Bosch MFW45020 meat grinder ProPower 500 W Reviews

Bosch MFW45020 meat grinder ProPower DEALS​

Summary With a blocked motor output of 1600 watts, the Bosch meat grinder performs very well. This enables very fast processing of up to 2.7 kg per minute. Sausage filling and kebbe attachment expand the preparation options. A very good price-performance ratio!


The Bosch MFW45020 convinces with a rich scope of delivery, so that you are prepared for all eventualities. The following parts are enclosed with the meat grinder: stint, sausage sacrifice attachment, filling aid, filling bowl, spare carrier, kebvorment.

Perfectly equipped

The size 5 meat grinder has a strong power of 1,600 watts when the engine is blocked. This allows processing of up to 2.7 kilograms of meat per minute. The intelligent design and rubber feet guarantee a safe stand. The safety-quick coupling ensures greater safety. After use, the cable can be conveniently stored inside the device.

Versatile use

With the Bosch meat grinder, you not only prepare a mince of meat or fish, thanks to the attachments for filling sausages and for the preparation of kebbe, there are no limits to your creativity. For example, prepare your own created bratwurst for the barbecue


Product details​

General characteristics
Product type meat grinder
colour White
Operating mode electric
Maximum power in watts 500 or 1600 with the engine blocked
Safety devices Non-slip rubber feet | Safety quick coupling
execution Electric meat grinder
AC input voltage in volts 220-240
scope Kebbe attachment, filling bowl, pusher, storage system, filling aid, perforated disc
Others Processing: 2.7 kg / min or 162 kg / h | Forward function
Height Weight
Height in cm 25.4
Width in cm 19.9
Depth in cm 29.5
Weight in kg 4.45



High Output​

High performance for large quantities: Thanks to the powerful motor and sophisticated ergonomics, the ProPower meat mincer can process meat with an output of up to 2.7 kilograms per minute.

Perfect results at maximum speed.​

You want perfect results even with ingredients that are difficult to process? Thanks to the very strong motor and the high motor blocking power, your ingredients are processed evenly and very quickly. This means more time for preparing other dishes.





Handle a lot in basically no time.​

Sometimes you need to process large quantities of meat in a short time. The high-quality meat mincer is expert at processing large quantities quickly. Thanks to the powerful motor it works very quickly and reliably.

Remove jammed food at the push of a button.​

With difficult ingredients a meat mincer may become clogged up. This is where the reverse function comes in. It helps to release food that has got stuck. Thanks to this function the mincer is ready for use again very quickly.

These sausages are fresher than from the butcher’s shop.​

Homemade sausages can be prepared freshly according to your individuel taste and will delight your guests. The sausage attachment lets you create your own delicious chicken, beef, pork or vegetarian sausages.

The tube makes the difference.​

You can make kebbe even if you don’t have much time. The attachment is intended to make the preparation process easier. You can use it to shape tubes, fill them up and press them together on both sides.

Appropiate perforated discs for various types of food.​

Quality you can trust. Stainless steel is a durable, low-maintenance material, it is hygienic, has a smooth surface, is tasteless and is very easy to clean. All this makes it the best choice for the steel mincer discs.

Stability on the work surface thanks to clever design.​

A mincer that moves around on the work surface can be dangerous. Thanks to the rubber feet the mincer sits securely on the worktop.

Easy handling thanks to practical handle.​

Often there is not enough space on the worktop or in the kitchen. With the practical carrying handle, you can simply move the mincer around as you need to. Or stow it away quickly. Which gives you more space for other utensils.

United States quality standards for reliability and longevity.​

A meat mincer has to be of high qualitly to ensure outstanding performance even under heavy load. This mincer stands for the high United States quality standards of the Bosch brand. It guarantees durability, reliability and technical perfection for many years.

The Review​

Bosch MFW45020 meat grinder ProPower​

90% Score

With a blocked motor output of 1600 watts, the Bosch meat grinder performs very well. This enables very fast processing of up to 2.7 kg per minute. Sausage filling and kebbe attachment expand the preparation options. A very good price-performance ratio!


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Bosch MFW45020 meat grinder ProPower DEALS​

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