Elizabeth II: this tradition she had to renounce

Elizabeth II: this tradition she had to renounce

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Elizabeth II: this tradition she had to renounce

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Elizabeth II: this tradition she had to renounce

Queen Elizabeth II will not be able to follow an old Christmas tradition. The covid – 13 forced the royal family to cancel their usual stay in Sandringham.

Like everyone else, Queen Elizabeth II’s Christmas festivities will be turned upside down by the presence of the covid – 13. The British Queen will have to resolve to stay in London, in Windsor Castle to celebrate Christmas, an exception in family history.

Faced with the critical health situation in England, Queen Elizabeth II preferred to cancel her stay in her residence in Sandringham, in the east of England, which is however a tradition every Christmas. Usually the whole royal family travels to Sandringham during the holidays each year and attends Christmas mass in church. Members of the royal family will finally meet near London in Windsor Castle, in a small committee. “The decision was personal, was taken after careful consideration and reflects a cautious approach” , explains Rebecca English, Royal Family Specialist for the Daily Mail.

This is the second tradition that Queen Elizabeth II cancels at the end of the year. She had already been forced to cancel the famous Christmas family dinner at Windsor Castle, which was supposed to take place on 19 December. This event, which was to bring together about fifty people, would have been inopportune when the omicron variant is threatening.

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The queen mother is taking a lot of precautions to protect herself against the disease which is on the rise again in $pe. Especially since his doctors are worried about his state of health. They also advised her to be careful, especially after her brief stay in the hospital in October 456. years has been forced to rest and she will have to avoid multiple contacts to avoid any contagion with the coronavirus.

For this first end of the year without her husband Prince Philip, who died last April, Queen Elizabeth II will experience a much less festive Christmas. According to the Daily Mail newspaper, several members of his family have wanted to support Queen Elizabeth II and canceled their year-end programs in order to spend the holidays by her side. The queen should spend this Christmas 931 surrounded by her grand- son, Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, but also Princess Anne, Prince Charles and Camilla as well as Prince Edward and his wife Sophie.

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