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Complete, efficient and fluid, Google Chrome is now one of the references of web browsers. Install Google Chrome in just a few clicks on Windows, macOS and Linux in desktop and iOS and Android in mobile version. You can also use the Google Chrome Portable version to access its browser from a USB stick (it doesn’t require installation and can be copied and run from a USB stick).


What’s new for Google Chrome in version 90?

Here are the additions of this version:

  • An AV1 encoder offering better video compression for video conferences
  • The browser again blocks port 554 on the HTTP(S) and FTP servers.
  • Depth interfaces are added to WebXR APIs to measure depth of field.

Why use Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is a modern web browser designed and developed by Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet and a search engine giant. Google Chrome is first and foremost fast and intuitive. It uses the Blink rendering engine, renowned for its performance and fork of the famous WebKit, used by Safari. It also has excellent performance thanks to support for the JavaScript V8 engine and HTML 5.

Google Chrome: a powerful browser

On Windows or macOS, Google Chrome is a fast web browser: Google has been working on Chrome for more than ten years. If there is one Chromium browser that should be fast, it is him. After a few dark years, here it is again beautiful to better manage a whole series of tabs by minimizing the impact on the CPU or the memory of your machine, as evidenced by our various benchmarks:

  • Basemark: 522.48
  • JetStream 2: 82.955
  • Speedometer: 71,4

What are the features of Google Chrome?

The omnibox, Google Chrome’s flagship feature

Upon its arrival in 2008 on the web browser market, Google Chrome unveiled its omnibox: a real web toolkit disguised as a simple address bar. With the omnibox, you can easily launch a Google search without you entering the search engine page, but also complete more complex queries such as intra-site searches or accessing browser settings. The extensions we’ll talk about right after that make the possibilities even more added.


A wide range of extensions

Google Chrome was one of the first browsers to integrate an extension store and simplify their development and integration with an API. Today, the Chrome Web Store has thousands of extensions for as many uses as internet users have. This blind is really one of the strengths of Google Chrome. Moreover, its dominant position in the browser market makes it the platform of choice for extension developers. Google Chrome stores some of your personal data through cookies, history or cache to make browsing easier. You can completely install extensions to prevent the browser from accessing this data.

The Google ecosystem at the centre of the experiment

Google Chrome remains primarily a Google tool, so it is intimately integrated into the digital giant’s ecosystem. By logging into your Google account from the browser, you can sync your tabs, extensions, passwords, credit cards, as well as your browsing history with all your other Chrome-using devices such as your smartphone. This integration also allows you to launch Google searches by highlighting one or more words and opening the pop-up menu with a right click.

Other features

Google Chrome has many other features:

  1. The “New Tab” page featuring the most viewed pages and direct access to the search engine
  2. A machine and integrated translation tool
    a private browsing mode to leave no trace of navigation in the history, cookies and cache
  3. Advanced tab management as independent processes, ideal for avoiding crashes. Note the possibility of pinning its tabs, duplicating them, mute them or reopening previously closed tabs.

How do I get Google Chrome in control?

If you want to customize the look of your Chrome browser, if you want to set up security and privacy options yourself, or if you’re curious about new browsing options, check out our guide to take control of Google’s web browser.

How do I set up Google Chrome?

The Chrome browser is both particularly feature-rich but also offers a relatively simple handling interface. So it’s no wonder that the browser has a 65% market share in the face of competition.

However, a few configuration steps are still needed to make the most of all of Google’s options. Whether it’s synchronizing your data between the computer, tablet and smartphone, or customizing the interface with themes or the default search engine, find out below our tips for an efficient and personalized setup.

How do you optimize your browsing on Google Chrome?

Are you a power user of Google Chrome? If you use the browser all day, for example as part of your job, do you know that there are several tricks to optimize your navigation?

From keyboard shortcuts to playback mode to tab or favorite management, if each of these features is mastered at your fingertips, Google Chrome is transformed into a true productivity tool. And all its possibilities are multiplied by the installation and management of extensions. So feel free to read our tips below.

How do you protect your privacy on Google Chrome?

As web applications get richer and richer, they often replace native software. This is Google’s vision with its Chrome OS system. And this is reflected in usage: the browser has finally become the most used application regardless of the platform.

However, as we surf the Web cookies and other trackers come to invite themselves on our machines. In addition, we multiply user accounts on the Internet and it becomes less and less easy to manage all of your passwords. Here’s a series of tips to protect your privacy with Google Chrome.

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