Dragonite in Pokémon Unite: The Definitive Guide. Movements, Evolution, Price, tips and tricks -!

Dragonite in Pokémon Unite: The Definitive Guide. Movements, Evolution, Price, tips and tricks -!

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Dragonite in Pokémon Unite: The Ultimate Guide. Movements, Evolution, Price, tips and tricks -!

Dragonite in Pokémon Unite: The Definitive Guide. Movements, Evolution, Price, tips and tricks -! We have explained the details of the news, step by step, below. Dragonite in Pokémon Unite: The Definitive Guide. Movements, Evolution, Price, tips and tricks -! Keep reading our news. Here are all the details on the subject.

Dragonite in Pokémon Unite: The Ultimate Guide. Movements, Evolution, Price, tips and tricks -!

Dragonite is one of the most fascinating Pokémon, and its addition to Pokémon Unite is cause for celebration : huge in size and power, but with graceful movements , this Dragon-type Pokémon has autonomy to take charge of the game and, in the process, take out multiple enemies with an extra touch of flair.

While there is a balance between all Pokémon, the exceptional addition of Dragonite to Pokémon Unite deserves special treatment. Therefore, in Extra Life we have prepared a Definitive Guide with everything related to Dragonite and its previous evolutions. From the essentials to strategies and tricks to get the most out of it and improve your winning streak.

Dragonite: license price, availability

Dragonite is available from 20 from December to 2000 in all versions of Pokémon Unite (Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android) from the Unite Combat Committee . The only step before it appears in the Pokémon Unite store is to update to the latest version of the game.

To unlock Dragonite in Pokémon Unite we must obtain its license, which can be acquired two-way:

Paying with 10. 10 Aeos coin (Aeos coins) obtained by playing online games Paying with 575 Aeos gems (Aeos gems), which can be purchased for real money The Dragonite license is one of the most expensive in Pokémon Unite, although the system of daily and weekly license rotations in casual and quick games will allow us to use it in non-competitive battles. Also, remember that we can put it to the test before buying it.

Dragonair statistics (No items)

In game, Dragonite is very easy to understand controls and adapts wonderfully to almost any situation. Although, when it comes to his stamina and agility, he does not stand out or falter, he can improve both through his special moves. Of course, despite being a Balanced Pokémon, it has an interesting offensive power.




4 out of 5

Very good in melee


2.5 out of 5

Its large size makes it an easy target, although it has elemental defenses


2.5 out of 5

Can move easily with Dragon Dance and Extreme Speed ​​


3 out of 5

Above average


0.5 out of 5

Their skills and movements are useless for support

It is striking that their support capacity is almost non-existent. Although it works with a lot of autonomy, using Dragonite means that we must always take the initiative.

Dragonair: a Balanced and Short-Ranged Pokémon

Dragonite’s role in the game is very defined and in terms of presence it is very similar to Charizard’s: it is a Balanced Pokémon perfect to adapt to any situation but without detailing too much in one particular facet. Which, on the other hand, makes it an option to consider to start playing.

While in general Dragonite moves have a relatively limited range , this one makes up for it with projectiles and mobility techniques that will compensate for the distance that our enemies will inevitably mark.

Evolution, leveling and passive improvements

As with the Pokémon that have three evolutions, at the beginning of the game we will start at level 1 as Dratini , upon reaching level 5 it will automatically evolve to Dragonair and finally, upon reaching At level 8, we will be Dragonite. Their size will evolve in proportion to their abilities.

Regarding its offensive capacity , it progressively evolves from a series of projectiles to physical blows with a third elemental-type attack. A peculiarity is that the third attack is an enhanced water jet in the case of Dratini, it adds an electrical effect in Dragonair and with Dragonite the fire effect is added to the previous two and reduces the recharge time of special movements.

On the other hand, his defense is an aspect to highlight since it increases when receiving problems of state -which is very convenient against support Pokémon- and once evolved to Dragonite it develops Multiscale, which temporarily reduces the damage received. Something to keep in mind when trying to score points.

Holoatuit: Festive Dragonite

Dragonite has a holotuit , an alternative and Christmas appearance that we can purchase in the game store solely through gems. Is valued at 400 gems (more or less what a Season Pass costs) and adds a Christmas hat and a strap around his body.

Unlike other holo-outfits, the Holiday Dragonite is only displayed in game on the game card and when the Pokémon reaches level 8, so Dratini and Dragonair will look exactly the same.

Special moves

Dragonair evolves during the game as well as its own attacks. We will have a total of six movements to choose from plus the Unite Movement. Like Dratini, when starting the game at level 1 we can choose between Cyclone and Dragoaliento, accessing the second when reaching level 3.

Cyclone (Long Range) creates a tornado that deals damage to opponents in its path and temporarily slows them down. It restores in 7.5 seconds. Dragonbreath (Area) is a small blizzard that we can direct in any direction. If, in addition, we hit an enemy, our next attack will be a power-up. It restores in 7.5 seconds.

Once we evolve to Dragonair at level 5 we will replace cyclone with Dragon Dance or Extreme Speed.

Dragon Dance (Advance) is a stylish scroll that also increases your Basic Attack for a limited time. It resets in 5 seconds. Extreme Speed ​​ (Restriction) is an assault that knocks back the opposing Pokémon, dealing damage to Rival Pokémon in the area of ​​effect. It restores in 9 seconds.

When we evolved to Dragonite in the level. 8, Dragonbreath can be substituted for Hyperbeam and Anger.

Hyper Beam (Long Range) is a huge projectile in the form of a ray of light with an enormous destructive capacity and that affects everything that is in its course. Of course, there are two aspects to take into account: it takes time to charge and after using this move, Dragonite is temporarily incapacitated. It restores in 8 seconds. Anger (Short range) is a powerful blow to the ground that deals damage to opposing Pokémon in the area of ​​effect and also causes Dragonite’s basic attacks to become short-range empowered attacks. It restores in 8 seconds.

Unite Movement: Sidereal Leap

When Dragonite reaches Level 9 he will have access to his Unite Movement: Sidereal Leap. Once the movement is fully loaded will initiate a flight beyond the screen that will conclude with a powerful free fall accompanied by a shower of kites in the designated area, damaging and repelling all enemies in the area of ​​effect.

There are two elements to consider: the longer Dragonite flies when executing Sidereal Jump, the more Unite meter will be consumed. In addition, while this Unite Movement is being carried out we will be totally immune to restrictions. An effective way to deal high damage or scatter enemies.

Dragonite Tips and Tricks

Dragonite is a very simple Pokémon to understand, making it perfect for beginners and new players. However, there are aspects to take into account if we want to use it competitively:

Dragonite does not serve as a support Pokémon. Play at your own pace with him or lead initiatives with the reinforcement of other allies. However, you can use Sidereal Jump to help your team if there are many enemies in the same area. Please note that his ability to mark annotations is too normal , so you should reinforce this aspect if you are not well accompanied with game objects that give you shield or protection. The movements like Hyperbeam only works when there is a fixed enemy to target , so it will not accidentally fire and you will be easily incapacitated if you use it. Dragonité makes good use of the elements: with each evolution Dragonite adds an empowered third hit of water, electricity, and fire, in that order. Also, keep in mind that Dragonite increases its Defense when it suffers There is a status issue , which makes it a perfect Pokémon for taking on Auxiliary-types.

Finally, we recommend you save Sidereal Jump, your Unite movement for two very specific occasions :

Finish off a Legendary Pokémon when it is about to be knocked down. OR clear an enemy or friendly goal zone in which there are at least two Pokémon from the opposing team. For other situations it is best to resort to Anger or Extreme Speed ​​ that, without being so destructive, will manage to clear an area in danger or a desperate rescue of the game and take much less time to be restored.