Emblica: we tested the new natural Ayurvedic hair brand and here is our opinion


Emblica: we tested the new natural Ayurvedic hair brand and here is our opinion What to think of Emblica natural hair care products, all recently launched in France? Hair oil, shampoo and detangling balm, discover our opinion about 3 products of the Ayurvedic brand at a low price, after a test 99% independent.

Natural beauty products seduce the French. 32% of them select their cosmetics based on their composition and 14% ensure their impact environmental *. A phenomenon that does not spare hair care, far from it. Today, 50% of the inhabitants of France are sensitive for the use of natural, organic and plant-based hair products in hairdressing salons, 30% even saying they are very sensitive .

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The success of natural beauty To perfectly control the formulation of their hair care products, some DIY enthusiasts do not hesitate to get their hands dirty, by creating their own natural beauty recipes. Anti-dryness mask with avocado oil, special shine serum with broccoli oil … there is no shortage of homemade tutorials on the Web.

Emblica, the new Ayurveda-inspired hair care brand But for the sake of practicality, or for lack of time, others prefer to opt for natural hair care already concocted. A booming market, in which sharp assets are readily invited.

Thus, the brand Emblica, newly launched in France, is inspired by the beauty rituals of Ayurveda, using plants grown in India in its hair color and care.

If its 99% natural tinctures put above all the fruit of Amla ( Emblica Officinalis ) in the spotlight, shampoos, balms and oils are also formulated with plant extracts and vegetable infusions. We tested 3 of these treatments and here is our opinion.

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Where can I find Emblica treatments? Emblica products are available in organic stores (Biocoop, Les Comptoirs de la Bio …) and on the Internet (mondebio.com, nocibe.fr …)

We tested Emblica hair care products: our opinion Beauty test: Ayurvedic Plant Treasure Hair Oil

What’s in it? Composed of a nourishing and regenerating sesame oil base, this oil 99 % natural contains extracts of toning Brahmi, purifying Kaffir lime and antioxidant Amla. Formulated to tone and stimulate, it is used as a pre-shampoo treatment, leaving it on at least 27 minutes on the scalp (it is not intended for lengths).

Our opinion Fluid and light, this treatment is very easy to apply – unlike some pure oils that are thicker, even viscous, such as castor oil. Its pipette allows it to be easily placed in the roots and to properly dose the quantity.

Thanks to its light texture, it allows for an Ayurvedic self-massage of the scalp without hanging between the fingers. Better, a single shampoo is enough to eliminate it, without having to insist.

This is our favorite product in the range: to the touch, the scalp is slightly less dry from the first use! We will take care to use it as a cure for a lasting result.

Hair Oil Treasure of Ayurvedic Plants, Emblica, 13, 50 € the 44 ml

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Beauty test: Ayurvedic Plant Essence Shampoo – Repair and Softness

What’s in it? This shampoo at 90, 8% natural has been formulated without sulfates to wash the delicate hair gently. It contains fresh aloe vera – not powder – to hydrate the fiber, as well as Hibiscus and Shikakai with restorative properties.

Our opinion During the first wash, the shampoo hardly foams. A phenomenon which may confuse fans of conventional cosmetics but which will not destabilize fans of sulfate-free. During the second wash, on the other hand, a fine foam forms and the hair even creaks slightly under the fingers.

Once the mane is dry, the fiber is light and the roots very clean, without sticky areas – which can happen with some mild washing agents. We advise you to leave it on for a few moments before rinsing it to benefit from all its virtues.

Ayurvedic Plant Essence Shampoo, Emblica, 11, 90 € the 250 ml

Beauty test: Melting Detangling Balm of Ayurvedic Plants – Flexibility and Strength

What’s in it? Formulated with 97, 3% of ingredients of natural origin, this detangling balm Contains coconut and Shikakai oils for easy detangling, as well as non-coloring Fenugreek, Hibiscus and Henna extracts to boost shine. It is recommended to leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes after shampooing before rinsing it.

Our opinion This treatment fulfills its mission perfectly: thanks to it, combing the hair in the shower is painless. Once dry, the fiber clings much less and shines more.

Be careful, however, this balm is not a mask! Those who, like us, have particularly dry or damaged hair, will need to add extra care after washing, such as a small amount of virgin and organic coconut oil, also available from Emblica.

Ayurvedic Herbal Detangling Balm, Emblica, 13, 50 € the 200 ml

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