Best series of 2021: the fictions that have starred in the year -!

Best series of 2021: the fictions that have starred in the year -!: All the details about Best series of 2021: the fictions that have starred in the year -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about Best series of 2021: the fictions that have starred in the year -!. Here’s what you need to know about Best series of 2021: the fictions that have starred in the year -!, Here are the details … Expected successes, surprises in the form of phenomena and new seasons. All of them have earned a place in the list of the best of the year that ends for one reason or another.

A year is ending, 2021, in which television production has been very marked by the restrictions and new measures that the Covid pandemic- 19 has introduced in the industry, but which, fortunately, far from having been marked by the paralysis as it was 2020, has been the one that has brought back some of the returns of most anticipated series and in which some of the new productions that we were so eager to see have been premiered.

In 2021 there has been a little bit of everything and we must say that it has been a delight in series which is easy to notice when, looking back a bit, we remember ourselves enjoying the premieres we wanted so much -like Disney + Marvel series like Scarlet Witch and Vision and Loki -, of the so long-awaited returns of the always wonderful Sex Education or The Handmaid’s Tale -among another long list of new seasons that we expected like May water- and, of course, from some surprises (some more unexpected than others) that have definitely earned their status as great protagonists of the year.

The year we said goodbye also gave us the end of La Casa de Papel , the phenomenon of The Squid Game , some ‘true crime’ -a genre of rabid actuality- that has penetrated us deeper than we thought and, ultimately , a whole list of series in which all of them have earned a place for one reason or another.

The 24 most outstanding series premieres of 2022

The result of the best series of 2021 according to SensaCine you will find it below. There is no ranking, but we have placed them by chronological order and, you know, there are not all that are, but they are all that are. And now, to expect a 2022 even more seriéfilo.

Scarlet Witch and Vision

Marvel fans were devastated after the cancellation of all the series of the house of ideas on the Netflix platform (especially of Daredevil and The Punisher ), but everything changed when Disney + announced some of the related projects it had prepared for broadcast with the characters created by Stan Lee. One of them was Scarlet Witch and Vision and a certain confusion was generated by knowing how it was going to be fiction starring these characters , since it must be remembered that Vision lost his life at the hands of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity Wa r. The big question was how I could connect the story with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Created by Jac Schaeffer -who will also be in charge of the ‘spin-off’ Agatha: House of Harkness – Scarlet Witch and Vision surprised locals and strangers by becoming a more than remarkable nostalgic artifact in its first chapters (which caused a stupor among some users of the chain) to give way to an epic story much more in the line of what Kevin Feige’s company has us used to. A delight that pays tribute to classic television series over several decades, which awaits an enormous amount of surprises and which won the applause of the most staunch fans of the MCU .

Iron – Season 2

In recent years, crime series have been occupying more and more space on the television grid. This trend has left us great gems -see MINDHUNTER – and in the Spanish field we cannot complain either. In 2019 premiered Hierro and we soon realized that it was a special fiction.

It focuses on Candela – played by a brilliant Candela Peña -, a judge destined for the island of El Hierro who, just upon arrival, faces a murder that shocks the neighbors. In February of 2021 the second and final season was released, putting the finishing touch to a very solid about the independence of its protagonist and the corruption of the island.

Merlí: Sapere Aude – Season 2

After Merlí , Héctor Lozano gave us Merlí: Sapere Aude with Pol (Carlos Cuevas) as the protagonist in his walks in the university studying philosophy after finishing high school. And he the second season put the finishing touch to one of the best series of recent years, treating the subject of HIV with great affection and in a much-needed way that encourages – and will continue to promote – a much-needed discussion today.

In addition, Carlos Cuevas gives his best, doing one of his best performances. But so does María Pujalte like María Bolaño and all those around her. Pol says goodbye forever having matured quite a bit since his first season, having a great and wonderful story arc that will be recorded in the history of television.

Mare of Easttown

It came to HBO in April with all the ballots to become one of the series of this 2021. So it was. Week after week, the fiction starring Kate Winsle t managed to bring together a greater number of viewers than the other side of the screen. Some spectators wanting to discover if detective Mare Sheehan -the protagonist- had made new advances in the investigation of the disappearance of several young women from the town. But also to know how this woman, apparently capable of everything, managed to deal with all the problems in her personal life: a terrible event from her past, the fact that her ex-husband lives in front of her house, together with her new partner, the possible loss of custody of your grandson…

His nuanced plot, immediate connection to Mare, and a cast of actors capable of shining both together and individually are just three of the ingredients for which Mare of Easttown is one of the best fictions of this year that we are about to dismiss. A recognition that also came in the form of an award by winning four Emmy Awards.

The Handmaid’s Tale – Season 4

The series starring Elisabeth Moss has been offering us great moments since 2017. It is true that it has not always maintained the spectacular level of the first season, even at times becoming somewhat tedious due to excessive recreation in the fascinating photography and close-ups of June, or with plots stretched to the extreme, but It is worth recognizing that even with those it deserves to always be in the top of the best series of the year.

Both the strength and the weakness of the last episodes lie in the life outside of June’s Gilead and the Waterfords with interesting plot threads, while others have proved quite expendable. However, if only for the outcome, this fourth season has been worth it. In 2022 it is likely that The Handmaid’s Tale will appear again in the ranking of the best of the year, as season 5 is confirmed and it is rumored that it could be the definitive ending.


One of the most charismatic characters in Marvel, time travel and a great mystery as a common thread . Loki , the fiction about the god of deception played by Tom Hiddleston, could not not be a success. The studio has been smart when it comes to not letting one of the characters most loved by the fans of its universe die and giving him a leading role.

A highlight of this fiction is Loki’s relationship with his female variant Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino). Also its penultimate chapter with a finale starring Richard E. Grant as Classic Loki worthy of framing. A pity that the character of Sylvie is not as squeezed as it promised in its beginnings, and that the outcome of the fiction was summarized in an explanatory monologue anticipating the appearance of Kang the Conqueror in the future of the franchise.

Lost Fagot

Presented at the Malaga Film Festival 2021, Maricón Perdido is the great bet of the writer and artist Bop Pop, who opens the channel to show the public his story. Through time jumps and bathed in a retro aesthetic that could well be reminiscent of Pedro Almódovar’s titles, the viewer knows the true story of Roberto Enríquez (Bop Pop) , from his harsh childhood due to the harsh social pressure he received for his appearance, to his maturity with an authentic identity marked by fire.

An aesthetic with character that knows how to perfectly adapt and with pleasure that aesthetic of the years 80, and a overwhelming cast and at the height of the draft that has the reading of his story are without a doubt the perfect ingredients that make you watch one episode after another, and want more.

The White Lotus

The HBO comedy has already confirmed its second season, so we have The White Lotus for a while. A six-episode miniseries that got us a few laughs by making use of the saying “the rich also cry” . Watching the series we would all like to spend some time with this dysfunctional family and friends, often comical, other times dramatic, even with uncomfortable experiences, but always hilarious.

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, The White Lotu s is set in a paradisiacal tropical resort. For a week we participate in the comings and goings of both guests and employees of the place. In the ranking of the best series of the year, it is not badly positioned and has received nominations at the Golden Globes, Critic Choice Awards, or as the best TV program of the year from the AFI.

Surely you can ask for more, hence the desire for its second season, but being honest as well this satire of rich men has given us enough entertainment in this 2021.

What would happen if…?

Marvel Studios has achieved two things with What if …? , its first animated series: increase -even more- its narrative possibilities and return to the stories of the most veteran superheroes of its universe as if it were the first time we see them. The studio has more than complied with this fiction that, in addition, has given fans of the MCU new and interesting characters such as Captain Carter and a T’Challa turned Star-Lord.

Also great moments difficult to forget such as Thor’s party around the world, the universe full of zombies or the torment of Doctor Strange to rescue Christine Palmer from death. And that’s just to mention a few. Each episode of the fiction was one more gem to add to the Marvel Studios story board. Best of all? There is already a second season on the way.

Only murders in the building

A murder with a lot of mystery io, three neighbors who decide to investigate and a podcast. These three words perfectly define Only murders in the building , the big surprise of the year for many. This series, available on Disney +, is not only full of intrigue, it also provokes funny moments just when necessary. And this would not be possible without its magnificent protagonists.

Steve Martin, co-creator with John Hoffman, stars in this mystery comedy alongside comedian Martin Short and artist Selena Gomez. An impeccable trio that fits perfectly and makes the plot evolve in the best way thanks to their performances. In short, a different series than what we are used to with all the ingredients to hook you from minute one.

The Paper House – Season 5

2021 was the year in which the Professor’s gang ended the assault on the Bank of Spain. There have been three seasons of war between the thieves and the Spanish authorities where it seemed that there was no possible way out, but Álex Pina’s team has closed the story very satisfactorily in two sets of five episodes .

Thus ends a stage where Spain has been in the spotlight of international television fiction. La Casa de Papel has triumphed around the world, giving rise to tributes in the streets of cities around the world, the red monkey movement and the ‘Bella Ciao’ revolution. Goodbye to Tokyo, Rio, Denver, Nairobi, Helsinki, Berlin, Stockholm, Lisbon and the rest of the band members. You will be thrown out less.

Secrets of a marriage

Based on the Ingmar Bergman miniseries of 1973, Secrets of a marriage is starring on this occasion by the fabulous Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac, who get into the shoes of a marriage on the brink of the abyss. Presented at the Venice Film Festival 2021, the fiction received a warm welcome from critics, and is that chemistry, truth and discouragement reflected by its protagonists on the small screen is the great attraction of the series.

Through this heartbreaking, but revealing, story the myth of romantic love , the harsh challenge that a romantic relationship supposes and the personal wishes about the partner. A remake, without a doubt, totally successful at the moment.

The squid game

How could one of Netflix’s biggest phenomena not be on our list of the best series of the year? The squid game has become the most watched non-American fiction on the streaming platform ahead, for example, of La casa de papel . Conceived as a miniseries by the creator Hwang Dong-hyuk (also being his first work outside of a feature film), it tells the story of a kind-hearted loser who makes a living by betting money, to try to pay off the debts he has with dangerous moneylenders from the city. Soon, he will meet an enigmatic man on the subway who, after playing a game of ddakji (a game in which you have to turn over the opponent’s envelope or card), proposes you to join a much bigger game. The protagonist accepts, rides in a car and is asleep with gas, he will soon wake up in a gigantic room surrounded by people like him dressed in numbered tracksuits. Now, they are all participants in a grotesque game of life and death that promises them succulent loot if they manage to overcome it to the end.

The squid game is one of the great ‘word of mouth’ phenomena of the Netflix platform, which very soon managed to get high among the most watched and cultivated an immense legion of fans who described the wildest theories about one of the biggest Korean balls (with permission from Parasites , of course) in recent years. Its creator is still playing with the possibility of shooting a second season, which was not in his plans . Although, of course, seeing the result, the sum that the streaming company can offer to continue the story would be the most succulent in all probability. We will have to wait …

Sex Education – Season 3

They had already warned from the team that season 3 of Sex Education would be the more mature and, definitely, it has been, but while maintaining that very characteristic essence from the Netflix series that has already made it one of the platform’s star titles. In a perfect reflection of their journey, in the new installment of fiction starring Asa Butterfield and Emma Mackey we found the Moordale students in a life stage quite different from when we met them in the first installment, deepening their relationships, taking steps giant in his personal self-knowledge and daring to break clichés.

The new installment of Sex Education has also hosted great surprises in the form of characters , has grown in inclusivity , has given us some of the moments that we were most looking forward to to plot level and, if that were not enough, it has laid the foundations for a fourth season that has a lot of work ahead of it. It was a surprise and it still is.


The challenge was brutal : Adapt the founding saga of Science Fiction from which most of the culture of the twentieth century later drank. But the audiovisual version of the 7 books -Foundation adapts only a part of the literary saga of Isaac Asimov of more than 15 stories- manages to succeed – at least Asimov’s heirs believe so – in this first season broadcast on Apple TV and that the second batch of episodes is already in production.

Due to the fact that the books contain a great philosophical charge, the creator of the series David S. Goyer has had to look for characters that allow to carry out these abstract ideas and one of the great discoveries of the series is the brilliant cast – among whom Jared Harris, Lee Pace, Lou Llobel and Leah Harvey stand out. In addition to the fascinating moral and visual representation of this universe that spans over a millennium.

The series, with a dose of action much more relevant than the stories, tells how a group of exiles from the great galactic empire choose to found a new civilization before the foreseeable disappearance of the current empire, ruled by a series of clone emperors. But the chosen ones discover that the only way to save the Galactic Empire from destruction is to challenge it, confront it, and bear the consequences. Action, philosophy and science fiction, all in one.

Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass is nothing you can expect and yet , it will catch you in a strangely familiar way. The creator is Mike Flanagan, the same from The Curse of Hill House and The Curse of Bly Manor , two gems of terror of recent years that have made Flanagan a figure to be reckoned with in the industry.

In the case of this fiction, released on Netflix on 24 September 2021, we meet a young priest who comes to an isolated town to revitalize the faith of its inhabitants. Between the neighbors there are internal traumas and family problems that, as often happens in Flanagan’s fictions, dominate the plot. As soon as the new priest arrives, the small island of Crockett will experience a series of paranormal events that will change everything.

You – Season 3

Finding season 3 of You between series of the stature of Mare of Easttown , the applauded Scarlet Witch and Vision or the series phenomenon The Squid Game may well be a bit ‘WTF’, but the reality is that in a list that represents the fictions that best represent 2021 There is nothing wrong with claiming this addictive and popcorn series that makes such good times pass to those who in their day were trapped by the story of Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) and who continue to accompany him on his increasingly incredible journey.

You not only perfectly fulfills its function of entertaining , but continues to maintain that quality of his of playing with the unexpected and stretching the credible to the limit of the incredible without crossing the line. The series starring the ex of Gossip Girl has made us say again ‘uy, uy, uy, uy’ with so much sauce , so “sorry, not sorry”.

Succession – Season 3

After a long wait of two years, the fascinating Roy family returned to HBO Max, with the third season of Succession . A season that had to overcome the high bar set by its predecessor, with that ending that left all viewers speechless. It was clear that Jesse Armstrong was not going to disappoint fans of fiction and in each of the nine episodes, in which it is divided this third installment, manages to once again make it clear that you don’t play with Logan, because you never know what they can surprise you with.

With an atmosphere more tense than ever within Waystar Royco, where of course Logan continues to have the last word, and the new problems that have arisen in the private sphere of each of the four Roy brothers, Succession reaffirms itself as a new classic, the kind that you should see at least once in your life.

Dolores: The truth about the Wanninkhof Case

This year we had already been able to see on Netflix the documentary film The Wanninkhof-Carabantes Case , but it was the docuserie that was born at the time than HBO Max in Spain, Dolores: The truth about the Wanninkhof Case , which definitely brought back one of the cases most mediatic criminals in the history of our country and managed to do a little justice, if possible, with the victim of one of the biggest judicial errors in Spain.

For the first time in 20 years, Dolores Vázquez herself gets in front of the cameras to talk about his story. A story that now seems almost unbelievable, but that tells how society and the press prosecuted a woman without evidence who ended up in jail for murder and that only a new crime of the true culprit allowed her to regain her freedom. Not only that of Dolores, but also the testimony of journalists who sing the ‘Mea culpa’ as well as the accounts of some members of the jury and others involved reconstruct the story in this documentary that both has been talked about and it has undoubtedly been one of the best of the year.

Where is Martha?

Where is Marta? It is the question that many Spaniards have been asking for more than a decade. Although the Netflix documentary series of the same name does not answer this question, it is true that it clears up many of the questions that have not been answered in these years. In fact, raises a parallel line of investigation that reveals the errors of the case.

Through the three hour-long episodes, the documentary series takes a tour of the investigation into the disappearance and murder of Marta del Castillo. From the moment the young Sevillian woman did not return home until the latest news in the case – the victim’s body has not yet appeared -, going through the thousands of headlines that the investigation has occupied since 2009.

Where is Marta? is the perfect ‘true crime’ documentary series , since it deals with the case of Marta del Castillo from an informative approach without losing respect for the victim’s family and friends.


Arcane is the animated series of the year and could not be missing from this list. Who would say that a fiction based on the acclaimed video game League of Legends could also captivate people totally outside of it. And it is that its history, its characters and its animation catch from the first moment. And even those people who do not like the series very much Animation fans have become and there are even some who have wanted to download the game for the first time after viewing.

It is not surprising that it has gotten a deserved renewal for a second season, so we will know what will happen to Jinx, Vi or Jayce after that cliffhanger of the first installment. What other champions from League of Legends will appear in this new season?


Ana Rujas and Claudia Costafreda are the people behind Cardo , the Atresplayer Premium series produced by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi . The best millennial portrait of a Madrid never before seen in other series and movies. The purest and most real. Ana Rujas plays María, a girl who soon meets the 30 and who has problems related to drugs, sex and money.

In the six episodes of the first season, you suffer a roller coaster of emotions with the protagonist, from a loud laugh to anxiety harder. But Cardo would also be nothing without its great cast such as Clara Sans, Ana Telenti or Juani Ruiz. Looking forward to the second season.

Come on Juan

When in an Investigative Committee of the Congress of Deputies a deputy spends almost two minutes talking about a television series, that means that fiction has penetrated so deeply into reality that it is almost part of our history as a country. And that happened this week precisely to Come on Juan , the Diego San José series starring Javier Cámara, whose third season is broadcasting HBO MAX. Comedy is undoubtedly one of the best satirical portraits of our society.

A pathetic and mean character, but one who generates tenderness and it is impossible for us to hate, and whom we want to accompany wherever his outrages take him, because we already accompany him to Turkey to implant hair, or to a television program where we rejoice when he crushed the corrupt president of his party or even to the party of his neighbor Carlos Baute, whom he insisted on calling Chayanne. Magnificent and great nights of humor that Juan Carrasco is giving us, and magnificent portrait of the pathetic political panorama that we have had to live as a society.


We have barely been able to see one of its chapters half camouflaged on HBO Max, and seasoned readers have even been able to listen in English, the podcast with the true story also produced by HBO, and available openly on the American website of the streaming platform. But the ‘true crime’ series suggests that it will be one of the best that we will see ending in 2021 . The premise is fascinating: a gray naive marriage -Olivia Colman and David Thewlis who decide to face the fact that her parents have been more than 18 years buried in his garden.

The atypical police investigation, and the peculiar characters , their decisions and their way of facing the alleged crime -which they deny- reminds us of the best seasons of the series Fargo , in which David Thewlis also participates. History fascinating, and surprising staging , which keeps us longing for when the next episode will be posted -in the US they are broadcast on Mondays … –