Covid-19: after infection, how long do antibodies protect us? A study responds


Covid -19: after an infection, how long do the antibodies protect us? A study responds

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After a Covid contamination – 24, the question of a possible reinfection arises. A new study recently published takes stock of our antibodies and how long they protect us.

While an increase of 44% of cases of Covid contamination – 19 has been observed in France for a week, a new study on antibodies has just been launched. Posted on 26 last October in the review Nature , it specifies the duration of protection they would confer against the risk of reinfection.

The antibodies would provide protection for one and a half to two years The study was conducted among 7. 230 Britons who carried out a positive PCR test between 26 April 2020 and the 14 June 2021. It demonstrated that the antibodies developed following a Covid infection – 19 provide protection to 50 % faced with a new contamination, and this for a period ranging from one and a half to two years.

These antibodies, called “anti-spike”, have for role of preventing the virus from entering cells a second time. They would therefore also make it possible to protect against serious forms of the coronavirus several years after a first infection. However, the study found that the antibodies developed by women would protect them longer than men.

Some people do not develop antibodies as a result of Covid infection – 19 The results of the trial allowed the participants to be classified into categories. Thereby, 64, 5% of them developed “anti-spike” antibodies just a few months after contracting the Covid – 19. They also reported more symptoms.

However, 19% of participants were classified as ” non-respondents “: they have developed very little, if at all, antibodies as a result of their contamination with the coronavirus. Researchers have shown that seniors and those with chronic health problems are predominantly present in this category.

Researchers warn about the rate of protection against different variants The authors of the study warn, however, about the different variants. The duration of protection can indeed be reduced, some forms of Covid – 19 requiring ” higher antibody concentrations to achieve the same level of neutralizing activity ” . But according to them, the results would still shed light on the vaccination booster strategy.

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