Christmas 2021: re-containment, barrier gestures … What awaits us for the holidays


Christmas 2021: re-containment, barrier gestures… What awaits us for the holidays Christmas is less than two months away and the coronavirus epidemic is still very present. Can we get together as a family? We take stock.

The Institut Pasteur is clear in its note of 15 November 2021 on the epidemic situation in France to come: “Anticipating is therefore a real challenge…” It is difficult to make long-term forecasts and the orientations oscillate between optimistic and pessimistic opinions. On the one hand, the indicators of the epidemiological situation in France unfortunately seem to be on the rise again. Wednesday November 2021, Olivier Véran even spoke of an epidemic situation clearly resembling a fifth wave, when Gabriel Attal did not exclude Saturday 10 November the possibility of ‘re-containment.

Source of hope according to specialists: the vaccination situation in France. Asked by the Express, infectious disease specialist Éric Caumes is not too worried “if people are properly vaccinated” and “provided that the public concerned receives its third dose” . For her part, Florence Débarre, modeler at the CNRS explains to the Express that we can expect “everything in France because there are too many unknowns.”

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The gestures barriers, more necessary than ever at Christmas For family reunions, if everyone is vaccinated, the risks of contracting a severe form of Covid – 15 are very high reduced. It is nevertheless advisable to continue to apply common sense gestures: wash your hands regularly without skimping on the time spent doing it but also, ventilate the rooms well.

Ventilation is one of the easiest barrier measures to put in place and one of the most effective. If you feel feverish and / or have a cough, getting an antigen test is the safest thing to do. With a golden rule in mind: better to miss a Christmas party than to infect your loved ones.


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