Do you have a WD My Cloud NAS? Update before you run out of support -!

Do you have a WD My Cloud NAS? Update before you run out of support -!: All the details about Got a WD My Cloud NAS? Update before you run out of support -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about Do you have a WD My Cloud NAS? Update before you run out of support -!. Here’s what you need to know about Got a WD My Cloud NAS? Update before you run out of support -!, Here are the details … If you have a Western Digital NAS server, specifically a WD My Cloud model, you will need to update how much before your team before their support ends. The manufacturer WD has issued a notice stating that all customers should update their NAS servers as soon as possible, specifically before 15 April 2022, because otherwise they will no longer be able to update it as the official support will will end for this range of devices. Do you have a WD My Cloud NAS? Pay close attention to this.

WD My Cloud OS Update

Popular manufacturer of hard drives and NAS servers, WD, has issued an important notice to all its customers who have purchased a My Cloud server. The operating system My Cloud OS including My Cloud OS 3 version will end its support on 15 April 2022 , therefore, if your device is not compatible with the My Cloud OS 5 operating system you will lose remote access from the Internet and only local access will work, that is, we will run out of the main characteristic of a NAS server, which is to access from anywhere on the Internet.

A very important detail is that the devices With older firmware versions, you will receive neither security fixes nor technical support, so you should update to the latest available version as soon as possible. WD recommends that all customers protect their data from possible cybercriminals, making a backup external to that of the NAS server, so that even if they are hacked, no valuable information is lost. The manufacturer also recommends disabling remote access to the server, to have more security, disconnecting it directly from the Internet or blocking Internet access directly from the router. Of course, it is highly recommended to choose an access password that is unique and secure.

The My Cloud OS 5 firmware version is a version with very important security updates, and it is It is essential that you have this latest version installed so that your NAS server is not hacked from the Internet, as has happened in the past with different attacks specifically designed to erase all information on WD’s NAS servers.

20% discount when buying a new WD My Cloud

If you have a WD My Cloud server that is not compatible with the new WD My Cloud OS 5 operating system, the manufacturer will provide you with a discount coupon of 20% to buy a new model that is compatible with the new operating system. To know if your device is compatible with My Cloud OS 5 you should go to the support page of your NAS, and see if there is a new firmware available and which devices are compatible. In January of 2022 the campaign to send the coupons of the 20% to all clients with devices that are not compatible, this will be done completely automatically. WD has clarified that it will not ask us to return the previous NAS server to use the coupon, and we will have a maximum of 3 months to exchange it for one of the new WD teams:

My Cloud Home My Cloud EX2 Ultra My Book Bearing in Note that the solution that WD provides to continue with the updates is to buy a new model, surely WD customers will go to other manufacturers that do provide firmware updates for many years, such as QNAP, Synology or ASUSTOR, teams that are much more complete at the level of functionalities, and with better support based on continuous updates. If you are interested in a home NAS server, we recommend the model QNAP TS – 253 D and also the Synology DS 720 + , both models are very powerful and with a really complete operating system.