Did Delphine Jubillar have “several lovers”? Cedric Jubillar balances

Did Delphine Jubillar have “several lovers”? Cedric Jubillar balances Le Parisien reports that Cédric Jubillar was convinced that his wife Delphine, missing since December 2020, had several extra-marital relationships.

Cédric Jubillar is convinced: his wife Delphine did not have only one lover. The man indicted on 16 June 2019 for “intentional homicide on spouse” was heard once again by the investigators during a hearing which took place on 14 October 2021. The goal for the latter being to find out what happened the night of 14 at 16 December 2020. Since that day, Delphine Jubillar, originally from Cagnac-les-Mines in the Tarn, has not given any sign of life.

Le Parisien reveals Sunday 12 November 2021 that Cédric Jubillar confided in front of the investigators, in front of the bar of the Palais de Justice in Toulouse, that his wife did not have only one lover. The 18 year-old nurse, whose friends recently mobilized once again to organize a beat to find her, would then have interviewed several extra-marital relationships. “For me, Delphine has several lovers” , he said, drawing the portrait of a woman who likes to have a good time: “He is someone who is having fun and who is in the process of looking for himself” , he affirms, while evoking his planned divorce with Delphine Jubillar: “I don’t tell myself that the departure is imminent. For me, it was when the house was sold that she had to leave … She never told me when she would be leaving ”.

That day when Cédric Jubillar threatened his wife Delphine with death Cédric Jubillar was also summoned to explain himself on the threats he had spoken against Delphine in front of her mother. “I was angry, they were words thrown in the air” , he said to justify the fact that he had threatened to kill his partner in particular on 12 December. “Yeah, I was fed up. I was struggling on all fronts, the kids, the housework, the food, the outdoors. I was all alone doing it all. , so when I said that, I was angry, I was letting off steam “, he said, once again claiming his innocence as to his hypothetical implication in the disappearance of Delphine Jubillar.

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