Everything you need to create your own home alarm system -!

Everything you need to create your own home alarm system -!: All the details about Everything you need to create your own home alarm system -! are on topwhich.com. I am happy to present you all the developments about Everything you need to create your own home alarm system -!. Here’s what you need to know about Everything you need to create your own home alarm system -!, Here are the details … There are many ways to protect our home and security cameras have become one of the best options, but it is not the only one and there are many options that allow us to do it without having to have an installation company . It may not have the same advantages but you can also do it yourself saving the payment month by month. It has some advantages but you will have to have a minimum knowledge to install it yourself .

In the different online stores we find a large number of alarm systems that have everything you need to be able to install a home alarm. In general, these packs have a number of sensors that we will install at home, a control panel or a keyboard for the specific code … And some extra accessories that will depend on the model you choose: they can have keys or controls to turn it off remotely, they can include a camera …

The installation is usually simple and it does not require an installation through cables but we only have to place the main panel and the different sensors, in addition to placing them via WiFi. Most sensors are battery-powered to prevent them from stopping in the event of a power outage or power failure.

What to look at?

When choosing one kit or another for our home alarm we must look at a series of aspects that will help us choose what suits us best.

Installation Think if you is worth installing it yourself. If you don’t know anything and don’t have any technological knowledge, maybe it is an easier option for you to hire a conventional alarm system instead of doing a home installation.

Needs Another question we must ask ourselves is, do we need it? Do we need a complete alarm kit? It may be that simply with a video surveillance camera or several cameras we have enough to protect our house when we are not there or to see what happens at a specific moment. There are also other tools that are useful such as smart bells that alert us, etc.

Accessories This is essential if we have decided to buy or mount a home alarm : what accessories does it include, how many sensors, does it have or does not have a control panel, does or does not have a command that allows us to disarm the alarm, etc. The more complete the kit, the more options it will give us: gas sensors, smoke sensors, window sensors, CO sensors …

Enlarge sensors Another interesting aspect is whether we must settle for the sensors included in the initial kit or if we can independently buy more sensors, whether motion or any other type. This will allow us to improve security once we have become accustomed to using this type of system.

Mobile control and app Some of these home alarm systems are compatible with Google Home and Alexa commands in addition to being compatible with official applications that allow us to have control of all alerts or if you can receive push notifications on the application or if you can receive alerts for low battery in the sensors.

Creation of zones Being able to set the alarm even when you are at home is very practical. For example, if you are going to sleep in the bedroom but want to set the alarm in the hall or entrance. The creation of zones is, therefore, something that we must also take into account and that will allow us to have a more useful and complete system.

Alarm systems

In Amazon we find these packs or home alarm systems that allow us to have everything we need for prices that start from 50 dolars although will depend on the brand or system that we have to pay more or less for them but there are many options that will allow us to install.

Somfy Home Alarm

Somfy is one of the most popular brands on Amazon when it comes to technology and this alarm system is priced at about 400 approximately dolars and includes everything you need to mount the alarm at home. It includes three door and window opening detectors, an interior siren, a motion sensor and two remote controls, although there are also options that allow us to add a surveillance camera to the kit.

It has control from the mobile phone through the Somfy Protect application and we can monitor the status at all times or even activate or deactivate in a specific case. If not, it also includes a “KeyFob” command that allows us to arm or disarm the system when entering or leaving the house without having a code.

It allows you to add up to fifty different door detectors, sensors or controls and allows you to add up to ten cameras in total in the home installation. It is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant or IFTTT.


Amazon’s RING brand also has its own alarm kit. A security system that goes around the 267 dolars but whose price will depend on the number of sensors that we want to add. A five-piece, ten-piece, or seven-piece kit. The one with ten pieces is around the 330 dolars and includes: a base station, a keyboard, four contact sensors, three motion sensors and a range extender. In addition, we find cameras or smart doorbells of the brand.

Ring allows you to receive mobile notifications when activated the alarm system or allows you to use the app to monitor the devices. In addition, we can add new sensors: contact, outdoor sirens …

One of the advantages of this kit is that it is easy to install. It works through the WiFi connection and we simply have to plug in the base station and configure. Also, it can be linked to devices with built-in Alexa.

PGST Home Security System

More affordable than the previous ones, we find this PGST security system for a price of just over ten dolars and it promises to include everything you need. It has a touch control screen, a central module that allows us to manage everything and is available with multilingual support. Among the languages, Spanish. A 4.3-inch IPS color screen to manage the preset numbers or create the different protection zones with the sensors included, for example.

It includes several sensors for doors and windows, a motion sensor , controls with which to arm or disarm the alarm when you get home or leave home … And also an emergency command in case assault when you are inside the house. In addition, a siren that we can place to give the warning.

It is one of the most affordable options of a brand that has several different systems and that also sells the different sensors or controls or tags separately in case you want to add accessories to the initial kit you buy.


Eufy by Anker is another of the popular technology brands on Amazon and it also has security systems in its online store. In addition to all kinds of indoor or outdoor video surveillance cameras, it has an intelligent security system for a price that is around 180 dolars and that includes everything you need to be protected . Like others on this list, Eufy sells independently all accessories: door and window sensors, the security keypad, smart doorbells, outdoor or indoor video cameras …

The kit has five pieces in total and is compatible with cameras, has a simple installation and you do not have to pay month to month but only pay the initial price and control everything from the app. This pack includes the keyboard to put the PIN to arm or disarm the alarm, two input sensors, a motion sensor, the manual and the HomeBase that you can link to all equipment.