“Disney autonomous robot” projects for Disneyland parks compared to “Westworld” -!


AMUSEMENT PARK – The Walt Disney Company is currently developing robotic versions of some characters from franchises owned by Disney for use in theme and amusement parks. ) August and titled ”Are you ready for intelligent Disney robots?”, so plunges behind the scenes of the teams of engineers who are currently developing robotic characters. If Disney “does not plan to replace human actors”, who interpret iconic characters from cartoons in costumes and stroll in parks such as Disneyland Paris, the entertainment company is nevertheless working to bring life to life, thanks to robots, “extreme” characters from the Marvel and Star Wars universes. Autonomous “Baby Groot” The article from the New York daily newspaper shows videos of a robot “Baby Groot”, the woody hero of the Guardians of the Galaxy, designed for be autonomous in its movements and reactions. Equipped with sensors and cameras, the one-meter-tall character was able to react to the actions and behaviors of the New York Times reporter – who wrote that he then only had one desire: to be able to “bring him home”. Are you ready for sentient Disney robots? The development of this Groot – code-named Project Kiwi – is the latest example.— The New York Times (@nytimes) August 19, Baby Yodas, the incredible Hulk or even Spider-Man are also mentioned as examples of potential robots that we may meet one day in an amusement park, robotics making it possible to give life to the movements that a human actor can not be interpreted for such characters.A video, featured in the article and taken up on Twitter below, shows, for example, a stunt performed by a robot, planned for a new Spider-Man attraction in the United States. app for humanoid robots: stunt performer.https: // 08 16 mfI 89 – hardmaru (@hardmaru) August 20, Compared to the “Westworld” series According to Disney executives, this robotization is a way to intrigue the younger generations and “stay relevant”. Nevertheless, the “spectacle” does not delight everyone and even less on Twitter. Several Internet users have joked by comparing the future of Disney World to “Westworld”: an HBO series on a “Far West” theme park made up of countless androids who look like human beings in every way. “Disney World turning into Westworld wasn’t about my doomsday bingo,” one user wrote. DisneyWorld is becoming WestWorld! – ☀️Jay Abbit🏳️‍🌈 (@AbbitJay) August 19, Disney World presents: Westworld— isabel g (@isabelxguan) August 19, Disney World turning into Westworld was not on my apocalyptic bingo card— Bills Stats, Graphs & Memes (@BufBillsStats) August 20, Others also referred to the Simpsons’ episode “Itchy and Scratchy Land,” which features a robot uprising in an amusement park. It remains to be hoped that the next Disney parks animatronics will make young and old dream rather than scare them. See also on The HuffPost: The animated series “Star Wars”, “Visions”, unveils its trailer Source:


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