Check and keep your electric scooter at bay with these tips -!

Check and keep your electric scooter at bay with these tips -!: All the details about Check and keep your electric scooter at bay with these tips -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about Check and keep your electric scooter at bay with these tips -!. Here’s what you need to know about Check and keep your electric scooter at bay with these tips -!, Here are the details … The electric scooter also requires care and maintenance. Not because it is electrified, we have to forget to follow its status, what conditions it is in and how it is working. This is why, whether we are newcomers to this mobility, or if we have a few more years of experience, it is vital to pay attention to it with a series of tips. If you follow them, we assure you that will last you much longer .

Electric scooters require attention

Currently electric scooters They have become a fundamental tool for many people in their daily lives. You just have to take a look at the street of any city, the number of people who switch to electric mobility is increasing. Either due to economy, being aware of the environment or any other reason.

Towards this utility of the people who use it daily, the reality is that this means many kilometers at the end of the week, therefore having an electric scooter in optimal conditions through good maintenance is of crucial importance so that it lasts as long as possible .

In those, either due to ignorance or because the time required is not given, there are users who tend not to perform the periodic reviews of this type of vehicle. What it does is generate in the future a wear of fundamental parts and other parts that should have a longer life. Among all these guidelines that we will show you below, such as taking care of the battery, we will tell you that you will also help its performance to be greater than what you had with it until then.

How to do it

These scooters are versatile vehicles, ‘off-road’ in urban areas and ideal for going from one place to another in the city quickly and agilely. But they are also vehicles with delicate components. That is why they must be regularly inspected and, above all, follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the care of the scooter.

In addition to the fact that this process must be periodic throughout the year, it is also possible that the summer heat affects some components of the scooter more than others, such as the battery. Anyway, with him come aspects such as the wheels , the first to come into contact with the asphalt, and which are often forgotten.


The battery. undoubtedly. It is one of the most important elements for the maintenance of an electric scooter. If we do not take care of it, the useful life will be less and less and that can bring us many displacement problems . To take care of it, two actions are basic:

First, always charge it with the original charger. If it breaks down, we must order a new one corresponding to our scooter. Second, don’t let the battery drain completely on a regular basis. It also helps to drive controlled, without strong accelerations, so that the battery gradually discharges. In addition, we always recommend that you charge with the original charger, since it will have the best response.

Check the brakes

Your brakes must be in perfect condition and for this you must check the condition of the brake pads. The use you give to your electric scooter will determine its wear. Keep in mind that, in your case, these will not last forever, and that at some point in the life of your scooter you will have to replace them.

Regarding maintenance, you can clean the pads and the disc brake by disassembling parts . But we recommend that you go to your technical service so that they can take a look and be the ones who advise you or do the maintenance of your electric scooter.

Check the tires periodically

As with a car or a motorcycle, maintenance on electric scooters of the tires should be done more often, and not at the time when we think they fail. The best thing is that they are correctly inflated (never exceed the recommended pressure), which will help to obtain the maximum range, without the need to exert too much pressure on the engine.

Once a month, you should also check whether the tires are damaged or not. By doing so, you will know if you need to replace them. Keep in mind that if they are damaged, it could cause the vehicle to become unbalanced, which can cause you to fall or collide with people or objects easily.

Secures the transmission

Regardless of whether the scooter has a belt or chain (both options are common), the transmission must be perfectly tense . The correct thing is to leave at least one finger of margin since if they are too stretched they can still break.

It is also recommended to grease them regularly so that they work correctly and , of course, avoid rust from use and humidity.

Protect it and keep it in a safe place

This last of the advice on the maintenance of the scooter has more to do with the environment where we place it, although this also makes its life have a greater accentuation, and that both the performance of the vehicle and the different elements mentioned above will cause it to be greater.

Therefore, if we want it to be in good condition as the first day, a good recommendation is that it be stored in a safe place. It is always better in a storage room or garage covered with a tarp. Although there are waterproof ones, it is better not to give it constantly, because it can deteriorate it. Some manufacturers equip them with a carrying bag or backpack.