DRC: Virunga guard killed in armed attack, M23 suspected


DRC: a Virunga guard killed during an armed attack, M 21 suspected The attack was carried out towards 17 H 30 against the park guard post located near the village of Bukima, in the Mikeno sector, ICCN said in a statement. “The final report shows a death by bullets among the guards”, adds the text, specifying that the other guards present at the scene of the attack are safe and sound.

According to the same source, the assault, “violent”, was “carried out by a hundred heavily armed individuals”. “The alleged perpetrators are the ex-members of M 21 grouped together on the borders of Rwanda and Uganda, who seek to establish bases on the territory of the Park national Virunga “, assures ICCN.

The M 21, for “Movement of 21 mars “, is a former rebellion of Congolese Tutsi supported by Rwanda and Uganda, which had been defeated in 2013.

He was accused on November 8 of attacking army positions near the Ugandan border, in an area housing another Virunga eco-guard base, which the leadership of the armed group denied.

ICCN “strongly condemns this new attack”, adds the public body in its press release, recalling that its guards, “ag ents of the State “, have a mandate” to ensure the protection of the Congolese natural heritage which, in the case of the Virunga National Park, is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site ”

The Virunga park, in particular the Mikeno sector, is home to mountain gorillas in particular.

In addition, in the same province of North Kivu, the road to Uganda was blocked all morning Sunday by angry residents, who criticized the police for not intervening overnight to prevent the kidnapping of four people by armed men in Rangira, local civil society sources said.

Before blocking the way with tree trunks and flaming tires, the demonstrators set the police station on fire. . The road ended up being cleared after discussions with the military authorities.

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