Brow lift: is this trendy method for beautiful eyebrows right for you?

Brow lift: is this trendy method for having beautiful eyebrows right for you?

Hello, Welcome to the TopWhich News site! I will present you all the details of Brow lift: is this trendy method to have beautiful eyebrows right for you? here.

Brow lift: is this trendy method for beautiful eyebrows right for you?

Brow lift: is this trendy method for having beautiful eyebrows right for you? We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Brow lift: is this trendy method for beautiful eyebrows right for you? Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Brow lift: is this trendy method to have beautiful eyebrows right for you?

New eyebrow enhancement that promises thicker and well-groomed eyebrows for several weeks, the brow lift has something to seduce. But is it really the brow care that’s right for you? We get back to you!

Line restructuring with pliers, makeup or dyeing, microblading or brow lamination … Today there are many beauty techniques to display perfect eyebrows. Offering an ephemeral or lasting result, or even a semi-permanent effect depending on the method chosen, some of these services are carried out only in beauty institutes by professionals while others can be adopted at home, but all have the same ambition: to offer us beautiful eyebrows, generally fuller and more disciplined.

Although the trend for thin eyebrows is definitely back and is cracking up with some celebrities, this hair removal that refines the line is ultimately only reserved for those who already sport fairly thin eyebrows naturally. Otherwise, beware of the absence of hair on this area of ​​your face which could appear unnatural and cause your face to lose its expressiveness! It’s a fact, the eyebrow trends of the moment may oscillate between everything and its opposite: the vast majority of people instead turn to techniques able to densify their line and fix their hair for a few weeks in order to gain precious minutes into their morning beauty routine. This is why the brow lift method,

which makes the eyebrows thicker and style them for a long time, has everything to seduce them.

How does the brow lift work?

This eyebrow treatment is a semi-permanent technique that relies on raising the hairs of the eyebrows upwards to give the impression that they have just been brushed like this. This movement fixed in the hairs will not only discipline the eyebrows but also make the eyebrow line more full and create an impression of volume. It is therefore a styling of the hairs which fills the eyebrows, gives them allure, and the result of which lasts between three and four weeks approximately. The equivalent of an eyelash lift but for the eyebrows in short!

Why choose the brow lift rather than another method?

In the vein of soap brows

(the eyebrows fixed with soap) but in addition durable and very similar to the effect of a brow lamination ( another eyebrow shaping method that has pierced in France) but gentler on the skin, the brow lift is a smart eyebrow treatment that has more than one advantage. In addition, it is also a painless technique that is an alternative to tattooing the eyebrows or microblading (a kind of semi-permanent tattoo whose effect lasts less than a classic tattoo).

And the lifting effect in all this?

It is obviously not a question of surgery but of a “lifting of the eyebrow” in the sense that the latter is pulled up and fixed thus. On the other hand, one of the strengths of this method is that it also helps to recreate a lifting effect on the entire face thanks to this movement. A very popular effect in makeup trends as long as the brow lift will offer you without even that you don’t need to use eyebrow gel.

Who is the brow lift suitable for?

To almost everyone! But if all the eyebrows can be tried there regardless of their color (brown, red or blond) or their thickness, it is however not a method that proves to be very conclusive in case of very sparse eyebrow or presenting areas flagrant lack because it does not draw hair on the epidermis like tattooing or microblading .

    The brow lift technique: how does it work in a salon?

    Do you want to better understand this method before your big first in a beauty salon? This eyebrow lift consists of the application of several products on your hairs, generally lotions, that the professional leaves it on for several minutes each time. Overall duration: between thirty and forty-five minutes approximately.

  • The first lotion applied to the eyebrow is used to soften the hairs so that they can give them the desired movement. It therefore opens their cuticles to make them malleable and to be able to “lift” them upwards.
  • The professional then applies a second lotion which neutralizes the pH and fixes the result obtained
  • One another product, nourishing this time, is then applied to the eyebrows to take care of them.
  • Services brow lift are usually accompanied by a tint of the eyebrows which comes to intensify the natural color of the hairs.

As for hair removal, once is not customary, it is carried out at the end of the protocol to limit the risk of skin irritation.

Where to have your brow lift done?

This eyebrow enhancement is currently not available everywhere in France or in all beauty salons. We therefore recommend institutes that are experts in the field, to choose according to your place of residence:
– Boudoir du regard whose salons are located in Paris and the Paris region as well as in the provinces.

– Cils de Marie whose two salons are based in Paris.

As for the price of this service, it varies from one institute to another but plan between 61 $ and 169 $ for one Quality brow lift made with products that are safe for your skin and under correct hygienic conditions. Above all, beware of inexpensive eye care (whatever they may be: eyelash enhancement, brow lamination, microblading, etc.) which sometimes hide unscrupulous salons. To avoid disappointments, find out about the customer reviews left on the service before booking one. It’s the best way to go for a brow lift with a light mind.

A brow lift effect at home: it’s possible!

You are not ready to take the brow lift course in a beauty salon? It is possible to achieve a similar and temporary effect with makeup. To do this, all you need to do is bring a transparent or tinted gel depending on whether you want to intensify your line or not, and brush your each hair from the eyebrow upwards with the applicator brush. You can also opt for a densifying product if you want a more convincing “volume” effect. You will wear a homemade brow lift for a day or an evening.

Two perfect products for a homemade brow lift:

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