with its inner values.

Based on the design language of the older Musicstation, the new one also conveys a certain elegance despite its size. It differs from the usual cuboid because the upper side is inclined towards the front and back like a desk. In addition, apart from the round touch surface in the form of a scroll wheel, no operating elements are visible. They are also designed as touch surfaces, which are also only visible when they are needed.

The Musicstation is not only available in black, like our test sample, but also in white. The color display is located exactly in the middle, behind which is the slot somewhat hidden, into which a CD can be inserted from above if necessary. The front desk is formed by a high-gloss Plexiglas panel, underneath a fabric cover covers the loudspeakers. The power supply unit is firmly integrated so that the power cable is connected directly and no additional bulky plug-in power supply unit has to be accommodated.

In addition to CD, the Musicstation naturally uses Internet radio, DAB and the good old FM as a source. On the side under a flap there is also a USB and an AUX socket for additional digital and analog sources. Amazon Music and Spotify complete the offer as permanently integrated streaming services; they can, like the other music sources, be switched on directly via the remote control.

On the device itself, the round touch rotary knob becomes the central control element. The areas to the left lead to the next menu level or back again, you can then zap through the menus by »turning« the round touch field. The volume can then be set here during operation.

Those who prefer to enjoy the music station in peace can connect headphones behind the said flap. Otherwise there are a total of six built-in loudspeakers available, two broadband and one bass chassis per channel. As usual, the woofers are supported in their work with bass reflex openings.

The result is more than audible: Even in the large living room, the Musicstation manages to reproduce a full, room-filling sound. With the Dynamore Ultra circuit, an in-house development, the stereo width can be expanded again at the push of a button. Bass and treble can be adjusted in the menu and the corresponding setting can be saved so that it can be called up at the touch of a button.

With its rich sound and the very good stereo base, as well as the many music sources, the Musicstation can even replace the entire stereo system in many cases. The price for this is absolutely reasonable.

Price tip: Albrecht DR 690 CD

The Albrecht DR 690 CD spoils you with the well-known virtues of the brand: good features at a tightly calculated price. It doesn’t really matter that there is only one housing version, namely the one in black.

Price tip

Albrecht DR 690 CD

Test of the best internet radio: Albrecht DR 690 CD

The DR 690 CD has everything you need, sounds good and is very cheap.

The black wood decor surface is neatly processed and the housing is quite large – so you need a corresponding amount of floor space. There should also be enough space at the top, as the control buttons are attached to the device so that in case of doubt you cannot see what you are doing on the narrow shelf.

If such a setup is not possible, the Lenco DIR 260BK is an alternative , it has many similarities with the Albrecht, only the controls are located there on the front and not on the top. Of course, the DR 690 CD can also be operated completely by remote control – this, like the control panel on the device, is kept very clear and therefore does not pose any puzzles.

In addition to the Internet radio stations, DAB +, FM with RDS, Bluetooth and, of course, CD also serve as sources. There is no icon for Spotify or any other streaming service in the menu, so ideally you should use the services installed on the mobile phone and transmit them via Bluetooth.

However, that is the only compromise that has to be made regarding the low price – besides the USB socket for external sources, which is also not available. In order to keep the front section nice and clean, the headphone jack had to move to the rear in addition to the AUX input. The CD drive, on the other hand, is praiseworthy, here the slide extends and then retracts with the CD. Even if the so-called slot-in drives – without a slide – certainly have their advantages, it can sometimes “clog” because you can’t see whether a CD is already in them. You don’t have that problem here.

Thanks to the large volume of the case and the two bass reflex openings, the DR 690 CD can  offer a rich sound that can even be opened without distortion as far as it will go. Since, in the end, something had to be saved here too, the sound does not fill large rooms satisfactorily. Nevertheless, considering the price, the DR 690 CD offers great features and workmanship.

Design tip: Hama DIR3510SCBTX

Thanks to the bracket and the shape, the Hama DIR3510SCBTX appears correspondingly light, but the housing is just as stable as that of the competition, so the operating weight of the Hama is within the normal range of four kilos, so it is not a plastic bomber. The control elements are located around the display: two rows, admittedly, quite slim switches and a jog dial in the middle. The narrow, inconspicuous CD slot extends and retracts very quickly at the push of a button – and it looks anything but rickety.

Design tip


Test of the best internet radio: Hama DIR3510SCBTX

Nice design with very good equipment and very good sound.

Overall, the DIR3510 is inclined slightly upwards after it has been set up, so it can also stand on a low sideboard and still radiate well towards ear level. However, its incline cannot be adjusted, so it should not be placed too high either.

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Internet radio test: Hama Dir3510scbtx
The Hama DIR3510SCBTX does not only look good in the kitchen with its elegant arched design.
Internet radio test: Hama Dir3510scbtx display
The central control button is below the color display, the memory and drive buttons are lined up on the upper edge, and further control buttons are below.
Internet radio test: Hama Dir3510scbtx Back
All connections are on the back, including a LAN socket, there is even a real on / off switch.
Internet radio test: Hama Dir3510scbtx Fb
The buttons on the remote control are large and clearly arranged and have a clearly noticeable pressure point.

Thanks to WPS, integration into the network is just as fast as with any other, and there is also a LAN socket for all cases. Unfortunately, Bluetooth has to get by without NFC and without the aptX codec and the buttons are really quite small. The operation, especially that of the CD drive, is not always clear. The CD tray only opens and closes when the corresponding button on the device is pressed – and only when the device is in CD mode. The compartment cannot be opened or closed at all using the remote control. It was also noticeable that the CD drive with older CDs with slightly scratched surfaces produced dropouts; the  Stream 67  played the same CD without problems.

With the Hama DIR3510SCBTX , two full- range drivers work towards the front, the bass reflex openings are on the rear, and there is no additional bass chassis. On the other hand, the DIR3505 sounds very good and can, depending on the setup, push down well. Even if there is no distortion at the maximum level, the Hama is more suitable for sound reinforcement in medium-sized rooms, in the living room with more than 20 square meters it sounds a bit lost.

Anyone who is tired of the usual square shape and only owns well-cared-for CDs will  certainly not go wrong with the Hama DIR3505 , especially since the price is also within reasonable limits .

Can be built under: Imperial DABMAN i450 CD

The  Imperial Dabman i450 CD comes with a factory-installed assembly set for mounting under a kitchen wall cabinet , and the white housing also fits. If that’s too »kitchen-like«, the only option left is to choose the black housing.

Can be built under

Imperial DABMAN i450 CD

Test of the best internet radio: Imperial DABMAN i450 CD

The Dabman i450 CD comes with a complete assembly set so that it can be installed under the wall cabinet in the kitchen.

The fact that both the USB port and the headphone jack are conveniently accessible from the front fits perfectly with the optional fixed installation. At the back there is a real power switch to switch off the Dabman i450 CD in the event of a long absence, a LAN socket and only a single bass reflex opening.

During the later sound test, we take a second look at the back, a little in disbelief, until we notice that one opening works exclusively for the bass speaker, which is inserted in the bottom of the Dabman i450 CD and based on the downfire principle like a subwoofer for the full one Deep bass is responsible. The two broadband loudspeakers to the right and left of the control panel therefore only have to take care of the medium and high frequencies.

So that the subwoofer has enough space below, the feet of the Dabman provide enough space. Especially when the mounting plate is screwed to the recessed threads on the underside and then fastened under the tall cabinet, the bass loudspeaker can unfold unchecked.

In addition to the usual sources such as Internet radio, DAB +, FM and CD, streaming services such as Napster, Qubuz, Tidal, Deezer, Palco MP3 and others are supported – as is so often the case, there is an extra for Spotify Connect Icon in the menu. The CD drive is a so-called slot-in, the CD is snapped halfway and pulled in and then played back without audible drive noises.

The Dabman i450 CD  is a great internet radio, not only for the kitchen, at least if you don’t see it that closely with the design.

Also tested

Technisat DigitRadio 585

Test of the best internet radio: Technisat DigitRadio 585

TechniSat is known to be the owner of the traditional brand Nordmende, so it is hardly surprising that the design of the DigitRadio 585, at least the older generation, is strongly reminiscent of the design of that manufacturer. Perhaps that is only because TechniSat has gone back to the older design of the generously rounded edges. Nevertheless, the DigitRadio 585 is packed full of the latest technology.

In addition to Internet radio via WLAN, the DigitRadio 585 also receives DAB + and VHF via the telescopic antenna that protrudes from the rear of the housing. In addition, Spotify is already preinstalled and of course the radio has a CD drive. This does not cover all possible sources, because the USB port on the back can be equipped with a stick full of music that the radio can also play. Last but not least, there is also an analog AUX input for any analog source devices that may be present.

The rather coarse-pixel black-and-white display doesn’t really want to fit this abundance of functions and possible sources, but this only affects comfort insofar as no colorful covers and station logos are displayed. The Qi charging area on top of the DigitRadio 585 may offer some compensation for this, as a compatible smartphone can be charged wirelessly here, simply by placing it on the top.

The DigitRadio 585 has side-mounted speakers, which not only ensure a rich sound, but also offer a good basic stereo width, at least as long as the sound is not picked up by the side walls, cupboards or shelves. If you like the design despite the monochrome display, and if you have a Qi-chargeable smartphone, the DigitRadio 585 will be happy to pay more than the current favorite, because the sound and workmanship of both are beyond any doubt.

Roberts Stream 67

Test of the best internet radio stations: Roberts Stream 67

With the Stream 67, Roberts is pushing the price spiral very high. The workmanship of the bolide doesn’t give reason for criticism. The control unit on top of the device is completely enclosed in brushed aluminum, and the two buttons – volume and tuning – are solidly made and run as smooth as silk. Two mid-tweeters radiate to the front – one per stereo channel – two woofer chassis radiate to the rear, together with the corresponding bass reflex opening.

The equipment is appropriately lavish, the controls come up with some convenient details: The Roberts has a so-called slot-in CD drive without a drawer. If a CD is inserted, the device switches directly to CD mode and reads it in. The designers apparently had a greater influence on the distribution of the sockets, at least the headphone socket would be more ergonomic at the front, and the AUX input as well.

The sound is very voluminous according to the housing and the loudspeakers without being too bulky. The Stream 67 can be set up freely, as the low frequency range can then unfold accordingly. When installed close to a wall, the bass performance changes depending on the distance and nature of the wall, and the sound can be individually adjusted using the equalizer.

“Size matters” – that applies without a doubt to the  Roberts Stream 67 , but the size also needs to be used acoustically skillfully and, in the case of the Roberts, can also be accompanied by high-quality workmanship – which basically justifies the high price.

Lenco DIR-260BK

Test of the best internet radio: Lenco DIR-260BK

The Lenco DIR 260BK can not deny a certain similarity to our current price tip Albrecht DR 690 CD . The most important difference is the arrangement of the controls. On the Lenco, they are located at the front under the display, while the controls on the Albrecht have been moved completely upwards. Both certainly have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on where the radio is set up, one or the other variant may be more ergonomic.

The DIR 260BK is also only available in a black housing, which is solid and of course made of wood. These are particularly good prerequisites for a good and above all boom-free sound.

As an additional source to Internet radio, DAB, FM and CD, there is only one analog AUX input. However, this is on the back, as is the headphone jack, which is rather impractical in everyday use.

Otherwise, the DIR 260BK is a good alternative to our price tip, especially since the prices are about the same.

Pure Evoke C-F6

Test of the best internet radios: Pure Evoke C-F6

The Pure Evoke C F6  is slightly more expensive than, for example, the Dabman i450 CD, but firstly it is even more elegant and is also available in several wood variants, namely, apart from the walnut we tested, in oak gray and sienna black, all of them with Wood grain. In addition to the Internet radio and the CD drive, the usual sources such as DAB +, FM with RDS, Bluetooth and even AUX are also available – the Spotify Connect icon is, as usual, already in the menu.

It’s amazing what comes out of the Evoke C F6 in terms of sound, even though only two broadband speakers are used. The bass is almost as crisp and contoured as in devices with an extra subwoofer. The Evoke C F6  sounds pretty balanced and is certainly a good choice for the well-kept living room, while the white remote control is less than ideal in the kitchen.

Soundmaster ICD2200SI

Test of the best internet radio: Soundmaster ICD2200SI

The Soundmaster ICD2200SI is purely a built-in device , which means that it should ideally only be installed under a wall cabinet in the kitchen. If you just place the Soundmaster somewhere on it, it becomes difficult with the sound, because the two speakers are attached to the underside and only radiate downwards.

The Soundmaster ICD2200SI cannot be used as versatile as, for example, the Imperial Dabman i450 CD , which can also be built under, but radiates towards the front. The ICD2200SI is much flatter and fits under the cabinet if there is little space there. A bracket is an integral part of the device, it can be screwed directly under the cabinet or shelf, the ICD2200SI is then simply pushed onto it and clicked into place. The radio can then simply be removed for cleaning or if a repair is required.

So if you are looking for a radio for base cabinet mounting only, the ICD2200SI is the best choice for you. It’s reasonably priced and even has a built-in timer to help you cook.

Albrecht DR 890 CD

Internet radio test: Albrecht Radio

The Albrecht DR 890 CD has a very compact housing and instead of an extra subwoofer, the two built-in broadband speakers are supported by a bass reflex opening on the back. The headphone jack is easily accessible on the front. The Albrecht DR 890 CD is in a beautiful wooden case.

The workmanship is flawless, the use of a real CD tray instead of a slot-in drive has the advantage of better control over the silver disk for some. On the whole, you are not doing anything wrong with the Albrecht DR 890 CD .

Albrecht DR 890 CD

Internet radio test: Albrecht Radio

 Little more needs to be said about the Albrecht DR 890 CD than has already been said about the Auna Connect CD: solid workmanship, lavish features and, last but not least, a beautiful case, but unfortunately no white version is available. The Albrecht DR 890 CD is also worth every penny, especially if you value an appropriate sound in addition to the beautiful wood finish.

TechniSat DIGITRADIO 600

Internet radio test: TechniSat DIGITRADIO 600

The DigitRadio 600 from TechniSat is our former test winner, which is no coincidence. Finally, thanks to the appropriate loudspeaker equipment, it is able to effortlessly fill larger rooms with sound. At the time, we benevolently overlooked the black-and-white display and would probably still do so, but the good piece is currently hardly available.

In addition to the CD , the  Digitradio 600 also has other digital and analog sources available as sources: In addition to the obligatory DAB + and FM reception options, there is also an AUX socket for analog sources – unfortunately this is on the back – and last but not least a USB socket for the corresponding data carrier, but luckily this is located at the front. The integrated Bluetooth receiver has NFC support, which is very convenient because the smartphone only needs to be hung up briefly for a connection.

The bolide is still worth every penny as long as it is available and the total price does not exceed 400 euros . If your kitchen isn’t that big, you can get by with less – less sound and less budget.

That’s how we tested

The number of manufacturers and product variants of Internet radios is quite confusing. We have discovered the continuation of the classic kitchen radio from the modern internet radio for the living room or study, in some cases with the option of mounting under the tall kitchen cabinet. Even the popular portable radio is experiencing a renaissance with modern reception technology.

Combination devices with an integrated CD drive are now also finding their customers, as are small or larger helpers who make your existing stereo equipment receptive to Internet radio and thus catapult it into the modern age.

Great variety of models

We tested a total of over 50 devices and roughly divided them into three price categories : The cheapest Internet radios are around 100 euros, devices costing 200 euros above that .

Finally, we listened to the station wagons, which are also equipped with a CD drive and mostly exceed the limit of 200 euros .

We tested the operation and, above all, how easy or cumbersome the radio can be integrated into the home network. In addition, the sound was important to us, which the sometimes quite compact devices can produce – or not. We also compared the features of the individual devices.

As I said, Frontier Silicon not only supplies the software and the database but also the chipset, so it is hardly surprising that most radios have many similarities on the back as well as in the menu. There are only marginal differences in terms of the available sockets and whether these are attached to the rear or the front, which is more practical with the headphone socket, for example.

Deviations in the menu are also minor and, as in the case of some TechniSat radios, are directly related to the display technology used. But that doesn’t mean that the internet radios all sound the same, on the contrary. Because when it comes to the housing and the built-in speakers, the devices differ considerably, and there are also major differences in the equipment.

The most important questions

Which stations do I get with an internet radio?

Most of the well-known regional and national radio stations are also available as Internet streams. In addition, thousands of specialty and international channels are available.

What can I still receive if my internet access fails?

Many Internet radios can still receive at least the local radio stations via a conventional antenna. Some can be connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth or AUX socket in order to stream music from there. We have listed the possible reception routes in our table.

Can I receive internet radio while on the go?

In principle, access to the Internet must exist in order to receive Internet radio stations. This can be publicly accessible WLAN while on the move, but alternatively the smartphone can also provide access to the Internet, either as a WLAN hotspot or via Bluetooth. Our equipment table shows whether the internet radio has Bluetooth.

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