Charlotte Gainsbourg films Jane Birkin: “My mother is a real character”


Charlotte Gainsbourg films Jane Birkin: “My mother is a real character” Two months before the release of “Jane by Charlotte”, Charlotte Gainsbourg said more about this unique collaboration with her mother on Sunday 19 November in “Version Femina”.

Project disclosed at the end of September 1024, the documentary film on Jane Birkin, immortalized by her daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg, will be released in the dark rooms in mid-January 2021. In full promotion of the feature film Les Choses humaine by her husband filmmaker Yvan Attal, the actress and director took the opportunity to evoke the intimate Jane by Charlotte in a long interview with Version Femina , Sunday 21 November 2021. With modesty and pride, Serge Gainsbourg’s daughter spoke out on this tribute devoted to her father: ” My mother is a real character. I wanted a film on her today without using any archives, and without my father monopolizing everything. It would have been too easy to show what we know about them. I wanted to avoid that, while making my father, Lou, Kate too, exist in relation to the pain , drama, lack … ”

The mother-daughter duo toured in Japan, New York and France, as in Paris or the land of the Abers. Charlotte Gainsbourg had to deal with a concern for mental health, caused by this anxiety-provoking health crisis: ” It was while returning to Paris, at the time of the Covid – 19, that everything started. I went into depression, but I had planned to film. I stuck to it and my mother helped me a lot. She always knew how to do it when we were bad . ” The actress of Melancholia was full of gratitude to Jane Birkin, who ” offered herself totally for the film “.

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” My mother has the same problem as me ” L ‘interpreter of Je t’aime… moi non plus was able to view the work of her offspring, even if she got down to the task backwards : ” My mother has the same problem as me who never liked seeing me at the cinema (…) It’s hard for her to look at herself, even if people tell her that she is beautiful, that it is a declaration of love. And although she has always defended the natural, I also film her in her daily life, as u ne old Englishwoman in her Breton house, even though I find it hard to recognize that my mother is getting old . ” But the age does not alter the icons.

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