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Like Snaptube, VidMate is a simple and effective application to download YouTube music and videos. Among its strengths are the 1080p video download, its intuitive interface and in English as well as its many video recommendations. A free app to download in APK format because it is not available in the Play Store.

Download VidMate

Whether it is to gather all the video clips of his favorite artist or download albums in MP3 format, VidMate is one of the best Android applications to download videos and music on YouTube. It is only available in APK format to install manually and is not available in the official Google Play Store.

Download VidMate

How to install VidMate ?

You can download the APK file from this TopWhich page. Once this is done, two options: either you have downloaded it from your computer and in this case you have to copy this file to your Android device or second option, you have downloaded it directly from your phone.

Download VidMate

Once you have the VidMate app APK file on your Android device, just search for it in your files and click on it. You will then be asked to validate permissions to proceed with the installation. Wait a few seconds and it’s good : VidMate is installed.

What does VidMate do?

VidMate allows you to play YouTube videos and get access to the latest recommendations and trends. The user can then download videos in 3GP, AVI or MP4 formats with a maximum resolution of 1080p. Download in MP3 audio format is also available, convenient to start building a music collection.

Download VidMate

Simply put, VidMate offers many formats and resolutions. The choice is made simply when downloading and will allow you from your mobile, to possibly save data if you download content in 3G or 4G. We simply regret not having more than 1080p even if on mobile, it remains very much enough.

Download VidMate

What services is the application compatible with?

The app offers the ability to download online videos on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, Tumblr and Vuclip through a built-in web browser. It is one of the most comprehensive applications today. It offers many possibilities of this fact and is very interesting!

Download VidMate

With its complementary tools, VidMate offers a search engine with suggestions as well as a manager to interrupt and manage current downloads.

A simplistic and efficient interface

The design and interface are very simplistic. This therefore allows all users and even those possibly less experienced to be able to enjoy the service. In addition, beyond a progress bar for your downloads you will also have tabs to sort your files by type : videos, music… Ideal to get there quickly.

Download VidMate

VidMate also relies on the integration of several small features that overall increase the user experience. For example, at the bottom of the app during your downloads you have a preview of the available memory on your phone. This allows you to quickly see if you reach saturation or not.

Download VidMate

If you are an Android user and you are looking for an application to download video or music content from the internet : VidMate is a must. Thanks to its many compatible services and its simplicity of use, VidMate will necessarily meet your expectations. We will just regret that the application is not available on the Google Play Store.

Download VidMate

Download VidMate APK: Direct Download

How to Download Vidmate App?

Download and stream videos easily with the Vidmate application. Learn how to download and install Vidmate on your mobile device. Here in this article learn step by step process on how you can easily download Vidmate app on your phone.

Vidmate allows you to download HD videos, songs, and photos from all of your favorite social media platforms and digital streaming websites.

Download VidMate

Your initial installation should take no more than a few minutes to complete, and you are going to be downloading and streaming videos before you know it.

Vidmate’s developers also designed this app to be completely free to use.

Down below are the steps in order to Download vidmate app:

  1. Go to your web browser and type in ‘download vidmate’ and tap on the link that says ‘download vidmate-hd video downloaded from android’
    (You cannot download the app from your Playstore)STP1
  2. Tap on the ‘download’ button and tap on ‘ok’ from the pop upSTP2 Download VidMate
  3. Tap open the file after it’s downloaded and tap on ‘settingsSTP3 VidMate
  4.  Tap on the ‘install’ button and you are done installing Vidmate app on your mobile


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