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VLC Media Player is without a doubt the best audio/video player available at the moment. Free and available for free, this software has it all because it is multiplatform, complete and very simple to handle. Download without hesitation !

Why use VLC Media Player ?

VLC Media Player is undoubtedly the best free media player (audio and video). From the VideoLAN project originally developed by students from the École Centrale de Paris, the software is cross-platform and available for Windows, macOS, Linux as well as iOS and Android mobile systems.

VLC, for whom and for what ?

The main function of VLC Media Player is to allow the playback of videos (if necessary its subtitles) and music. Its main interest lies in the fact that it is able to read an impressive number of formats without the need to install additional codecs.

Besides playing audio or video files on the user’s computer, VLC Media Player is able to play DVD, Blu-Ray, VCD, audio / video CD as well as receive network media streams via other broadcast protocols like TCP, UDP, HTTP, FTP or Direct Show. The user can play videos or webradios as well as streams from webcams for example.

What’s new in VLC 3.0.4: Bug fixes improvements to several features including compatibility with ChromeCast.

VLC: the main audio/video features

VLC Media Player supports high definition and benefits from the many possibilities of hardware acceleration, including via LA as well as optimization for multicore systems(for decoding codecs such as H. 265, H. 264, WebM or Xvid).

Note in passing the management of subtitles independent of the definition of the video content as well as the addition of filters to improve video quality with among others the suppression of noise, flatness, the conversion of playback rate or stabilization.

VLC: interface overview

VLC boasts a minimalist interface popur play an audio or video file with ease: navigation buttons (play/pause, next or previous track, stop), repeat and shuffle.

In addition, it is configurable at will with the addition of the playlist, advanced controls (recording, capturing, looping and frame-by-frame) or or via an interface without control button. Advanced users will even be able to configure their own toolbars through a dedicated editor.

For faster customization, VLC supports skins to download online or create yourself with VLC Skin Editor authoring software.

VLC Media Player extensions

The media player has two types of extensions, the first are aimed at retrieving video, audio and subtitles content from the Internet and the second provide the ability to access additional contextual information. Among the most popular are VLSub to automatically download subtitles or Resume Media to resume playing a video.

VLC: compatible file formats

Audio :
VLC media player supports MP3, AAC (.m4a,. mp4 and .3gp), Vorbis (.ogg), AC3, WMA, FLAC, ALAC, MPC, WavPack (.wav), Mod (.s3m,. it,. mod), APE, MIDI.

Video :
As said above, on the video side, the VideoLAN signed player can do pretty much everything: MPEG 1/2, DIVX 1/2/3, MPEG-4 (ASP and AVC), DivX 4/5/6, Xvid, H. 261, H. 263 and H. 263i, H. 264, MJEPG, WMV, QuickTime, Digital Video, VP3, VP5, VP6 or RealVideo.

Some keyboard shortcuts for VLC

– “Space”: Play / pause ;
– “N”: next ; “P”: previous in playlist ;
– “Shift” + “Left Arrow” or “Right Arrow”: back or forward 5s
– “F”: full screen display ;
– “H” / “G”: delay / advance subtitles.

In practice: getting started with VLC

Because it is open source, the VLC player offers countless features that can sometimes be good to master. So, it is for example possible if you have to watch several videos one after the other, you will be able to create a custom playback list. Moreover, if you are watching content in original and non-French version, it is possible to load a subtitle file and adjust its synchronization with the audio stream.

If d’aventure the media you are reading does not have good sound quality, it is also possible to boost the volume to 200%

In practice: video, and beyond

More than just a video player, VLC is able to handle a whole lot of media. So it will be possible for example to use it to subscribe to the stream of a podcast and even to listen to a web radio. But what is probably most impressive is that all of these features are arranged within a clear and lightweight interface.

In practice: What advanced uses ?

Did you know that VLC allows you to convert a video or audio file ? Moreover, aficionados will even be able to record with their webcam as well as their screen.

The smart ones will also find a tutorial to save a YouTube video directly locally

USER Comments:

I find VLC effective for reading everything and its free place it among the best readers.
But personally a lot of things put me off.

First a basic shortcuts : clicking in the current video does not pause the video. This is a basic trick for all readers, but there it does not work.

I find the design effective, but we would like to put it a dark mode or something a little more cinema and ” Hi-Fi “. So I know, everyone will say “put on a skin”. Yes but finally good … seriously, maybe we can not have this native in 2020 ?! (with a choice to install and the corresponding energy cost).
I don’t like the playlist on a white background and you can’t magnetize it on the edges like Zoom Player.

I also noted differences in visual quality in video between Media Player Classic (which I prefer) and VLC. I had done a comparison test a few years ago and it surprised me. But maybe the thing has been fixed since…

I find that the sound is worse as long as it is amplified. But this is the case for all players.

Generally speaking, I don’t find VLC ” sexy “.

Zoom player is much better, but the installation of codec is off-putting and its price dissuasive.
Media Player Classic is fine … but pou the same … when is a Dark mode natively ?!
We arrive in 2020 and we still have gray bars that attack our eyes as soon as we want to see a movie.

I even wonder what it would mean in energy reduction on a planet scale to have a dark mode mandatory in all softs.

I also can’t find the video software that gives a “jacquette” mode in the playlist. It’s a shame not to have that when you want to make the choice of a film. There could there be an updated database. It’s so artistic a jacquette…

In short, I really thank all the actors of VLC. This is really one of the best freeware that exists.
But I think that by filling in some small flaws that drag on over the years, this reader can simply become the reader that everyone will choose and everyone else will die.

Well, I probably rant a little too much and it is certainly this bloating of the Christmas meal that speaks. But being exichiant also makes things happen.

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