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Internet Explorer 11 is no longer maintained by Microsoft. The browser remains far behind the competition in terms of compatibility with web standards but also in terms of speed and security. We advise you to migrate to the latest version of Microsoft Edge or check out our comparison of the best web browsers.

Download Internet Explorer 11

Since the release of Windows 10 in 2015, Internet Explorer is no longer the default web browser of the operating system and has been replaced by Microsoft Edge.

Stopping Internet Explorer 11 support

In march 2021, Microsoft announced the phasing out of support for Internet Explorer 11. The application is thus gently squeezed out of the development teams. Thus, in November 2020, the Teams division stopped support for Internet Explorer 11. In March 2021, the Redmond firm announced the end of support for the legacy version of Microsoft Edge, whose rendering engine was borrowed from Internet Explorer 11. The fatal blow will probably be dealt to him in August 2021. The team responsible for designing the Microsoft 365 office suite will in turn announce the end of IE 11 support.

The Windows 8.1 web browser

Latest version of Internet Explorer before switching to Microsoft Edge on Windows 10, Internet Explorer 11 is Microsoft’s web browser included by default in Windows 8.1. While Windows 7 came with version 10 of the browser when it was launched, users of this system could also take advantage of the latest version of the browser.

As a reminder, Internet Explorer 11 is also available for Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit).

With Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft has brought

  • Better performance (better memory management) and faster page opens especially via the support of the SPDY protocol. This experimental protocol initiated by Google aims to increase the capabilities of the HTTP protocol (but does not replace it).
  • Support for the use of 100 tabs per window simultaneously (although it will be necessary to be able to find it)
  • Support for new web standards
  • New tool for developers (inspection, “ F12 ” key ยป)
  • Support for WebGL (graphical hardware acceleration)

No change on the media side for these versions Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 where you always had to settle for Flash and Silverlight.

Opt for Microsoft Edge with its IE11 mode

The fruits of this work have been optimized over the years and in particular within the Chromium version of Microsoft Edge which is today the only browser actively supported by Microsoft. If your operating system is compatible, we invite you to install it and update your non-compatible web applications or strictly optimized for IE11. Note that Microsoft Edge has a compatibility mode for companies whose operation is still based on old intranet applications.

Internet Explorer 11 Developer Preview version for Windows 7 allows users to try Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7.

Internet Explorer 11, a new version of the popular internet Browser offered by Microsoft to users along with the preview version of Windows 8.1, was also offered to users of Windows 7 along with the Developer Preview version of Windows 7.

From now on, Windows 7 users will also be able to use Microsoft’s new browser, Interent Explorer 11, without having a Windows 8.1 preview version.

Windows 7 users who want to discover the new features of Internet Explorer 11 before anyone else can start experimenting by downloading the Developer Preview version of Internet Explorer 11 immediately to their computer.

Although it is a preview version, Internet Explorer 11, which works very fast and fluently, allows you to quickly navigate websites like an ordinary browser running on your computer.

By downloading Microsoft’s new browser Internet Explorer before anyone else, you can try it on the Windows 7 operating system.

Internet Explorer 11 Download: Direct Download

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