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iCloud for Windows allows you to integrate Microsoft’s system into an Apple environment. This utility targets of course the owners of an iPhone, an iPad or a Mac that also has a PC and wants to find an ergonomics close to the ecosystem proposed by Apple with a transparent synchronization of its data. Download

iCloud for Windows is an Apple app that makes it easy to access your photos and videos, contacts, calendars, documents, and game/app data from any device, and offers free 5GB of storage. because data stored in iCloud is automatically updated between iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC, you have the chance to access and delete any data you want.

Why use iCloud on Windows ?

If iCloud was originally designed for the Apple ecosystem, this does not mean that all of your devices were designed by the Cupertino firm. Maybe you have an iPhone and an iPad but your computer is powered by Windows. In this case, the iCloud utility for Windows will allow you to find your data on the PC.

For Apple the goal is to offer a homogeneous experience regardless of your device; If this is much more true when you stay within the Apple environment, we appreciate the presence of this utility made available to users of the Microsoft OS.

Like all Apple applications, iCloud for Windows, which comes with a simple interface and offers English language support, not only allows you to access your iCloud account and manage your backups; you can also throw photos and videos on your computer into iCloud or vice versa. You can store any file in iCloud by dragging it to the iCloud Drive folder. You can sync your bookmarks in Windows (not just Safari, but all browsers are supported) with browsers on your iOS device.

iCloud Drive

  • Safely store all your files on iCloud
  • Share any file directly from File Explorer
  • Invite your contacts to work with you using a link. Edits are updated across all your devices.
  • Free up space on your pc by keeping your files in iCloud Drive
  • Select the files and folders you want to keep on your computer

Sync emails, contacts, calendars, tasks and favorites

iCloud for Windows first allows you to synchronize your account information, or to find emails and all device information already configured on an iPhone, Mac or iPad.


From Windows, it will be possible to find his mails, his address book, the events of his calendars or even the favorites of the Safari browser. Moreover, these bookmarks can be grafted into Firefox or Google Chrome.

Note however that you will still need to have Outlook 2016 or a later version (for Mail, Contacts, Calendar). In other words, Microsoft only welcomes Apple’s services as long as you have a subscription to Microsoft 365.

iCloud Photos

  • Keeps your photo library up to date across your devices
    automatically downloads new photos and videos from iCloud Photos to your PC
  • It offers the option to download in space-saving HEIF photo and HEVC video formats
  • Create Shared Albums and invite your contacts to post their own photos, videos, and comments.

iCloud for Windows: the features

One of the main reasons for installing iCloud for Windows is for photos. Indeed, if you have immortalized shots from your iPhone or iPad, it will be possible to synchronize them on the PC. So you will be able to maintain an up-to-date photo library. At the same time, since photos and videos will be available on your PC, it will be possible to free up storage space on Apple’s mobile devices. Note also that we find the album sharing features implemented by Apple.

This utility also provides access to iCloud Drive storage space. If for example you have a Mac and a PC with a compatible application on both platforms, it is then possible to start the work on one of the machines and then finish it on the other. All files synchronized with the different devices attached to the same user account will be centralized on iCloud Drive.

iCloud Drive

Once again, we also find the sharing options, which are directly accessible from Windows File Explorer. In addition, like OneDrive, it is possible to choose which files or folders you want to have access in offline mode without having to synchronize everything locally. Practice.

Mail, contacts, calendars, tasks, and bookmarks

  • Keep Mail, Contacts, Calendars and tasks up to date across all your devices
  • Share your calendar and task lists with other iCloud users
  • Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome bookmarks are automatically transferred to Safari

iCloud for Windows: in practice

Here are some tutorials below to get started with iCloud for Windows and synchronize this data. Find the steps step by step but also some tips to optimize the free stockge offered by Apple and synchronize his photos.

iCloud for Windows

Note that if you own an Android smartphone or tablet it is also possible, to a lesser extent, to set up an iCloud account. Since this is an unofficial practice, it requires some adjustments and some additional applications.

Download iCloud for Windows: Direct Download


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