Download WinRAR 64 bit, 32 bit, (Full pc For Windows, free, fast and safe)

Download WinRAR for free: the latest version of the multi – format file compressor-decompressor! Free download, fast safe!

Download WinRAR (free, fast and safe)

WinRAR is an essential tool in the field of data archiving and compression tools. A reference, to discover in trial version, which supports the vast majority of compression formats.

Download WinRAR Windows: It is a popular compressed file decompression and file compression program that you can use to decompress archive files with RAR, ZIP, 7-Zip, ISO extensions.

Download WinRAR

Today, Winrar is the most comprehensive and best-featured file compression program. Supporting many file formats, the program stands out with its easy installation and use.

Winrar Windows version, which fully supports ZIP and RAR format and offers full support for archiving, is a world-renowned application to prevent files from being scattered in the digital environment and taking up much space.

What’s new in WinRAR 6.0:

This final version 6.0 of WinRAR gets a new look and also offers some technical optimizations:

  • Optimization for RAR5 format
  • Added features for using WinRAR by command line
  • Various bug fixes

Why use WinRAR?

Since its creation in 1995, WinRAR has been an essential software in the field of data archiving. The publisher claims some 500 million users worldwide. WinRAR can be used to compress and decompress files and folders to simplify their storage and sharing.

The tool is particularly useful for sharing documents via email or for creating a single archive that includes the entire contents of a directory. It is also a solution to secure documents by setting a password for extracting files

What is Winrar?

Winrar, which is used as a file compression program, is a software that allows documents to be stored digitally. Eugene Roshal is the first developer of the software. Alexander Roshal was later included in Roshal’s team for the development of the software. The software, which is offered to users in numerous languages, including Turkish, is an effective tool for archiving files by reducing the file size as well as compressing them.

Nowadays, many files downloaded from the internet come across as compressed files. In order to use or open these files, the file compression program Winrar must be installed on the computer. Winrar, which is a program needed to compress and store existing files and to open and use compressed files downloaded from the internet, makes it easier for the user with its many benefits.

How to use Winrar ?

Like the majority of its competitors, WinRAR integrates directly into Windows Explorer and thus allows you to compress or decompress files via the context menu accessible with a simple right click of the mouse.

The software also provides advanced features such as password protection of archives, testing of archived files to detect possible repairs to be performed or a benchmarking module to evaluate the performance of the PC in terms of file compression.

What Does Winrar Do?

Let’s list why Winrar, a program made to use the RAR format supported by dozens of operating systems, is needed as follows:

Security: The security of files on the computer has always been an important issue. Compressing and archiving files is always an advantage for the user in terms of security. When files are compressed with a fixed password, they are much more secure against a virus threat than open files. Compressed and encrypted files are much more difficult to deconstruct by a virus than other files.

File Layout: Compressing dozens of files in the computer environment into one or more files and archiving plays an important role in file order. A crowded and tiring desktop is a working environment that negatively affects work efficiency. Compressing and storing files is a great convenience for the user.

Space Saving: With Winrar, it is easier to access the required files and the space occupied by the files on the hard drive is also reduced. The computer is used much more efficiently with space and quota savings. Considering that the files are shrunk by 80% with Winrar, it is much better understood how much space savings are.

Single File Advantage: In addition to storing the existing files as a single file, Winrar enables the files downloaded from the internet to be downloaded not one-by-one, but as one file, and eliminates the difficulty of finding the folder in which the downloaded files are located one by one.

File Transfer: Transferring files one-by-one by e-mail is very troublesome in terms of labor and time. However, as a single file transfer is fast, it is also easier to upload files to the internet environment. In today’s time-competing days, the transmission of multiple files to the other party with a single click saves time and enables the documents stored in a single file to be transmitted to the other party in a neat manner without skipping.

Out of Scope Benefits: Winrar, a very easy to use, fast, functional and operating system friendly software, is also a program that works beyond its scope. For example, it also helps program developers with console commands. Let’s assume that a 20 MB update file is compressed to 5 MB. When the user wants to do any update, he will have an advantage of about 15 MB.

WinRAR compatible formats

The software developed by RARLAB primarily manages its own format .RAR popularized by sharing app. It also supports the most common archive formats namely Winzip’s own ZIP and ZIPX extensions, the 7Z of the excellent free software 7-Zip as well as the formats CAB, TAR, ARJ, LZH, Gzip, BZ2, TAR.GZ, ACE UUE, JAR and ISO.

The RAR5 format is also managed by the software and allows to improve the compression and decompression of large files. It also provides performance optimization on machines with multi-core processors.

What are the Features of Winrar? 9 Reasons to Download Winrar

Winrar, a fast and secure file compression program, stands out with its many technical features compared to other compression programs. Namely:

  • Winrar, which has English language feature, has full RAR and ZIP 2.0 archiving support.
  • 32 bit and 64 bit Intel applications in sound, music and graphic files are done quickly and practically thanks to the advanced and fast compression algorithm.
  • File compression is quick and easy by dragging and dropping the file.
  • It has 10% -50% more compression and filing capability than alternative compression programs.
  • It recovers files that are physically damaged and desired to be recovered, with 10% -50% more efficiency than other compression programs.
  • File names have unicode support.
  • Ukb files, archive comments, 128 bit encryption and error log can be changed with support for many themes and interfaces.
  • Apart from RAR and ZIP, it can read and decode ARJ, BZ2, CAB, GZ, ISO, JAR, LZH, TAR, UUE, 7Z and Z formats.
  • It is a free program that supports the English language.

Alternatives to WinRAR

If the WinRAR software is essential, its interface remains as austere and several competing solutions have emerged over the years. This is how we find 7-Zip, particularly known for being light and efficient and especially with regard to the 7z format.

Peazip, Bandizip, BetterZip or WinZip or The Unarchiver, clearly these are not the solutions that are missing. Each offers its own ergonomics with a more or less advanced integration to the operating system with the possibility or not to open an archie protected by a password.

How to Use Winrar from Windows?

If you want to compress and archive your files securely with Winrar, the first step is to download Winrar and download the program to your computer. With Winrar, you can compress files in 2 formats as RAR and ZIP. Using Winrar is extremely easy and practical. Now let’s clarify the subject by explaining the use of Winrar Windows step-by-step.

Start by collecting the files you want to compress into a folder. To put it in computer language, the files to be compressed must be in the same URL. Keeping this folder on your desktop makes your job easier.

Right click on the file you want to compress. There are 4 options, with “Add to Archive” in the first place. Continue by clicking “Add to Archive”. You can choose the file location you want to compress from here, and you can choose by examining many more options. Let’s detail the usage of Winrar, starting from the “General” section of the Winrar interface.

General Tab in Winrar

There are 7 options in the “General” tab of the Winrar interface that affect file compression, quality and usage.

  1. Archive Name
  2. Profiles
  3. Archive Format
  4. Compression Method
  5. Divide into Volumes
  6. Update Mode
  7. Archiving

According to the selection made in each option, the compressed file becomes much more practical and faster for the user.

1 – Archive Name

Archive name section is the section where the location where the file is saved is selected. If you do not choose where to save the file, your file will be saved in this section. When you want to change the location where you want to save it, you can click the “Browse” button and select the section you want to compress the file. With the drop-down box, the location of previously compressed files can also be quickly selected.

2 – Profiles

It is an option that saves time for Winrar users and provides compression in desired sizes by splitting files into pieces. By splitting a 5GB file into pieces, you can move it from one place to another with a 1GB flash memory. To do this, you need to create a profile for 1 GB in the profile section and save it by selecting the compression method.

The profile option, which is widely used by forum owners, makes it easy to upload parts of 100 MB each to cloud file storage services.

3 – Archive Format

This is the section where the file format to be compressed is selected. Supporting Rar program and ZIP program, Winrar provides archiving of Word excel documents with ZIP and general files with RAR.

4 – Compression Method

In the compression option, it is the feature that determines the compression of the file and affects the file quality. In processes where the compression process takes a short time, a low quality compression occurs. The longer the compression time, the better the compression will be. In the window opened in compression method;

  • Store
  • Fastest
  • Fast
  • Normal
  • Good
  • Best
  • It has options.

You should remember that when you compress the fastest format, you will compress a file of the lowest quality.

5 – Divide into Volumes

It ensures that the file to be compressed is compressed by dividing it into pieces in desired sizes. You can compress a 20 GB file by dividing it into 5 4 GB files. Type the piece size in the option and have your file be divided into pieces of that size.

6 – Update Mode

It provides updating on compressed and archived files. Gives an option if the file to be added is the same as the file in the archive.

7 – Archiving Options

Archiving options are one of Winrar’s most prominent and most important features compared to other compression programs. Provides options for file usage during or before archiving. These;

  • Delete Files
  • Test
  • Create Solid Archive
  • Create SFX Archive
  • Are their options.

The Delete Files After Archiving command ensures that the file is removed from the hard disk.

The Test Archived Files command allows the compressed file to be deleted after testing.

The Create Solid Archive command is a compression method used in the RAR format. Thus, files can be compressed in a healthier way.

Create SFX archive command is the feature of opening the file on computers that do not have Winrar installed. Thanks to this command, the transferred file allows the file to be opened even if Winrar is not installed on the other party’s computer.

Advanced Tab in Winrar

In the Advanced tab;

• Password Generation
•Compression Setting
• SFX settings
• Recovery Size
•Skin settings

It has options.

In this section, you can create a password, adjust compression settings, and create a quality file by adjusting the recovery size and volume.

Options Tab in Winrar

In the Options tab, there is the “delete file after creating” button in the update mode. Here you can adjust as you wish.

Files Tab in Winrar

On the Files tab, you can separate the files you do not want to include in the archived file and rearrange your compressed file.

Backup Tab in Winrar

It is the section where the encrypted file is saved and where it will be backed up. The program will automatically save the compressed file to the selected partition.

Time Tab in Winrar

It is the section in which the archive time is set.

Description Tab in Winrar
It is the section where a description is added to the created file. You can complete the file compression process by adding a description of the content of the file or you want to your file.

Note: If you right-click the file to be compressed and the second compression command is used, Winrar performs fast compression.

When the compress and send e-mail command is selected, the file is compressed in the same folder and added to the “Attachments” section in the e-mail program.

With the Compress, File Name and Send E-mail command, the temp file is compressed and the file is attached to the default e-mail address.

What File Extensions Does Winrar Support?

It is the file extension that indicates what format and format a file is in. All files used on the computer have an extension. Thanks to these extensions, you can get an idea about what file the file is and what the programs that support this file are in the operating system. We can learn that we can open the file with Excel or Open Office by looking at the extension of any file downloaded from the Internet.

You can unzip a compressed file that has been downloaded or received by e-mail with Winrar. Because Winrar, a file compression and archiving program, supports many file extensions such as ARJ, BZ2, CAB, GZ, ISO, JAR, LZH, TAR, UUE, 7Z and Z as well as RAR and ZIP. RAR and ZIP files are the most commonly used compressed files. You can install free Winrar software to open these files, and you can open and use these files with the file viewing feature, which is among the many options Winrar offers.

Offering a better compression than ZIP, RAR is very powerful in archive management. You can install Winrar, the most preferred compression program, to open a file with RAR extension.

What Is The Best Compression Method In Winrar?

Enabling archiving of files in computer environment by compression, Winrar offers highly effective solutions for storage space and security problems. Moreover, files are archived regularly, increasing user efficiency. No matter how advanced the technology is, the data storage problem always plagues users. Although large memory hard drives and USBs have been developed, the files are desired to be kept in hand in the computer environment. At this point, Winrar, which is used as the best compression program, saves life by saving space with its technical features and functionality.

Winrar File Compression Methods

Winrar, which is the most preferred software for file compression and archiving compared to its competitors with its functionality, is the most popular file compression program in the world. Today, when games are highly developed compared to 10 years ago, 1 GB of internal memory was sufficient years ago, but today this capacity is between 30-50 GB. Those who do not use the Winrar compression program archive by extracting the files that they use the least or that they have to delete or store in flash memory. Whereas, Winrar is an advanced compression program that can archive large files by dividing them into pieces. The fragmented files can be transferred to removable drives without any problems.

Dividing Files into Partitions

Right click on the file to be compressed in Winrar, and there is “divide into volumes, size” section on the “add to archive” screen. Here, the numbers are entered and the “ok” button is clicked, if the file will be divided into batches of MB. Thus, Winrar archives the large file by dividing it into parts. By checking the “Best” compression option in the Add to archive option, the file is compressed a little longer than usual, but in the best way.

The file name is encrypted by setting the password for the file in the Advanced tab. If the file name is not encrypted, Winrar does not ask for a password when opening the file. However, it requests a password against the request to view or copy the data. If you want your file to be protected from prying eyes and kept private, you should go the file encryption route for security.

Best Compression Method of Winrar

The “Best” option should be selected for high performance compression of the file. With this option the compression time is longer than normal, the file will be compressed with the best performance. Thus, Winrar makes the compression process in the highest quality.

After selecting the compression method by clicking the “Best” option, the “Create Solid Archive” box in the red area on the right should be checked. After part division and password determination, the compression process is started by checking the “Create Solid Archive” option and clicking the “OK” button. Solid archive is a proprietary compression method and is only supported by RAR archiving. ZIP archives are not strict. Solid archives show high performance in compressing similar and large number of files.

On the other hand, strict archive updating is slow and the entire archive must be resolved to extract a file from the solid archive. It is also not possible to extract a damaged file from the solid archive.

If you do not frequently update files in the archive and remove any files from the archive frequently, you can select the solid archive option. Otherwise, a compression that you do without selecting the create solid archive option will be the best compression method.

It should not be forgotten that Winrar cannot do more than a compression of 5-10 MB for files with JPEG, PNG, AVI, MP4, MP3 extensions. Because these files are already compressed files.

The best compression ratio is with text-based files. For example, a Word document can be compressed 80%.

What Compression Technologies Does Winrar Use?

Winrar ranks first among softwares in file compression and archiving, decompressing files. More than 500 million people around the world use Winrar. The program, which has taken the throne of WinZip, gets full points from the users with the English language option. Let’s examine the compression technologies that make Winrar so perfect and list their advantages.

Winrar File Compression

Winrar file compression methods include storage, fastest, fastest, normal, good and best options. These options, which appear after right-clicking the file to be compressed and clicking add to archive, determine the post-processing performance and quality of the compressed file. RAR and ZIP is the most preferred compression method in Winrar.

If the file compressed with RAR will be shared or transferred with another user, Winrar software must be installed on the computer to which the file was sent. Otherwise, there will be problems opening the file. Zip compressed files are files that can be opened by a user using WinZip. If WinZip is not installed, it does not seem possible to open this file without Winrar.

The compression method is determined by the user who wants to compress the file. Among the options, “Best” option is the method that compresses the file at the maximum level and takes up less space. The only downside is that the process takes a little longer than other options. If the file size is below 100 MB and the performance of the computer is good, the “Best” compression method can also be selected. If the computer is slow and the file size to be compressed is large, it would be more logical to select the “Fastest” option.

Winrar File Encryption

One of the most prominent features of Winrar as a file compression technology is file encryption. Although it is compression software, it is also excellent as file encryption software. How important file encryption is for security is felt much better nowadays. The encryption process, which prevents access to important documents, allows the compressed file to be opened and viewed only by the user to which it belongs. Even if the file is accessed, it seems almost impossible to crack a 128-bit protection password.

Multi-Core Processor Support

The latest version of Winrar supports multi-core processor. If your computer has a multi-core processor, you should definitely take advantage of it. Because the latest version of Winrar actively uses the multi-core processor function. So you can do transactions faster. To test; Run the software, enter the settings menu from the Options, activate the “Multithreading” option in the General tab.

PC Test with Winrar

Do you know that you can test your PC with Winrar? You can measure the performance of your computer with the PC test, one of the most beautiful services of Winrar. You can even learn the score Winrar gives to your operating system, and determine what you have by learning the performance of your computer.


To test the PC with Winrar; Run the Winrar software, enter the Tools menu, check the Speed ​​and hardware test option, Get the result instantly.

Recover Corrupted Files

One of the most annoying things for a user is the corruption of the file. The corrupted file will not open. Especially if it is an important file, it creates a lot of trouble. Winrar also comes into play in this case. If you cannot open archived and corrupted files, you should get help from Winrar. For this; Run Winrar, select the file you want to repair in the software, click the repair button at the top right.


64 Bit Performance

If your computer is 64 bit, we recommend you to use the 64 bit option of Winrar. If you don’t have any information about how to gain an advantage, let’s explain right away. Winrar provides a great advantage to the user in terms of 64 bit performance, machine performance and usage. Press the Windows + Pause keys simultaneously and examine the “system type” section in the window that opens. If there is a 64-bit operating system description here, we recommend you to use the 64-bit version of Winrar.

How to Encrypt Files with Winrar?

We said that Winrar file encryption is one of the most important features of the software. Let’s explain how to encrypt files with Winrar and explain how to keep your files safe.

Every user in a workplace has different duties, authorities and responsibilities. Therefore, each file prepared is private and confidential for its user. If you want to prevent your file from being viewed by others, you can encrypt files with Winrar. Winrar, which you will keep your files safe by encrypting them in minutes, ensures that each document is archived in an encrypted form without permission other than the owner of the file.


Winrar, which compresses and archives large files by splitting them into pieces, ensures that the files are stored on the hard drive with less space. Not only that, it also prevents files from being viewed by malicious people with its encryption feature. In terms of the privacy of the files, it is possible to do this with Winrar in a few steps.

Now let’s explain step-by-step how to encrypt files with Winrar.

  1. Collect files to be compressed and archived in a folder.
  2. Right click on the folder and click the “Add to Archive” button in the window that opens.
  3. On the archive name and parameters screen, click the advanced tab.
  4. Press the “Set Password” button
  5. Enter the password, re-enter the same password on the second line to verify.
  6. Continue by clicking the “OK” button.

You can leave a note to the people who open your file by clicking the “Description” tab, which is the last tab on the archive name and parameters screen, and note what you want to add about your file on the “Enter Description Manually” screen.

When all the processes are completed, you can successfully terminate the file encryption process by clicking the “OK” button. When you open your file or when it is opened by a second person, an explanation of “Enter password for encrypted file” will appear on the screen. Enter your password, press the “OK” button and only you can use your file.

How to Split a File with Winrar?

Winrar is a program that provides great advantages to the user with its different applications. One of these is the compression and archiving of large files. Winrar archives large files by dividing them into chunks. Large files cause problems when transferring to USB sticks, CDs and DVDs. The files do not fit on these drives due to their size. With the file division feature of Winrar, the files divided into volumes are transferred to removable drives easily.

We would like to tell you how you can easily archive your files by dividing them with Winrar and make them easy to transfer to removable drives when necessary.

  1. First, install the program on your computer by saying Install Winrar.
  2. Collect the files you want to archive in a folder and save them on the desktop.
  3. Right click on the file you want to compress and archive, and press add to archive.
  4. Click on the “Split to Volumes” tab in the Winrar General tab.
  5. In the opened part, you can choose the size you want to divide the file, or enter the file size manually if you want.
  6. Click “OK” after you have selected the ready options or manually entered file size.
  7. The file compression process will start and the first batch will appear on the screen.
  8. After the first batch reaches the specified file size, the second batch appears. This process continues until the file compression is 100%.

When you want to divide a 1 GB file into 5 equal parts, 200 MB is entered in the volume byte selection section. The file size, which is not among the options, is entered manually.

The process time for splitting files may vary depending on the volume and archiving method. Files are displayed in chunks when the process is complete.

You will see the compressed and divided files where the folder is, and you will view them in parts of the sizes you have determined. No matter how large your file is, you can divide it into parts with the Winrar file split feature, and transfer files seamlessly while saving to removable drives. Winrar, the most widely used software in the world in terms of compression and archiving performance, ensures that every file is archived and safely stored, regardless of file size.

Important Note: You should not change the file names divided by Winrar. Otherwise, the part solution will break and Winrar will give an error. After the files are divided, you can manually name each batch separately.

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What does WinRAR do?

WinRAR is a Windows data compression tool that focuses on the RAR and ZIP data compression formats for all Windows users. Supports RAR, ZIP, CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZip.

What is a WinRAR archive manager?

WinRAR is a powerful archive manager. It can backup your data and reduce the size of email attachments, open and unpack RAR , ZIP and other files downloaded from Internet, create new archives in RAR and ZIP file format. You can try WinRAR before buy, its trial version is available in downloads.

Is WinRAR 64 bit free?

Winrar 64 Bit Windows 10. Winrar Free Download Full Version. Editors’ Review. by staff / April 30, 2014. WinRAR (64-bit) allows you to open, create, and manage various types of compressed files through its intuitive and streamlined interface. This program offers a full set of features for manipulating and managing compressed files,

What is RAR archiving?

Welcome to RARLAB, home of WinRAR and RAR archivers WinRAR is a powerful archive manager. It can backup your data and reduce the size of email attachments, open and unpack RAR, ZIP and other files downloaded from Internet, create new archives in RAR and ZIP file format.

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