Don't have PSN Plus? With these free PS5 games you don't need it -!

Don’t have PSN Plus? With these free PS5 games you don’t need it -!: All the details about Don’t have PSN Plus? With these free PS5 games you don’t need it -! are on I am happy to present you all the developments about Don’t have PSN Plus? With these free PS5 games you don’t need it -! Here’s what you need to know about Don’t have PSN Plus? With these free PS5 games you don’t need it -!, Here are the details … PlayStation Plus is a subscription increasingly necessary on our Sony consoles. Normally, you have to go through the hoop if you want to enjoy the online game of our titles, but fortunately, there are some exceptions to this rule. Many games free-to-play do not have this limitation, so we can play online without need to have an active PS Plus subscription . Without going any further, here is the list of PS5 games that you can play online for free, without paying for PlayStation Plus.


This title is hitting the world of eSports. It is a MOBA, and players will have to control gods and other mythological beings to gain control of the world . It has six game modes in total, but most players prefer the conquest mode , which It is played in teams, and where the choice of our character is crucial for the development of the game.

The game is very much alive and receives great updates season after season . In addition, it begins to have a fairly large player base.

Rocket League

Rocket League became a free-to-play not long ago, hence we can play without PS Plus. It is a multiplayer that combines cars and soccer . The game is hectic and really fun. It has a lot of scenarios with a very futuristic look and c yberpunk . It is the perfect title to train your reflexes a bit, since you have to think and act quickly so that they don’t score a goal.

Rocket League also allows cross-play , so we can use our PlayStation to play with our friends, regardless they have Xbox or a PC at home.


This title is a MMORPG in which we will play a Tenno, a master capable of using any type of weapon, already be it white, fire or the warframes , which are the most lethal weapons in the universe of the game and that only the Tenno can use.

Our character’s mission will be to restore peace in our solar system, called the Origin System. To do this, we will get the help of other Tenno and other characters such as Lotus and Ordis.


Dauntless is a co-op game and has the great advantage of allowing the cross-play with Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC. We will be a Slayer, that is, a type of hunter with a lot of experience who will have to demonstrate his skills to survive in the Shattered Isles, a place full of Giant monsters called Behemoths.

We will have to use weapons and special abilities to hunt down the Behemoths and get out alive. The game works with a system of season pass similar to what we have known for years with Fortnite.

Star Trek Online

If you are Trekkie , Star Trek Online is a game that you must try yes or yes. The plot of this video game unfolds after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis . The objective of the players is to defend the Federated Union of Planets against the Borg attack.

The game gives you the possibility to explore the universe at will, finding new lands and extraterrestrial beings with whom to share your journey. As with most video games MMO , Star Trek Online has gone through several expansions throughout its existence that have added new locations and plots.

Brawlhalla x Street Fighter

Another title that you can enjoy with friends online without having to go through the box is Brawlhala x Street Fighter. It is a game with a mechanics traced to that of Super Smash Bros , which will guarantee you hours of fun pressing buttons like crazy. It has approximately 50 characters, and obviously many of them are unlocked with micropayments.


Little can be said about this video game, which was able to revolutionize the video game market by itself. We can play this Battle Royale on PS5 without having PlayStation Plus, so we can save that money and spend it on the battle pass or new skins for our characters .


This title, which is independent of Neverwinter Nights is a game based on Dungeons and Dragons . The objective of this multiplayer online role-playing game will be to fight all kinds of intense battles to free the citizens of the Forgotten Realms from the siege of the army of the dead. Players will also be able to create their missions and locations .

Apex Legends

Apex Legends was EA’s answer to combat the Fortnite phenomenon. This is another Battle Royale, but designed to be played in squads of 3 heroes . Each character has their own abilities and the universe and the story of the game are constantly changing.

DC Universe Online

If you like DC comics and movies, with this MMO free-to-play you can put yourself in the shoes of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and even many villains like Lex Luthor or the Joker. The game has already accumulated more than forty episodes, with multiple expansions and all kinds of options to customize the character to our liking to make it a legend. In addition, we will be totally free to move through the DC universe , visiting Gotham, Metropolis and even infiltrating mysterious places like Arkham Asylum. Although much content of this title is accessible via micropayments, the online game is completely free on PlayStation, and you will not need to use PS Plus.

Final Fantasy XIV

Within this top, Final Fantasy 14 is a special case. The game is not a free-to-play , as it is actually a game by monthly subscription . Despite this, we will not need to have PS Plus to play online. When it came out, this game was quite criticized, but it has improved a lot with its updates and expansions.

Paladins: Champions of the Realm

This game is extremely similar to Overwatch , but with a touch more fantasy. It’s a shooter that takes a lot of MOBA-style elements and also includes its own novel mechanics to position yourself in this world of action games.


Activison’s battle royale served so that the Call of Duty saga also had a free-to-play mode, in which players would fight on a map with many secrets and an exciting story that takes place season after season. Jump out of the plane and do everything you can to be the last one standing.