Download LMMS for Windows: free download!

Compatible with many standards such as LADSPA and VST plugins, LMMS is a powerful and efficient free software to compose and produce music. It includes many tools and synthesizers. We also appreciate its interface in English.

Download LMMS for Windows

LMMS is a free music production software that can be used as a sequencer and synthesizer. Also existing on Linux, it is an effective alternative to paid software such as ACID Music Studio and Cubase.

A multitrack editing table and a virtual MIDI keyboard are available to play and edit your sounds. You will have a library of sounds including loops of bass, pianos or guitars.

In addition, the software offers many virtual instruments and synthesizers and is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit VST plugins. In order to mix your tracks, you can use LADSPA plugins and use the many effects provided such as reverb, compression or distortion.

LMMS provides many editing and mixing tools for both beginners and experienced users in music composition. Its interface available in French is simple to take in hand.

Download LMMS for Windows: Direct Download

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