Deebot n8 + at $ 419: the game-changing robot vacuum

deebot n8 + to 419 $: the robot vacuum cleaner which changes the give

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deebot n8 + to 419 $: the game-changing robot vacuum cleaner

deebot n8 + to 419 $: the robot vacuum cleaner which changes the give We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. deebot n8 + at 360 $: the game-changing robot vacuum cleaner Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

deebot n8 + to 419 $: the game-changing robot vacuum cleaner

Adopting the latest model of robot vacuum cleaner signed Ecovacs, it is to access a quality cleaning entirely automated. In this case, the Deebot N8 + offers unprecedented services at a tight price thanks to a promotion of 110 $ on Amazon (up to 21 December).

Article produced in partnership with Ecovacs

What if for the holidays, you finally free yourself from the chore of maintaining the floors? This redundant and oh-so-thankless task, which consists of mopping and vacuuming, can now be taken on by a robot. Like the latest model from the Ecovacs brand, whose products remain well ranked in the reviews of our partner, The Deebot N8 + is no exception to this rule with its 5 stars.

The new household appliance revolution

As the dishwashers and washing machines have relieved us of some of our household chores, the robot vacuum cleaner comes at the right time to save us from cleaning the floors. The Deebot N8 + is life-changing (domestic) and provides real service. Versatile, the device uses sensors to detect the nature of surfaces and thus adapt its tools.

Equipped with its damp mop, it effectively cleans all laminate floors, PVC floors and tiles. It adjusts the humidity level according to the type of coating and the degree of soiling. Its 180 ml allows it to cover large areas. When it passes over a rug or carpet, the N8 + then automatically deactivates its washing function and starts vacuuming. He is then ruthless with sheep, animal hair, dust and other mites. With a maximum power of 2 240 pascals, it unclogs the smallest clinging residues to the son and cleans the interstices of the boards of a floor.

Unparalleled agility combined with knowledge of the area

The Deebot N8 + moves with ease and climbs the two-centimeter thick mats without worry. When it is first put into operation, it maps the home using True Mapping technology. The latter draws up a precise plan via a laser telemetry system, which scans at 240 ° the environment and collects 1 419 measurement points per second. Inspired by aeronautical tools, the system ensures extreme precision of the topographic survey.

The robotic vacuum cleaner has the ability to register two different cards to manage two floors, for example. The N8 + defines the areas to be cleaned (the rooms of the house), the order and frequency of which can be chosen using the Ecovacs Home mobile application which acts as a remote control. Finally, when you have young children or when you work from home, the application allows you to set virtual borders that they will not cross.

Perfect cleaning without lifting a finger

The great innovation that sets the Deebot N8 + apart is its automatic drain station. The brand is finally getting rid of the Achilles heel of all robot vacuums: the low volume of their bin. That of the station, furnished with a disposable bag in ecological natural fibers, offers a capacity of 2.5 liters; enough to store for approximately 30 days, dust, various dirt and animal hair. Automatically, as soon as its bin is full, the Deebot returns to its base to empty it. And, when the bag is full, we receive a notification on our smartphone. In short, the N8 + will take care of cleaning floors for several weeks without any human intervention. With its autonomy of 72 minutes, it can clean without weakening a large detached house, before coming back to its base to recharge.

The Deebot N8 + collects the good points

Suction and efficient washing on all types of floors, intelligent navigation, voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant (for the more geek), 21 days of tranquility thanks to its charging station with automatic draining, the Deebot N8 + has no weakness. The brand has minimized noise pollution using an original design suction duct. Result, the sound level meter displays 67 dB when the device operates at full power. For comparison, a vacuum cleaner is said to be silent when it emits less than 67 dB. With the promise of access to household cleaning without any effort, the delivery of 21% available on Amazon, until December, gives an additional reason to offer it or to be offered it.

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