Download Mozilla Firefox for Windows

Download Mozilla Firefox for Windows

Cebookbefore facing stiff competition, especially from Opera and Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox is a free web browser that remains a safe bet combining practical features, ease of use and personalization. Performance is currently the main focus of Firefox evolution and a real success!

What’s new in version 90.0:

  • Seamless updates on Windows even when Firefox is not running;
  • Better management of third-party elements that could potentially affect browser performance;
  • SmartBlock 2.0: more fine-grained blocking of sites using Facebook authentication.

Why use Mozilla Firefox ?

Developed since 2004, Mozilla Firefox was able to convince in its beginnings by questioning the monopoly of Internet Explorer and to now become one of the reference web browsers.

Lightweight and intuitive, Firefox stands out with a simple interface to handle and customizable as desired thanks to themes or via the rich catalog of add-ons.

Intuitive handling

On the ergonomics side, the browser offers the management of web applications and tabs by groups, a recent function allowing to better organize its navigation in the same window.

Unconditional now, the smart address bar serves as both a history, a search bar and allows bookmarking. On this point, the user can configure the default search engine and add a search bar next to the address bar.

Firefox a powerful browser

Mozilla Firefox is optimized with a Javascript engine and provides access to HTML5 technologies to play multimedia content and simplify the execution of web applications. Note also the support of the WebM function that allows viewing HD videos within the browser.

Additional features

Mozilla Firefox also offers RSS feed playback, incognito browsing, and a greatly improved add-on manager in the latest versions.

Note finally that Firefox gives the means to synchronize open pages, favorites and history between fixed posts and mobile devices connected to the same Firefox account.

To simplify the transition to the browser signed by the Mozilla Foundation, it is possible to migrate favorites, browsing history and cookies from Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer.

Firefox benchmark scores

For a long time, Firefox paled alongside Chrome. But far from giving up, the community has to redouble its efforts to catch up. Today Firefox is particularly stable and the Gecko engine sometimes manages to load much faster heavy pages that undermine other browsers.

  • Basemark: 426.85
  • JetStream: 48.642
  • Speedometer: 65.2

Firefox in practice: configure the browser well

Because it is one of the few browsers that is not articulated on the open source Chromium project, Firefox’s handling differs a bit from competing software. If you are used to Google Chrome, for example, the process of installing a theme is not quite the same. The same applies to the configuration of search engines.

Firefox also offers to synchronize its personal data (passwords, browsing history, favorites…) with or without account creation with other devices. The user will also be able to change the homepage. Find below some tips for configuring Mozilla’s free and open source browser.

Firefox in practice: protecting your privacy

With Firefox, Mozilla developers were the first to introduce a privacy-friendly browser. The foundation, whose business model is based on partnerships, has been campaigning for a safe and secure Web for about twenty years and has pushed web developers to massively adopt SSL certificates.

Moreover, Mozilla works very closely with the EFF, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, to design anti-tracking tools and undermine the efforts of advertisers wishing to continuously strengthen the tracking of Internet users. A free and secure web is Mozilla’s vision. Voci then some tips to properly configure these options within Firefox.

Firefox in practice: optimize your navigation

Since in the early 2000s the browser initially targeted a savvy audience weary of Internet Explorer, Firefox has from the outset integrated advanced features targeting the most seasoned Internet users. Initially known as Phoenix, to revive the Netscape all-in-one browser from the ashes in a simplified and light version, Firefox then began its long war against Internet Explorer.

For this reason, Mozilla has bet on modularity and we find particularly interesting options that it is good to know, whether it is keyboard shortcuts to master or to manage tabs and my favorites more efficiently.

Download Mozila Firefox

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