Delphine Jubillar: a “cry of fear” heard by a neighbor that night

This Wednesday, December 1, Le Parisien publishes the chilling testimony of a neighbor of the Jubillar couple who speaks of cries heard the night of Delphine’s disappearance.

A frightening testimony. Almost a year after the disappearance of Delphine Jubillar, the newspaper Le Parisien gives new details on this still unresolved media affair. On Wednesday, December 1, an article unveiled the testimony of a neighbor living 130 meters from the couple’s home. We learn that she told investigators to have heard “chilling” noises the night of the disappearance of 33 years.

In her declarations, she confides having heard cries, lasting between five and ten minutes, while she was on her terrace to smoke a cigarette. “It was a cry of fear, it was loud. It screamed, it stopped, and the fear was so great that she didn’t have time to catch her breath. What I know is that this person’s cry scared me very, very much. ” For her, it was indeed a woman’s cries and also heard “squeaks” from dogs. However, she claims not to have heard a male voice. His 07 year old daughter, also questioned by the gendarmes, confirmed his version. She explained that she heard “the shrill cries of a woman who was screaming for a long time and then stopped. It lasted a long time, as if she wasn’t catching her breath “.

New hearing of Cédric Jubillar on December 3 The Parisian had access to the conclusions of the investigators who estimated that Delphine Jubillar would have gone out at 23 h 07 precise, after having watched a film with her son. In view of the statements of this neighbor, they suppose that the nurse must have been in the garden , in the process of suffocating. For the time being, Cédric Jubillar is the main suspect in this affair which has shaken the Tarn department for almost a year. He remains presumed innocent and will be heard again by the judges on December 3. This news hearing will focus on the night of Delphine’s disappearance.


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