Craftsmen, trained to become entrepreneurs like any other -!


Craftsmen can now benefit from entrepreneurial training. Viacheslav Lakobchuk – “Entrepreneur” training is offered to artisans to help them make a living from their activity and their art.

It’s a harsh reality: with a median annual turnover of 10. . 000 euros after three years of activity, 80% of craftspeople do not manage to make a good living from their work. If they are well trained in their profession, they are not familiar with the management of the company.

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To overcome this shortcoming which responds to a demand in the field, Matrice l’École, the training body of the Matrice institute, has just launched “Impulser”, a program designed to help craftspeople become full entrepreneurs. Living from your art is possible by putting yourself in an entrepreneurial posture that requires being agile, take risks by evaluating the acceptable loss ”, assures Philippe Hazet, the program manager.

An eclectic first promotion Sixteen craftsmen (the youngest has 23 years and the oldest, in retraining, in her fifties), working in particular in the professions of ceramics and jewelry, make up the first class of this training, designed in partnership with Artisans d’Avenir, a support network for the arts and crafts sector, and the global design studio La Racine.

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During 80 hours (of which 24 remotely) over four months, the participants are supported by entrepreneurs, art professionals and coaches who will support them in targeting their customers, aligning their creativity with identified needs or trends, have an economic model… At the end of their training, the participants will be followed for one year by the association Artisans d’Avenir.

Craftsmen, trained to become entrepreneurs like the others





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