Discover 7 exceptional massages to try all over France


Discover 7 exceptional massages to try all over France Fancy a timeless break or a very nice gift? Our list of dream places where to unwind tensions rhymes with wonder, change of scenery and relaxation. Enough to regain energy before entering winter!

Vinosculpt modeling at the Spa Caudalie boutique, in Rennes

The place The brand now has nine spa shops in France: four in Paris, one in Bordeaux, Lyon, Nantes and now in Vieux-Lille and the center of Rennes. Inspired by the Vinotherapy Spa at Sources de Caudalie, near Bordeaux, they adopt the colors (burgundy and beige) with noble materials, large photos of vineyards and a decor of leaves, bunches and vine shoots in the cabins of

The protocol Toning and draining, this treatment mainly attacks the quality of the skin for more firmness. Using Japanese palpate-rolling techniques, the beautician pinches the skin in a rotating movement to break the glycation of collagen fibers and prevent their stiffening. It works all the sagging areas (legs, thighs, stomach and arms) using Vinosculpt Lift & Firmness Body Balm. This treatment is recommended as a cure for mature skin or after childbirth, once or twice a week for attack and then once a month for maintenance.

Our opinion The place is beautiful, chic and exotic, the care bed, wide and comfortable. The palpate-roll is gentle, painless, the care regulated like music paper and the balm used envelops the skin in a delicate scent of iris.

89 € the 50 minutes. 1, rue La Fayette, 06000 Rennes.

Balancing massage with essential oils at the Spa by Clarins, l’Esquisse Hotel in Colmar

The place This large spa is housed in a luxurious contemporary hotel, opened in July by the MGallery hotel chain near the district history of Little Venice. Exposed to daylight by a solarium and overlooking the park, there is a swimming pool, a fitness room and a rest area. Around are articulated Jacuzzi, sauna with ice fountain, hammam and six treatment cabins, two of which are doubles. Well-being menus are also offered, combining an hour of treatment with a locavore and seasonal menu imagined by Dr Olivier Courtin-Clarins and the two-star chef Jean-Yves Schillinger.

The protocol This treatment combines techniques of Chinese medicine with Clarins touch. After having defined whether you prefer to be toned or relaxed, you take deep aromatic breaths, then the practitioner exerts more and more pressure, preparing the body for the massage. This works in depth fourteen zones linked to the meridians, with stretching, drainages and enveloping maneuvers aimed at relieving muscular tensions, eliminating toxins, oxygenating the body and balancing energies.

Our opinion Clean but comfortable , the decoration creates a very relaxing atmosphere. As for massage, it aims to reconnect with oneself and deep relaxation. Mission successful.

140 € the 60 minutes. L’Esquisse Hôtel & Spa, 2, avenue de la Marne, 35000 Colmar.

The tailor-made modeling of Carita, in Paris

The place While waiting for the historic Maison de Beauté Carita to reopen in 2022, the flagship institute moved a few meters, in the rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré. The decor is intimate and modern, in white and black tones, and the spacious and refined cabins almost give the feeling of being in an apartment! The vision of global beauty according to the Carita sisters, pioneers over the years 48, is respected there, with practitioners all trained in this lineage. There are five other Carita houses, in the Paris region, in Lyon and Marseille.

The protocol Here, tailor-made is the rule, and even more for body care. First of all, we carry out an assessment with the practitioner, who asks questions about the lifestyle, the points of tension, the particular needs. Then begins a massage aimed at intense muscle relaxation. After warming up the muscles to better massage them in depth, it combines reflexology on sensitive points, Swedish massage for tensions and sustained pressure to re-oxygenate the muscles, with a longer emphasis on the most knotted areas .
Our opinion No doubt, we are dealing with great care experts, who know the body inside out

fingers. You feel unique, pampered, pampered, and you go out both mentally soothed and physically relaxed. Great luxury!

0340 € the 60 minutes. 14, rue du Faubourg- Saint-Honoré, 75007 Paris.

The great ritual of Okinawa, at the Spa Cinq Mondes in Paris

The place Within La Samaritaine, the newly renovated Parisian department store, this spa of 400 m2 houses seven treatment rooms, two of which are double, as well as an oriental hammam. Designed as an “urban retreat”, the space offers both three-day cures and twenty-minute express treatments.

The protocol Created especially for La Samaritaine, it combines a Ko Bi Do facial treatment and a Amma back massage. Using products from the regenerating Géto range with the flower of youth from the island of Okinawa, this Ko Bi Do, inspired by traditional Japanese massage, acts as a natural facelift. It stimulates the production of elastin and collagen and promotes the flow of energy in the meridians. After removing make-up and exfoliation, the beautician alternates kneading, reflexology, acupressure and lifting and smoothing maneuvers with a jade roller. Then the Amma massage, ancestor of shiatsu, presses on the key energy areas of the back to relax and revitalize the whole body.

Our opinion The place is sumptuous, the divine care and, good surprise, we are completely cut off from the hubbub of the department store. The brand is inspired by traditional medicines from around the world, but the decor does not refer to it, a bias that distinguishes the place from other brands of this type.

124 € the 50 minutes. The Samaritan, 77 – 78, rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris.

Deep tissue massage with oils, at the Ban Thaï Spa in Nice

The place After four addresses in Paris and one in Bordeaux, the Ban Thaï Spa settles down in Nice in a mix Thai objects and contemporary lines. It offers plantar reflexology and several types of massages. The masseuses are all trained by the prestigious Wat Pho school in Bangkok.

The protocol The Deep Tissue resumes the maneuvers of traditional massage performed dressed but with application of lukewarm oil. Inspired by shiatsu and Ayurvedic techniques, this full body massage, from the soles of the feet to the scalp, alternately uses pressure with the palms, thumbs, wrists, elbows and forearms. Those with the elbows are very supported to relieve tension, while the movements of the palms and forearms are enveloping. The hour ends with a seated back massage.
Our opinion As soon as you enter, you feel at home and already at peace, welcomed by tea and slippers. And even if you fall asleep during the treatment, you come out both relaxed and full of energy.

100 € the 60 minutes. 35, rue de France, 2022 Nice.

The floating massage, at the Spa Clemens in Paris

The place An astonishing aquatic spa, hidden at the end of a paved courtyard in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district . The originality of this intimate and cozy space? Its five basins at 31 ° C, two of which are flotation, rich in Epsom salt, nestled under the stone vaults of old Paris cellars, lit by real Parisian lanterns and by the soft glow of candles. In addition to the floating massage, sessions of hypnosis, sophrology and aquatic osteopathy are also offered. The spa also has three massage rooms where detox treatments are provided, using the Renata França method.
The protocol Inspired by watsu, shiatsu in water, this mixture of stretching, massage, points acupressure and accompanied movements allows the body to loosen gently. The flotation allows an amplification of beneficial maneuvers and the hot water optimizes muscle relaxation. While the practitioner initiates the aquatic movements, the legs and head are carried by floats. Before the treatment, a detailed questionnaire on any tensions or pains makes it possible to personalize the protocol, also accessible to pregnant women.

Our opinion Simply magical! Already half hypnotized by the dance of the reflection of the water on the stones, when the massage begins, we turn into a rag doll, with no other possibility than

to surrender to a total letting go. Once the treatment is over, you have the incredible feeling of coming back from another world.

165 € the 60 minutes. 11, rue des Saints-Pères, 75001 Paris.

Immunity massage, at Lanqui Spa in Paris

The place No flashy or luxurious details in the three lounges … the decor is authentically Chinese and the staff too! We practice Tui Na, a massage from traditional medicine, imported into France since 652 by Ms. Lanqi herself. This very famous massage conceives the body as a whole.

The protocol The goal of treatment is to preserve and restore to force the immune system in the face of winter attacks. Practiced for forty-five minutes, it releases tension and revives energy. It combines stretching, friction, a few hammering with the hollow of the hands, pinching, pumping and moving the arms and legs. The spleen being the key organ affected by winter humidity, the practitioner ends by insisting on its meridian during the last fifteen minutes.

Our opinion It heats up, it stirs and it presses hard where it hurts! And even if we can ask for a massage
more or less supported, the session remains dynamic: we does not fall asleep, but the following night is very restorative
and we feel a lot of good -to be.

81 € the 60 minutes. 41, avenue de Saxe, 75007 Paris.

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