Christmas: how to open a bottle of champagne easily?

Christmas: how to open a bottle of champagne easily?

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Christmas: how to open a bottle of champagne easily?

Christmas: how to open a bottle of champagne easily? We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Christmas: how to open a bottle of champagne easily? Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Christmas: how to open a bottle of champagne easily?

Champagne is the flagship drink of the end of the year celebrations. How to taste it? And above all, how to open your bottle easily? We tell you everything.

The holidays are fast approaching. The opportunity to feast with family and / or friends, to eat a good homemade meal or ordered from a caterer … In short, the opportunity to have a good time filled with the magic of Christmas. If you drink alcohol, then the holidays are also the occasion to open a good bottle of champagne. Of course, it should be borne in mind that alcohol should be consumed in moderation. Champagne wine has been tasted for centuries at banquets or celebrations. This is why it is still today the alcoholic drink of festivals par excellence.

How to choose your champagne? There are many kinds of champagne. If you want to drink it as a starter, prefer a blanc de blanc because it is perfectly suited to the aromas of seafood, indicates the podcast produced with the Champagne Committee. Do you enjoy foie-gras as a starter? Prefer a champagne that is more “complex” like a “vintage rosé”. The main course, often made with meat, will be perfect with “blanc de noir” , that is to say a champagne made from grapes White and Black. Finally, if you want to drink champagne for dessert, prefer dry or semi-dry champagne. “Citrus desserts can be combined very well with raw champagnes and those with red fruits, with rosé champagne.” Now that you know which dish to consume this drink with, you have to learn how to store it and open your bottle of bubbles. How? ‘Or’ What ? The Champagne committee responds.

When to open your bottle of champagne and at what temperature to store it?

It is advisable to open your bottle just before serving the champagne, to take advantage of the bubbles and its ideal temperature. “Experience shows that the ideal temperature for drinking champagne is 8 ° to 10 ° C. Below 10 ° C the wines appear on the contrary more “heavy” and less lively “, specifies the Champagne Committee.

    How to open a bottle of champagne easily?

    “The opening of a bottle of champagne is a ritual” , indicates the Champagne committee. It is done in several stages:

    • You must first remove the cap, that is to say the often golden paper that surrounds the cap.
    • Then you have to remove the muselet: the metal part that retains the cap.
  • Be careful, while doing these first two steps, be careful to keep your fingers on the cork and not to point the bottle towards a person.
  • Then grab the body of the bottle and twist it. It is not the cork that turns, but the bottle! Hold the cork so it doesn’t go up in the air. That’s it !

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. Alcohol should be consumed in moderation.


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