Deciphering baby's allergic buttons

Deciphering baby’s allergic buttons With Rafaella Stern, pediatrician and allergist

Allergy is an abnormal reaction of the immune system in contact with a specific allergen. There are several types, such as food (egg, fish peanuts …), medicated or environmental (cat hair, pollen …). We take stock to find out if the buttons on our baby’s skin are – or not – an allergy.

Allergies have very diverse symptoms, which can also combine. The appearance of pimples or plaques happens regularly such as hives or eczema. Symptoms can also resemble those of a cold, especially for allergies to pollen or animal hair.

We also note the appearance of digestive symptoms such as vomiting , diarrhea or abdominal pain. The most serious symptoms are breathing problems (asthma or angioedema) and anaphylactic shock which can lead to death.

Instead of worrying too much, it is important to relativize the appearance of skin rashes on the body of our child, as Rafaella Stern explains: ” Most pimples that can appear in newborns are viral in origin and are caused by childhood illnesses. They can also be heat rash “.

On the other hand, one of the skin rashes which is an indisputable sign of allergy in children is hives:” This is an immediate reaction to an allergy. Urticaria presents itself as poorly defined red patches that itch a lot “, details the pediatric allergist. Urticaria can be linked to several types of allergy:

food allergy, linked in particular to milk, eggs or even peanuts or seafood if the child is older; drug allergies; allergies to insect bites. Baby allergic rashes: eczema

The Eczema is the most common allergic form in babies. This rash can appear during an allergy, but also in atopic form , i.e. a chronic version of the eczema. Usually, a child or infant with this type of eczema may have a predisposition to allergic reactions.

Eczema is often fulgurating and manifests by swollen red patches . If you notice the appearance of eczema in your child, do not wait to consult, insists Rafaella Stern: ” Besides the fact that he itches a lot and can, by the scratching, causing skin irritation, eczema is a gateway to allergy. It is important to treat it quickly “.

Buttocks, thighs, face. .. On which areas of the newborn’s body do allergy pimples appear?

The areas of appearance of skin rashes are varied. Regarding eczema in infants under six months, it is most of the time on the face and head that it appears . After 6 months, pimples may appear on the knees and elbows.

As for hives, it can develop on the arms, legs and trunk of the child, but also on the face , as Rafaella Stern explains: ” Certain food allergens such as cheese can create plaques around a child’s mouth due to the secretion of histamine “.

Infant acne or eczema related to allergy: differentiate them

Infant acne pimples can appear within weeks that follow his birth. These buttons are linked to baby’s first hormonal surges . This rash is characterized by small red or white pimples that appear on the face. Unlike eczema, this type of pimple is benign and disappears within days or weeks after its appearance . If they persist, do not hesitate to turn to your pharmacist or pediatrician.

If your child has a rash related to an allergic reaction, ” it is important to have a medical opinion , recalls Rafaella Stern. The practitioner will prescribe antihistamines as treatment for the child in the case of urticaria. If the child has eczema, he will have to take a treatment based on neo corticosteroids. ‘child to reliably determine the allergenic element that triggered the appearance of pimples “.

Source: ParentsBaby