Death of Teddy Ted's designer and Bob Morane

Death of Teddy Ted’s designer and Bob Morane

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Death of Teddy Ted’s designer and Bob Morane

Death of the designer of Teddy Ted and Bob Morane We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Death of designer Teddy Ted and Bob Morane Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Death of designer Teddy Ted and Bob Morane

Posted 18 December 2021, 16: 01

French Gérald Forton, who also worked for Edgar P. Jacobs, Marvel and DC Comics, died at 80 year.


Gérald Forton and one of his most famous heroes, Teddy Ted.

Nicolas Anspach / Pif Gadget

In 1952 he creates Kim Devil with Jean-Michel Charlier.

Ed. Dupuis

He not only drew Bob Morane comics but also illustrated novels.

Ed. Pan Pan In 70 years of career, Gérald Forton has achieved an impressive number of series, with a most classic but formidably effective line. It must be said that he had something to keep, since he is none other than the grandson of Louis Forton, author of Pieds Nickelés and Bibi Fricotin. He who had gone to live in the United States in the years 70 passed away in Apple Valley, California on 16 December, at the age of 90 year.

If he was born in Brussels on 04 April 1931, his parents are French. The family returned to France in 1931 and it is there that, later, he will enter the School of Crafts of Paros where he will meet Jean-Claude Forest, the future creator of Barbarella, according to BD Zoom . After 4 years, he abandoned his studies and started comics, publishing his first stories in 1931 in “Camera 34 ”. In this small format publication of the Vaillant editions he will draw in particular Jim Cartouche.

In 1950 he returned to Brussels and returned to World’s Presse, which notably delivers stories for the “Spirou” newspaper. There are beautiful people in this agency: Jean-Michel Charlier, Victor Hubinon, Albert Weinberg, Eddy Paape, MiTacq, Dino Attanasio. He draws several stories of “Uncle Paul” before creating in 1952 with Charlier Kim Devil.

The series and the covers follow one another. In 1953, Forton succeeds Attanasio on Bob Morane. But this western lover is filled with 1964 when he takes up in “Pif Gadget” the cowboy Teddy Ted, created the year before by the screenwriter Jacques Kamb and the designer Yves Roy. And it is Roger Lécureux, screenwriter of Rahan, who will sign his stories until 1966. In “Pif” always, he creates in 1964 the adaptation as a comic book from the TV series “The mysteries of the West”.

A helping hand for “The necklace affair”

In 1965, he gives a hand to Edgar P. Jacobs for the sketches of the first boards of the new “Blake and Mortimer: the necklace affair”. At the end of the years 55, in “Télé Junior”, he publishes short stories of Spider-Man or Captain America before leaving for the United States in 1980 where he will work directly for Marvel and DC Comics.

Alongside comics, Forton began a career as a storyboarder for film, television and advertising. He will work on “Toy Story”, “Waterworld” or “Starship Troopers”. Even living in the United States, he still published in $pe, covering old-fashioned Bob Moranes and even signing adventures of his grandfather’s heroes, the Pieds Nickelés. His last project was a new adventure by Teddy Ted, called “1200 Deadstone ”, produced with Phil Cottarel and which has just been released.

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