Cheap fiber and mobile offers in 2022 from Movistar, Orange, Vodafone, MásMóvil and other operators -!

Cheap fiber and mobile offers in 2022 from Movistar, Orange, Vodafone, MásMóvil and other operators -!: All the details about Cheap fiber and mobile offers in 2022 of Movistar, Orange, Vodafone, MásMóvil and other operators -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about Cheap fiber and mobile offers in 2022 of Movistar, Orange, Vodafone, MásMóvil and other operators -!. Here’s what you need to know about Cheap fiber and mobile offers in 2022 from Movistar, Orange, Vodafone, MásMóvil and rest of operators -!, here are the details … Front page News Operators Cheap fiber and mobile offers in 2022 from Movistar, Orange, Vodafone, MásMóvil and other operators

Starts on 2021 with a general rise in prices in Spain except in telecommunications, which is once again deflationary with an unprecedented bidding war . Electricity, gas, fuel and tolls go up, however, fiber and mobile phone offers continue to be unrelated to inflation data. We are going to review the offers of Movistar, Orange, Vodafone, MásMóvil, Pepehone, O2, Jazztel, Digi and Finetwork .

New year and as always the famous January slope is usually pronounced for middle class households. The prices of all services tend to rise but the truth is that in recent months energy and especially fuels have gone through the roof. In the telecommunications sector, we started the year following the same trail of previous quarters with onvergent offers that are below the average of the five main countries of the European Union. We can find combined offers of fiber and mobile telephony below of the 35 dolars and even below 30 dolars if we look at a low cost brand like Simyo. Below you will find a summary of the main offers in case you dare to change operator in the next few days to save on your bill.


The blue operator maintains its fiber offer «Conecta 300 megabytes »for only 15, 90 dolars per month which is a 62% off versus the usual price. In the absence of more details, the offer expires in just a day and a half. In the case of choosing a convergent offer that includes television with 90 channels and telephone lines we would go to the Fusion Initiates package that has a cost of 66 dolars per month .


The second Telefónica brand maintains its current rates being 30 dolars offer more economical that includes fiber of 100 megabytes with 10 GB on mobile. From there, the rates increase in value until 600 megabytes in fiber and 60 GB on mobile that are priced at 50 dolars per month. The interesting thing is that customers who exceed the data allowance will be able to continue browsing without cost at a reduced speed. We will see if in 2022 the operator ends up gobbling up Tuenti customers and is encouraged to launch a little more aggressive offers that place you at the level of the low cost brands of your competitors.


The British operator is 60 euro cents more than Movistar in its offer of only fiber ( 15, 49 dolars ) but the fundamental difference is that it has a permanence of 1 year. They are also 300 mega speed in fiber and the price is promoted for 9 months. In terms of convergence, Vodafone is positioned as the largest series aggregator in Spain and that is precisely its strength in the television service. It has three offers, 48, 99 dolars per month with fiber of 291 megabytes, unlimited mobile line and 30 channels; the next option amounts to 61, 49 dolars and includes HBO Max while the most expensive option goes to 66 dolars per month and the fiber becomes 600 megabytes and includes HBO and 61 channels.


The Low cost brand of the British is more aggressive and it is precisely the one that has grown the most in recent years. From 29, 95 dolars you can hire your fiber from 100 megabytes with a mobile line with 10 GB. The middle option amounts to 35, 95 dolars but includes fiber of 300 megabytes with 25 GB on mobile while the premium option of 38, 95 dolars includes 593 megabytes and 30 GB on mobile . In all cases, the gigabytes are cumulative from one month to another.


Orange operator offers fiber from 1GB speed per 1 9, 95 dolars per month in promotion. This is an interesting offer for those who want speed and do not need a converged package. In the case of including a mobile line with unlimited calls and data, the price remains at 19, 99 dolars for three months on a promotional basis. In the case of packages with television we can find from 55 dolars per month an offer with 1 GB fiber, two mobile lines and television that includes football. Those who want to do without LaLiga have the same offer for 27, 5 dolars per month on sale.


The low cost brand of the French group is competitive in the convergent part. In fiber-only offers, prices fluctuate between 28, 95 dolars for its fiber of 320 megabytes and the 36, 95 dolars if we want up to 1 GB. In packages that include mobile lines, the operator offers from 39, 95 dolars per month 320 megabytes in fiber and a mobile line with 25 GB. If we want more speed by 47, 95 dolars per month we have 1 GB fiber with 2 mobile lines and 16 GB to share in data.


The yellow company has been one of the winners of the 2021 and continues to grow apace. We are going to do a quick review of their main rates. From 19, 95 dolars you can contract your offer of only fiber with two speeds, 100 and 634 megabytes. The difference is that after twelve months the price changes to 29, 99 dolars and 39, 99 dolars respectively. In the case of convergent offers, MasMóvil has located at 39, 90 dolars the base price offering fiber 168 megabytes with 25 GB on mobile. Customers who want television can add the package of Agile TV for only 6 dolars per month.


The operator of the moles remains faithful to its principles and not only maintains prices rather, it lowers the rate for its most loyal customers. We can find the cheapest fiber offer by 29 dolars that includes 300 megabytes without a landline. If we want fiber and mobile, the most economical package amounts to 38, 9 dolars and includes 23 cumulative GB for mobile. The most expensive package amounts to 48, 95 dolars and includes fiber 634 with 42 GB on mobile. All this without permanence.


The Romanian operator has been the great revelation of the year and in the absence of confirmation with the data of the The regulator has been the telecom company that has grown the most throughout the 2021. Their fiber-only offerings cost 25 Y 29 dolars respectively and include 300 megabytes or 1 GB. The novelty is that there is also in coverage areas an offer of up to 10 GB in fiber but the truth is that that speed does not make sense if you are going to make conventional use of that line. In the case of convergent rates, the operator has flexible plans on the mobile that you can consult in the following table.


Another of the revelations of the year with spectacular growth and moving steadily towards one million customers. The operator offers fiber from 100 megabytes from 20, 90 dolars, 300 megabytes from 24, 90 dolars and 600 megabytes from 29, 90 dolars. If we are looking for a convergent package, the cheapest offer starts from 29, 90 dolars and includes fiber of 100 megabytes and 12 GB on mobile. The following package costs 34, 9 dolars and has fiber 300 with 23 GB on the mobile and finally the most premium package amounting to 39, 90 dolars and includes fiber 600 with 35 GB.

We have left some operators in the pipeline in the absence of updating their portfolio of offers in the coming days and it is that once the Christmas all the telecos will reposition all their offers. Which one do you prefer?