Essential tips when you are alone and need help quickly

How loneliness feels to usโ€ฆ Hope you enjoy this article talking about my advice on how to be happy single and being alone this valentines day Tips… ๐Ÿ™‚

Essential tips when you are alone and need help quickly

Here we share with you how loneliness makes us feel. We hope that our openness and honesty. Helps you to feel less alone and more understood.

Sharing can be a great way to tackle those feelings of shame around loneliness.

  • โ€œI feel like Iโ€™m not important to anyone.โ€
  • โ€œI feel like nobody needs me.โ€
  • โ€œI feel like I donโ€™t really exist.โ€
  • โ€œI feel alone within myself.โ€
  • โ€œIt feels safer to be alone โ€“ then I canโ€™t get rejected.โ€
  • โ€œI feel numb when I feel lonely.โ€
  • โ€œI feel like I donโ€™t have any meaningful relationships.โ€
  • โ€œI feel like I donโ€™t have anyone to tell my good news to.โ€
  • โ€œI feel alone when Iโ€™m surrounded by people.โ€

We want you to know that we have been there. We have felt it. We want to help you feel empowered and able to tackle loneliness.

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an important rule behind the wheel says hair during a tour through standing watereven if it is only at first glance

seems to be a puddle it can be in

reality will be much deeper

the expert creates thinks that only 30

inches of water a car to

a floating few can make

so if you get stuck in the water

steiger from your car will be all

probability to vouch as soon as

the water enters the electronics

if possible, search for a higher level

and get you there to safety

when the water reaches over your knees

and the current is too strong climbers

your car and waited there for help

let’s say you accidentally drive in

a river or a lake, or your

car crashes from a bridge tests

all windows down to crank the

first appears counterproductive because so

the water easily in the soup

can penetrate

but that can save lives on this

there is a pressure compensation

outside and inside the car instead

so you can immediately get out of the window

swim or open the door

the main thing is that you quickly

acts before the electronics get wet

and no longer works then you can

you don’t have to do anything anymore

smash a window then choose

a side window made of front windows are

harder to break because they are stronger

be built after you get out of your car

does not get junk around and swim

the coast was hit by a cyclone or

severe weather with strong wind announced

risk nothing hiding in a

closet or in the basement if you have a

did you see that the water level

outside rises do not even think about it

to go out

you could be carried away by the tide

bring the water to your house

one go to the roof but only if you

can ensure that the wind

has subsided

let’s say you found yourself in the wilderness

lost and suddenly, you notice a

cave like a perfect shelter

found nearby you see wood and

detonator by chance you have matches

fate is on your side

unless you make the following mistake

do not make a fire in the cave

because of the smoke but because of the heat

the rock expands the high walls

and the ceiling could collapse and you

could be from a rockfall or

landslide will be recorded so you

warmed up and safe are doing that

fire outside the cave, when a

person is suffocated or the

oxygen supply to the brain is interrupted

therefore, it is important to first

help to provide

but what if to suffocate consciously and

no one is near make your hand

to a strong fist and position

above the belly button, cover the

fist with another hand and bend

you over a table, the work plate

or a chair push the fist now

abruptly in your stomach and out the

object gets out of your airway

another way is the upside down

position but only if really nothing

more helps bend your back so you

lean stands almost perpendicular to the ground


with your hands down as

would you use your elbow to

want to touch ground

when you are tied up and

face down in the mud or a

swamp stuck vilbel your

so the air can enter your lungs more easily

this method works, however

not so good in rough waters trials

rotating your body instead

is your head then above the surface

positive air and always try direction

land to swim

are you caught by an avalanche and

with the huge masses of snow

carried away attempts on the snow to

riding do with his entire body

swimming movements as if you were against

the avalanche makes the river swim

after experiments a body part or

object to stretch upwards

this could be your arm, your leg, or the

be a skistock

so the rescue workers can

faster bergen grab with another

hand, an air bag in front of your face

breathe freely as slowly as possible

to save air to reduce the risk of injury

in case of an accident to minimize holding

your hands in the 10 two-position

on the steering wheel when a car with something

the airbags will collide

and when your hands and arms

at the moment block the steering wheel

could the bad end for me bend over

do not move forward while you car

drive the security systems in your

car are there to protect you

but only if you are in a normal

attitude driving are you in an accident

with the terror they got away

to which parts of his car

were damaged

this helps her to decide whether you

in the car waiting for help you should only

the slightest doubt then rise

immediately out if you but still in

stay on the engine

this reduces the risk that the car

catch fire never go without something

walking that helps a fire


a lighter sounds good but what if

you lose it or fall into the water

lets go to safe and plug

a few matches in a well

sealed plastic bag

you can also use the match head in

wax dots and the matches

let dry water can then give you

no more harm

if you need a match

just free it from growing

when you are in the sea and suddenly find

strudel in front of you discover attempts calmly


pay attention in which direction he

rotated and used its flow around

to put you out of danger

are you trying to fight against

you’re likely to be swallowed so

a vortex usually becomes weaker

the lower reaches or disappears

all you’re caught in a holt deep

air and wait for an opportunity

top to swim

imagine you were on your hands

and feet tied and thrown into the water

first you have to use your instinct

suppress to panic

hold the air and wait until the

ground reached you feel something solid

under your feet repel you and

try to get back to the surface


bend your knees and roll

then stretch your back out

get your head above water and get back

a deep breath and repeat this again and

again while you take the safe coast

share also is the worst part of a

house wall texts, and a burning

building firmly stay on the ground and crawl

the output needs usually

to the ceiling if you stay down

you him not a

did you cover a rag of clothing

there with your mouth

it serves as a filter against the smoke

suddenly the elevator falls off

you with your back to the ground

try as much surface as possible

take your fat and muscle tissue

damping the impact is the

elevator too small for that sit down

that’s still better than standing

but protect your head in any case

you could put an arm in front of your face

and the other behind your


did you break into the ice try so

quickly as possible from the

water to come but do not hold yourself

at the edge of the ice

most likely break away and you

are getting exhausted beach with the

legs so that your body is horizontal in the

water is a climb, then carefully

on the ice you’ve done that stays


this way your weight will

evenly distributed and the ice breaks

not so fast when fat starts

burning is not associated with forest fires.


therefore no water helps that helps

not only nothing, but you can do it

even worse when the breakdown

in the kitchen burns do not touch them

turn off the oven and pull a

oven gloves on

that protects your skin blanket the

then snakes off with a lid

but do not use a

ceramic lid but metal, with salt

or baking soda can be

small fire taming dispensed

however, flour, sugar or baking powder

these substances are flammable try

the fire even with a wet

cloth to suffocate

this can cause flashbacks or

the pan is blown through the air

and the whole kitchen in


HEYY! Missed ya. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow so I wanted to give a little bit of love to all my single humans out there. Being single was such a great time in my life and I want you to feel the same. Let me know what your plans are for Valentine’s Day this year! Xo

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