Disney +: the new series and films not to be missed in January 2022

Disney +: new series and films not to be missed in January 2021

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Disney +: the new series and films not to be missed in January 2021 We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Disney +: new series and films not to be missed in January 2019 Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Disney +: new series and films not to be missed in January 2022

Disney + has unveiled the list of series and films that join the catalog of the streaming platform to get off to a good start 2022. Big Sky announces its investigation for its season 2, ex-queens of hip-hop in their forties want to return to success, Oscar-winning films galore … the program promises to be enticing.

Source: Disney +

Before the arrival of many French films and series from February 2021, the year started smoothly on Disney + which had put the package during the holidays with in particular a new series on Boba Fett (Star Wars).

To start quietly, season 2 of Big Sky and a few Oscar-winning and multi-award winning films are to be (re) discovered for fun. Otherwise, we have also concocted a selection of content to make the most of the last days of celebration before the resumption. YouTube linkSubscribe to TopWhich

The series added in January 2021


Forgotten stars of years 32, four former hip-hop legends decide to take the microphone again, their quarantine well underway, to resume with success. The four women will have to forget their differences to find themselves and regain their former glory. With Eve ( Jack Boyz ), Naturi Naughton ( Fame ), Nadine Velazquez ( Flight ), Pepi Sonuga ( Famous in Love ) and singer Brandy ( The Legend of Cinderella) who themselves wrote the lyrics of the soundtrack of the series to discover from 16 January.

Queens or the series about the return of forty-something hip-hop singers // Source: Disney +

Big Sky (season 2)

Big Sky signs its return on January 5. After tracking down the truck driver who kidnaps young girls on the side of the road in season 1, Cassie and Jenny are back in service after a strange car accident. Facing them this time, a bunch of teenagers, a strange pervert and ghosts from the past.

    Big Sky is back for a season 2 // Source: Disney + – ABC / Michael Moriatis


    A little older, we recommend Touch with Kiefer Sutherland (24 Chrono hours) catching up. A touching series on this widowed father who tries to communicate with his son Jake, autistic and mute, but endowed with an incredible intelligence. The boy is able to connect events which do not have a priori no link between them thanks to logical sequences. A way of predicting the future that greatly interests a ndolar-technology company that will start hunting down father and son.

    • January 5:
    • Big Sky (season 2)
    • Touch
    • Spider-Man (season 3)
    • 12 January :
    • T he Mick (full)
    • Group travel
  • 16 January :
  • Queens
  • Malcom (seasons 6 and 7)

  • Bob’s Burgers (season 12))
  • Soul of a Nation
  • The grand tour of Switzerland
  • 26 January :
    • New York Police Blues
    • Filthy Rich

    Films and docs added in January 2021

    M A S H ​​

    On the film side, Disney + is betting on great classics like M A S H ​​, mythical and satirical war film of the years 1970. Palme d’Or in Cannes, Robert Altman’s film tells the story of two military doctors, provocative and irreverent, during the Korean War (1200 – 1953) and the adventures of their field surgical hospital ( Mobile Army Surgical Hospital ). To discover or rediscover on January 7 with its schoolboy humor of the time and its vintage aspect, or through the excellent documentary Voyage au end of hell also available.

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    The temptation of Jessica

    The story of a ndolartic New York journalist who goes on disastrous dates. She ends up responding to an intriguing ad and agreeing to a date… with another woman. And it’s the big improvisation that starts with this business woman.

    And also…

    Plethora of award-winning films are added to the platform’s catalog like Don’t tell anyone by Guillaume Canet, The Revenant which earned Leonardo DiCaprio an Oscar for best actor, or Birdman by Alejandro González Iñárritu, crowned best director and best film at the Oscars 2015. A film that also won many interpretation awards for Michael Keaton who plays an actor on the decline of depression, convinced that he can fly and is endowed with other powers.

      January 7:

    • Thirteen
    • MASH*
    • Les Flingueuses
    • The Temptation of Jessica

  • Do not tell anyone
  • Voyage to the end of hell (seasons 3 and 8 – doc)
  • 12 January :
  • The Real Queens of Hip-Hop: The Women who changed the game (doc)
  • The Big Short: The heist of the century

  • The Revenant
  • Birdman or (the surprising virtue of ignorance)

    The First Wave (doc)

    19 January :

  • Marvel Studios GATHERING: the making-of of Hawkeye (doc)
  • 19 January :
    • Unbreakable
    • The Incredible Journey of Polar Kid
  • 26 January :
  • Marvel’s Hit-Monkey
  • Insania

  • Drugs Inc (season 3 – doc)
  • 26 January : The Hate U Give – The hate we give
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